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Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/8/07
This is sad day, as NinjaBuzz will no longer release Naruto Shippuden, and Dattebayo does not allow their releases on CR. (NinjaBuzz was the only fansub group subbing besides Dattebayo.)

RIP NinjaBuzz!

NinjaBuzz Staff writes:

Due to a numerous spam attack and cyber stalking over the last year by a user whom simply identifies themselves as Stephan Fry, Ninjabuzz will stop distributing the Naruto Anime and Manga series by January 1st 2008, this will give the users in our community time to adjust with the cease and removal of all Naruto releases from NinjaBuzz, it will also allow our affiliates time to find new consistent sources for distribution purposes.

NinjaBuzz sincerely thanks all affiliates whom continued supporting our releases over the last couple years. NinjaBuzz whom were formerly NarutoBuzz successfully made over 100+ releases of the Naruto Manga and every episode of Naruto Shippuuden to date. We thank everyone that enjoyed our releases, and could care less what the leechers with shameless comments can and will say. We are now endorsing MangaShare as an alternative source for Naruto Manga and obviously Dattebayo will now be the only group doing the Anime consistently yet again. We would just like to state that this decision was not rushed.

The Cyber stalker/Hacker/Spammer has made numerous attempts to contact members of the NinjaBuzz team, he has hacked the server gaining remote access (1 week ago) and has continued a massive spam attack against us. Just so you know the government created internet watchdog groups would not give the time of day to deal with a matter such as ours and because of that and us honestly being tired of all the crap are effectively stopping the releases. Keep in mind we are not closing, it will still recieve news and updates and hopefully become a media outlet like Narutocentral, however that is all and if the attacks continue the website will be taken offline as well.

You can find more information regarding our closure at
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