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Two Worlds Part 2
1 year has past and Nick hasn't been living the life he wanted. Nikki and him had another fight over the bills so she decided to take a vacation without the baby. Nick was back at work with Bella by his side. He hasn't seen Vanessa since the wedding.
" Well, well look who is back," Haley said crossing arms.
" Hi Hals, this is Bella," he said smiling at Bella.
" Have you seen her?," Haley asked.
" Not since the wedding you?," he asked
" I can't tell you that," she said holding Bella.
" come on Hals," he said taking Bella from her.
" She is in her suite right now and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to see you," she said. playing with Bella on the front desk.
" Can I go see her?," he asked.
" Fine, but it's your death," she said. Nick grabbed Bella and went to her suite. Nick knocked on the door and was very nervous.
" Who is it?," Vanessa asked. Nick was so happy to hear her voice again.
" Room service," he said in a different voice. She opened the door.
" I didn't order..," V said, but stopped when she saw Nick.
" Hey V," Nick said.
" Uh..what are you doing here?," she asked.
" I came here to see how you doing," he said.
" I'm perfect," she said. She was closing the door, but Nick stopped her.
" Are you at least gonna say hi to Bella," Nick said.
" Who that," she said. He turned fully around.
" She's my daughter," he said. Vanessa looked into Bella's eyes and smiled.
" She adorable," she said.
" You wanna hold her," Nick asked.
" No I can't please stop trying to help me okay I know that's why you came up," she said.
" I just wanna help I really feel guilty," Nick said.
" I'm sorry that you feel guilty okay, but just leave me alone," V said. That week was Nick worst week ever. Nikki still hasn't returned and Haley has been watching Bella all week. Plus he hasn't seen Vanessa in days.
" Can you watch her for now please," Nick said.
" Okay, but I'm gonna be in V's suite if you need anything," Haley said.
" Fine whatever I just need a break," he said. Haley grabbed Bella and went to V's, walked in, and saw V laying down on the couch.
" Hey girl I got a package for you," she said handing it to her.
" Thank," she said when she saw Bella she smiled," Hi cutie."
" She is adorable right," Haley said.
" Yeah she is," V said. Then Haley got a call and looked at V.
" Can you watch her?," Haley asked.
" I...I guess so," V said grabbing Bella. Haley went to take a call and Vanessa and Bella got very attached to each other. The whole time Vanessa was playing with her and making her laugh. When opened the door slightly, she peeked in and saw Vanessa smiling which she hasn't seen in awhile. So, she decided to leave for a lunch break. Nick came running into V's suite out breath.
"'s....Haley," he said catching his breath.
" She'," V said mocking him. Nick grabbed Bella and took his tongue out at V.
" Hey watch it buddy," she said.
" Yeah yeah sure what you gonna do," he said playfully.
" Bella," she said. Bella looked at her then at Nick and hit him over the head.
" You taught my daughter to hit me," he said.
" No only if I give her the look," she said.
" You're so evil," Nick said.
" No I'm like you just a little different. So, what are you doing here?," she asked
" I'm here to pick her up and I was wandering if you wanted to have lunch with us," he said.
" I guess so I don't have any other plans," she said.
" Great well be downstairs," he said and left with a smile on his face.
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They went out to lunch and for the past week Vanessa, Bella, and Nick have been on many breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. What they didn't know was Nikki was already back from her vacation.
" Hey I had a great time," Vanessa said.
" Me too and so, did miss Bella over here," Nick said tickling her.
" Well it's getting late I better go," V said.
" Why don't you stay tonight I mean I can already see the paparazzi waiting outside," Nick said.
" I don't know I mean I've been around a lot and Nikki can get home at any minute," Vanessa said.
" No she won't please just for tonight," he said.
" Okay, but only for tonight," she said. That night V slept in Nick's room and Nick slept on the couch with Bella in her crib. Nikki came home that night while everyone was sleeping. In the morning Vanessa woke up and saw Nick making breakfast with Bella in her chair.
" I'm surprised. You're usually shirtless," V said playfully.
" Yeah sorry maybe next time," he said.
" So, how did you sleep?," she asked wearing one of his shirts.
" Good want some pancakes?," he asked. She nodded and after breakfast Nikki came barging into the house.
" Nick what was she doing here in my house," she said.
" Hey Nikki and she needed a place to stay for tonight," he said. V came out of Nick's room dressed and surprised to see Nikki.
" Hi Nikki," V said.
" Hey tramp now get out," she said going over to Bella," How's my princess." When she picked up Bella, Bella started to cry like crazy and was pushing her away.
" I should go," V said. Bella started crying harder and reaching for Vanessa.
" Nick what is wrong with her," Nikki said.
" She wants V," he said smiling. V tried to open the door, but Nick stopped her and grabbed Bella. Nick handed Bella to Vanessa and Bella immediately stopped crying.
" Wow," V said.
" Get out get out NOW!," Nikki yelled. V handed Bella to Nick and left.
" Why did you scream at her?," Nick asked.
" You may never see her again got it," Nikki said.
" Excuse me," Nick said.
" If you want you and your daughter to stay in my house than you'll never speak to her again," Nikki said and went to her room. Nick kissed Bella's head and went with her to the park. He started texting V without Nikki knowing.

