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ok first off i posted the same post this morning and i cant find it now but i was using my school's computer and i was in a hurry for my next class so i have no idea if it went through or it was deleted because it might be a repeat if so then sry for reposting this and plz delete it as well anyways what is some mangas that you've read and enjoyed and you want others to read and enjoy as well but u think they are like those hidden treasures that are hard to find

heres a list of mangas you can find on
Blazer Drive (same author as o parts hunter i think its better though)
13 (one shot by the same author as gintama)
Aoi Destruction (short serise by the same author as hidori no hibi)
Angel Densetsu (a pretty funny serise filled with missunderstandings)
Zero (a manhwa by artist that drew black god)
Bad Company (short serise by the same author as gto about Onizuka's high school life)
Gon (enjoyable serise that is writen with a handycap there is no diolog)
Toriko (recommended to those that like strong muscular man and food)
Luck Stealer
Witch Hunter (a good manhwa)
Immortal Regis (also a good manhwa)
Funbari no Uta (an one shot buy the same person as Shaman King about yoh and anna's kid a few years after the shaman torrnament)
Wanted! - Oda Eiichiro Tanpenshu (one shot by the same person as one piece)
Land of the blindfolded (really nice ramance story)
Snow in the Dark (one shots by the same person as Mx0 and pretty face)
Tokyo Ants (also a serise of one shots by the same person as Mx0 and pretty face)
Monster Hunter Orage (by the same author as rave and fairy tail)

heres a list that i dout you can find online you should be able to get them in comic book stores
Musashi #9 (a secret agent manga has a lot of incendents that are possible in real life
Monster Collection (its a short serise around 6 volumes i think)
NOW (a manhwa by the same person that drawn zero and black god)
Phantom (a mecha manga licenced by tokyopop)
Archlord (a fantacy manga also licensed by tokyopop)
Kagetora (a ninja and romance serice you can find some chapters form
Rose Hip Zero (by the same person that wrote tokko)
Mystical Prince Yoshida-kun (i was laughing so hard after reading the first volume it is random)

some of these mangas might not be as rare as im thinking it to be but they are all ones i enjoy so check them out if you have a chance
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Idiots!!!!! They're everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
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