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make your characters here
Posted 1/15/09 , edited 2/28/09
name: haru
age: 15
gender: female
pets:(if you want one please put up a pic or tell us what it looks like and put its name and gender) she will take in any stray cat she find she say they reminder of her self
backround: secert
character:(put up a pic or tell up what he/she looks like)
birthday: janurary 20
other:she is very cold never warms up to people and doesnt talk much and she is half vampire and half cat and she is some how related to nanamis and yumis past
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25 / F / Charlotte
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
name: Lamia-chan Zlogonje
Nickname: Sanski
age: 21
gender: Female
backround: Growing up with a family that gamble too much, she was sold to pay off a heavy debt. She was forced to kill and do several other horrid things with the man who had bought her. Before she reached the age fourteen, she murdered him and escaped back to her home. But it was nothing but a grave spot, her causin, Rob was only there. He had been badly injured but he eyed this as her fault. He left before she could say anything, so now she kills for money. Trying to figure out what exaclty hapen to her family.
character:(put up a pic or tell up what he/she looks like)
birthday: April 18...
other: she has trust problems but manages to befriend someone at times. She enjoys others misfortunes but is pretty sneaky when in battle. She uses a three bladed scife (black) and exploding cards/tricks
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F / a dark world wher...
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/22/09
(this is 4 my friend who made an account and joined the group but his computer is really suckish so he couldnt make his character so im making it 4 him)
pet:an lbino ige girl named lily echantd so it can trnsfo ino human at certain times on days when the moon will b fll
Character:(he didnt tell me what it was supposed 2 look like gome)
Background: unavailable
related 2 nanas past past in 1 way or another he is human but lives on 4ever he cant die he was born with special powers such as 2 block the powers of others and can control time wich would probably b the reason he cant die he also has a few more that he has yet 2 discover. he ssora and kei have a rivalry but he doesnt find kei much of a threat. he believes u cant trust any1 wich is y he may act nice but lie 2 him even once and u shall die as soon as u do he has another power wich is 2 transform into a girl or change his appearance he never shows his real form and shows no sign of weakness. he is actually in love with both nana and rina wich is y h considers kei and ora enemies but h is still friends ith thm and thay all know the oher 2 loe nana also he know all her family 2 (he told me that he can add the other stuff later on gome)
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26 / M / Impel Down Level...
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/21/09
Name: Kewl
Background: He is just a normal 16 year old. But, he has a dark past and now is trying his best to live life happily with all his friends. His current goals are unknown.
Other: Power--Complete control of Wind and Lightning elements, uses a gunxsword, other powers unknown
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
name: Miyu
age: 13 (But appears to be 8 years old)
gender: Female
pets: None
background: Miyu is Miru's older sister, who was murdered at the age of 8 when they arrived at Japan. Because Miyu couldnt rest in peace when she died, she still roams the earth as a ghost.
character: - Her 8 year old form. - Is her 13 year old form.
birthday: May 17th.
other: She dislikes Miru's pets Kuu for some reason.
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
name: Aya
age: 15
gender: female
backround: she's the heiress of a very rich household her parents wanted her to be a lady but she didn't turn out the way they wanted
birthday: 29 of april
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38 / M / i.......dont know XD
Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/9/09
hey um im half human half wolf like this his name is Roxas. hes 14. his birthday is september 26. dorm number 100 plz!!!!
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
name: Kira
age: unknown
gender: girl
backround: she is a demon and she is related to haru but they have different dads so she is half werewolf and half human
birthday: december 5
other:..she hates cats
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
Name: Kisuke
Age: 20
Gender: Male
pets: None
Background: Was raised and trained by his elders who were masters in their craft. Which craft however is not sure. They were angelic beings who had combined both light with dark arts and called it interplanar arts. He got out when he finally defeated both his elders in a one-on-one match.
Birthday: (Era 4,192) April 8
Other: Is moving in with Caim after some interesting events happened around him.
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22 / F / buying cheese for...
Posted 4/25/09 , edited 4/25/09
Background: was abused by her parents and then at the age 5 ran away and was adopted by tyki mikk as his daughter and was trained in swordsmenship. is usal hyper and friendly but deadly on the battle feild.
birthday: febuary 2
other: she loves buterfly's
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27 / M / B.C. canada
Posted 5/22/09 , edited 5/23/09
name: Keiji Warhammer
age: 18
gender: male
backround:grow up on the streets and had to fight to live day by day and to make money to eat.

birthday: May/ 22 /1991
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