N: hey
V: hi :^)
N: i hav sum bad news
V: wats sup
N: Nikki dont want me talkin 2 u
V:lol yet u still r
N: she said if she catches us she's gonna kick me and Bella out of the house
V: she cant do tht!
N: yea she can its her house
V: listen Nick i dont want u and Bells to be kicked out so lets keep a distance k
N: no way
V: nick
N: were finally friends again im not losing tht again
V: so wat we gonna sneak around
N: yes
V: nick come on i cant do tht
N: pweety please
V: okay but if it doesnt feel right we're done
N: fine but i really wish we aren't done : ]
V: ???? bye
N: bye

For the past 5 days Nick and Vanessa had been having secret conversations without Nikki knowing. Right now it's Friday, Bella was at daycare and Nick didn't have to work so he was in V's suite while Nikki was thinking he was shooting hoops. Plus those past five days there has been a lot of flirting.
" So what you doing this weekend?," Nick asked.
" Why?," V said from her room.
" Well cause' Nikki's taking Bells to her mothers for the week," he said.
" I'm doing nothing this weekend," V said.
" Would you like to come to the club with me?," he asked," I've hadn't have a drink in months." V came out in jeans and a blouse and grabbed his hand pulling him off the couch.
" I was thinking the same thing," she said grabbing her purse. When they got to the club Nick went straight to the bar and order two beers. He walked over to V who was talking to a really hot guy. Nick sat next to V handed her the beer and put his arm around her glaring at the guy then signaled the guy to leave. Vanessa turned around and stared at him.
" We're you jealous or something that you sent that really hot guy away," V said.
" I saw that in his face that he only wanted to get you in bed," he said still leaving his arm around her.
" Really?," she said still not believing him.
" Yep I'm just watching out for you," he said.
" Well why don't you watch my purse and watch me dance with that hot guy and don't worry I'll make sure he doesn't get me in bed," she said removing his arm. She got up smirking at him and went to dance with the guy. Nick watched as V grind with the guy and was getting pretty pissed off. V noticed right away and thought it was cute on how he was getting jealous so she keep staring and smirking at him. When the song ended she went back at sat on Nicks' lap and whispered to him.
" You look hot when you're jealous," she said and went to the bar. She smiled and went to the bar and Nick stood behind her with his hands on the table.
" You're evil sometimes you know that," he said.
" Who me," she said facing him.
" Yes you," he said moving closer to her.
" We.. we should go I have to go out with Haley tomorrow morning for breakfast. I don't want to be late," she said.
" Okay I'll get you home," he said moving backwards. He drove her to her suite and went in.
" So where did your mom and step dad go?," he asked.
" Alaska," she said. She went into her room and Nick heard the shower running. He started to watch t.v. and fell asleep on the couch. V finished taking her shower, but needed her pajama pants which Nick was using as a pillow. She walked out in a long t-shirt that looked like a dress and tried to take the pants without waking him up. She didn't get her pants so went to bed just like that. When she closed her door Nick immediately opened his eyes and smiled. The next morning Haley left a message saying she has to cancel. Nick woke up and walked into V's room.
" You know you still have really nice legs," he said loud. She woke up immediately and threw a pillow at him.
" Shut up you didn't wake up to let me get my pants," she said.
" I was awake, but I just decided that two could play that game," he said," Oh and Haley had to cancel."
" Fine and your an ass," she said getting up.
" Thank you and you have a nice one," he said smirking. She smiled at him and walked into the bathroom. They spent the whole day in her suite and of course there was a lot of flirting. It was 6:30 and they were on the couch watching t.v. Nick had his arm around V and was staring at her the whole time. They were a little wasted, but fully since Nick was making drinks and they were tasting everyone one.
" You know what we haven't done in a while," he said.
" What's that," she said looking up at him.
" This," he leaned in and placed his lips on hers. He has been waiting to kiss her for a year and now he has. Vanessa didn't pull back she just returned the kiss. Nick made it deeper and a couple a seconds later they were making out on the couch. Vanessa pulled back and smiled.
" What have I told you about your shirt it will never last one," she said. She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. They started to make out again and Nick carried her to her bedroom. That night they made love again and Nick now didn't care if she became pregnant. The next morning Nick woke up and saw Vanessa sleeping on his chest. He looked at his phone and saw 10 missed calls. When he opened his phone they were all from Nikki.
" Shit," he said low. He moved Vanessa gently and took a quick shower. When he came out in a towel Vanessa was awake and laying down still.
" Leaving already," she said.
" I've got to Nikki's been calling like crazy I forget about her and Bella and they're coming back today in an hour and I've got go I'm sorry," he said quickly.
" It's okay I know you have a family and I know we should of never done that last night," she said looking down. He kneeled down in front of her and lifted her head.
" Last night...I don't regret what happened last night," he told her smiling.
" Neither do I. Okay I'll make some coffee' and you get dress," she said. She was about to walk out, but Nick stopped her and turned her around. He kissed her passionately and then let her go. Nick came out almost running and quickly grabbed his coffee'.
" I'll call you later," he said.
" Okay," she said.
" You know that I still love you right," Nick said holding the door open. Vanessa didn't reply and Nick left disappointed. When Nick got home Nikki was already there.
" Where the hell have you been," she said holding Bella.
" At Haleys' place for the weekend," he said.
" Oh really then why did she leave a message saying to call her," Nikki said putting Bella down.
" Okay I wasn't with Hals okay you happy," Nick said going to the fridge.
" Where were you," Nikki said raising her voice.
" None of your buisness," he said. He went to Bella and picked her up and started playing around with her.
" If you don't tell me where you were you and your daughter are out of here," she said.
" She is our daughter," he said.
" And I regret that everyday you know why. Because if you would stop falling in love with the tramp I wouldn't have to think that you are trading Bella," Nikki said.
" I can't believe you just said that. You know what I was ith Vanessa you happy and me and Bella are out of here," he said grabbing a suitecase.
" Don't over react now," Nikki said. Nick ignored her and started packing his and Bellas clothes.
" Say bye to mommy," Nick said to Bella. Bella laughed and Nick giggled.
" Sometimes I don't think she's your daughter cause she acts like she hates you, but I can't blame her for that," he said putting on Bellas' jacket.
" Listen to me," Nikki said.
" No! You listen for once we are leaving and when you clean you your act then mybe we can try again because I do love you, but it's hard okay," he said and left. He text V after he put on Bellas' seatbelt on in her seat.

N: can me and bells stay there for a while
V: hi to you too and sure i would luv tht
N: thx see u in a few
V: k and im srry for this morning
N: yeah do u think i dont luv u
V: im just not sure cause if u luv me than y did u marry nikki
N: im srry but i do luv u
V: i luv u too but ur wit Nikki so we cant happen
N: im not wit her now we had a fight and i left until she cleaned up her act
V: yea and when she does clean up you're gonna leave me again and go back to her i can't handle tht
N: no no thts not gonna happen okay there is a differnece between u guys
V: wats tht
N: i luv u
V: thts a good enough reason to me
N: k bye
V: bye {:^)

When Nick and Bella got there Vanessa was talking on the phone. She waved at them and went into her room. Nick placed Bella in her crib and followed Vanessa to her room. He sneaked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He began to miss her neck, but she pulled away.
" V what's wrong," he said worried. She hung up the phone and had tears in her eyes.
" I found out why I really lost my baby. Nikki and Ryan are brother and sister. She called him to get rid of me instead she got rid of my baby. That is why she called you when you found me," she said crying. Nick pulled her into a hug as she cried.
" I'm so sorry I had no idea," he said.
" You shouldn't be the one apologizing," she said.
" Well I found out that Bella's not mine," he said.
" What!," Vanessa said pulling back.
" Yeah it's some guy's that she hook up with while we were dating," he said.
" So what about Bella?," V asked concerned.
" Well I'm thinking about divorce so that means we'll go to court the real father will show and the judge will decide," he said.
" Do you want to keep her I mean since she really ain't yours?," V asked.
" Well I guess so cause I've raised her since she was born it would be weird with out her around," he said opening the door wider to see if Bella's okay.
" You're a good father," Vanessa said wrapping her arms around his neck.
" I know and you would've been a wonderful mother," he said smiling at her.
" Thanks," she said. He kissed her passionately and walked to the living room. A week had past and Bella was getting really attached to Vanessa. Nick was out getting movies and Vanessa was baby sitting Bella. They were watching t.v and Bella was falling asleep. Of course she woke up when Nick came running in the suite.
" Oops did I wake her," he said walking up to her.
" Well yeah," she said giving him a kiss.
" I think it is time for her to go to bed anyway," he said picking her up.
" See you in a few," she said to Nick who was walking to their room.
" That is a promise," he said. When Nick finished putting Bella to sleep he sneaked up behind V and started kissing her neck.
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" Nick not now. Come on the baby is sleeping," Vanessa said.
" Exactly. We need to take advantage of this moment," he said. He sucked on her soft spot then gently bit her neck. Vanessa quickly turned around and kissed him fiercly. They began to make out on the couch intensly. Instead of going to the room where Bella was they made on the couch. Nick woke up in the middle of the night cause he received a text from Nikki.

N: wat do u want nikki
NI: i want u ok i even went to consuling plz just give me one more chance to make it up to you.
N: im wit vanessa now
NI: look u don't hav to be wit me but remember that u and i r still married and bella isn't urs she mine so u choose bella or vanessa
N: i thought u changed
NI: i did im serious right now if u choose bella u can still see vanessa but u can only be friends and ill always be there when u go see her
NI: its vanessa or bella ill give u to 12 this afternoon
N: that bullshit
NI: bye

Nick couldn't go to sleep after that conversation he just had. In the morning Vanessa woke up and saw Nick and Bella sitting on the table and Nick was depress. She grabbed her robe and put it on and sat by him.
" What is it?," Vanessa asked worried. He gave her his phone with the conversation. When she turned around she saw his bags and Bella's were packed.
" I'm sorry okay."
" No don't I've gotten enough of those in my life just leave now if that's what you've decided," she said.
" V she said we could still be friends."
" That's to hard for me. My heart has broken enough times okay. I'm done with this!"
" Vanessa please okay we can work this out just give it some time," Nick said.
" NO! I'm sorry Nick first it was Patricia, then me getting pregnant, and then you getting married. Now you want me to just be friends with you. I can't do that. Nikki is right you have to choose but it's me or Nikki," V said.
" I'll always pick you I just need some time to work everything out," he said.
" And how long will that be. A month or a year like last time?," she asked.
" Please I just need you to say that you'll wait for me. Please Vanessa," he said begging. Vanessa looked at him for 2 seconds then put her head down.
" I don't know. I don't know Nick. I mean it's hard for me to see you with her in her arms. But I love you a lot so I guess I can wait. But you have to promise that you will visit as much as possible with or without her," she said.
" I promise." Nick gave V one last kiss and left back to Nikki's place. When he walked in Nikki quickly gave him a hug.
" I've missed you," Nikki said.
" Yeah."
" And how is my baby girl?," Nikki asked picking her up.
" Fine we're all just fine," Nick said emotionless.
" I'm sorry I made you choose, but it was for the best I promise." Nick put his clothes away and text Haley.

N: sup hals
H: omg ur alive
N: yes i am srry i havnt talk 2 u in a long time its been hard these few days
H: u still wit that hore
N: well i was then i was wit V again now im back wit nikki against my will
H: how?
N: well when i went back to V nikki said i had to choose v or losing my daughter since i found out that she got knocked up while we were dating
H: get a divorce
N: i can't i don't have a good enough job tht pays a lot and i can't be stayin wit V cause she'll be wit Bella and she wouldn't beable to live her life
H: i get it talk 2 u soon
N: k bye hals
H: bye

Nikki came in the room and sat next to Nick. Nick looked at her like he still loved her.
" You okay?," Nikki asked.
" Yeah I'm okay," he replied. She gave him a kiss then went to go check on Bella. Days past and Nick has seen a big change in Nikki's attitude. He decided to go see Vanessa, but without Nikki and Bella.
" We made a deal Nick," Nikki said.
" I know, but you've gotta trust me okay I'll be back tonight. Anyway this gives you time to spend with your daughter okay," he said.
" Fine whatever please don't get home to late," Nikki said.
" K. Bye Bells." Nick grabbed his keys and drove to Vanessa's. He walked in to see Haley.
" Hals!," he exclaimed. Haley ran to him and gave him a hug.
" How you been?," she asked
" I'm good," he said. Vanessa walked into the living room and wrapped her arms around Haley's neck and rested her head on her shoulder.
" Yes you are," she said smirking.
" Oh snap mrs. horney is complimenting your game," Haley said. Nick giggled and grabbed a beer.
" It's good to see you haven't change Haley," Nick said.
" I can say the same," Haley said. Vanessa and Nick laughed. Vanessa let go of Haley and went to sit on Nick's lap.
" So she let you go," Vanessa whispered in his ear. He nodded and wrapped his arms around her waist.
" But I have to be back before 11 cause then she's gonna start to worry," he said.
" You still love her don't you?," Vanessa asked. Nick looked at her seriously and confused.
" You know I love you more then anything else," he said.
" You didn't answer my question. Do you still love her?," she asked.
" V my answer is I love you."
" Yes okay you can love more then one person, but I just need to know if I'm the one you love the most cause when I mention her name your expression changes completely. And it's a good one," she said.
" You are the one for me I know that and so should you," Nick said.

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Vanessa just nodded and layed down on his lap.
" Ok I have to go so see you peeps later peace," Haley said leaving.
" So what do you now?," Nick asked.
" I don't, how about since it's Christmas time, we go ice skating," Vanessa said.
" Okay, but be for warned I will fall and if I do you will go down with me whether you like it or not," he said smiling.
" Deal." The grabbed their coats and ran to "Rock a Fella Center" without knowing Nikki was there as well. They started skating and when Vanessa let Nick go he went everywhere and bumped into Nikki and Bella but they didn't fall down.
" Nick?," Nikki said confused.
" Hey what you doing here?," Nick asked.
" Spending time with Bella like you said. You?," she said.
" I'm with Vanessa," he said carrying Bella.
" Nick I don't know if I can take this anymore," Nikki said.
" Take what?," he asked a little confused.
" You and her," she said pointing to Vanessa who was sitting on the bleachers taking off her skates.
" You know how I feel about her and we made a deal," he said.
" I know but I still love you so what am I supposed to do when I see you leave to be with her and I don't think I can stand that for long," Nikki said.

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" You had your chance and you blew it when you sent your brother her ex after her. She lost my real baby cause of you and your sick brother," he said," Be happy I told Vanessa to calm down instead of going after you okay so either you deal with me and her or leave."
" If I leave i'm taking Bella with me I've talk to Tyler and he wants to be a family with her," Nikki said.
" Who the fuck is Tyler!," he asked.
" Bella's real father," she said," He wants to raise Bella and I am considerating it."
" If...fine he can raise her cause' like you said she's not even mine so fine go raise her with Tyler and don't come back to me if it doesn't work out I don't want you to be apart of my life anymore," he said.
" Nick don't do that," Nikki said. Nick gave her a kiss on the cheek as well as Bella and left going to Vanessa. He sat by Vanessa and started to take off his skates.
" What was that about?," V said.
" Just saying goodbye," he said. He kissed Vanessa and they went back to her suite.
" So that's it Nikki is gone for good," she said.
" Yeah they're both gone," he said.
" I'm sorry I know you were really attached to Bella," V said handing him cookie dough ice cream and two spoons.
" It's okay it ain't your fault," he said.
" Is there anything I can do to make you feel better," she said flirtiously.
" Well I have some ideas but they are very very unappropriate," he said.
" Oh really," V said.
" Really." Vanessa sat on his lap and blew in his ear and whispered.
" I think I can handle it. Question is can you?," she said. Nick smirked and picked Vanessa up and carried her to the bed. He placed her on the bed and began to kiss her fiercly. He begged for entrance which she allowed and he licked every spot in her mouth. He unbuttoned her blouse and threw it on the floor. That night Nick and Vanessa had sex and it was a new happy beginning for them like before and horrible one as well. For the past days Vanessa hasn't been feeling well so on Friday after work Nick took her to the doctors.
" I have good new Ms. Lopez you're pregnant," the doctor said.
" Oh my god are you serious," she said.
" Yes congrats Ms. Lopez," he said and left the room. Vanessa looked over at Nick scared that he would react crazy like last time.
" Nick," she said. Nick looked at her mouth dropped open eyes wide and all of a sudden one of the biggest smiles Vanessa has ever seen on Nick appeared.
" Oh my god you're pregnant!," he said jumping up and down excited. She ran up to him and hugged him as he swung her around still holding her. He kissed her passionate and decided that they should go out and celebrate.
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