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Hiya everyone! heart

This post is all about Shugo Chara!! I want to know: who is your
heart FAVOURITE heart guy in Shugo Chara?!

Please post who you like, and a reason why. 3nodding


P.S Spoilers are welcome to me! PLEASE PM me with spoilers! (I'm so annoying...) xd

P.P.S If you are an Amuto/ Tadamu/ Etc fan, do you think you can include that?

P.P.P.S Personally, I'm an Amuto fan!

A little *ahem* picture... but I don't think it's real.


And here's a little thing I found on a forum page (I DID NOT WRITE THIS!):

It turns out that Ikuto is sleeping on Amus bed and Amu freaks out and her daddy comes and ask whats matter but Amu hides Ikuto under the cover. Amu can't sleep and she's was watching Ikuto sleep the whole night In the morning Amu wakes upp and Ami tells Amu that they are going out [ something like that ] and Amu worries about Ikuto sleeping on Amus bed.
When Ikuto wakes upp his thought was like " WHERE IS THE VIOLIN !?!? "
and Yoru shows him the violin and Ikuto takes a deep breath.
When Amu is out she sees a child, and the child can also see charas [ I think that he's egg is the embryo ! ] and Amu buys something to him that he can eat and moves on with Ami.
When Amu is home, she's falling at her bed beacuse she was tired and she was falling at Ikuto [ like in the first episode, in the hole ] Ikuto was like " Amu, I missed you ! I almorst died beacuse you were so late " and he hugs Amu [ I'm telling the truth! ] but Amu slaps him and call him a hentai but Ikuto says
" Hentai Hentai, do you really want to know what that is? " Amu was like " Look at you " and Ikuto continues " A real hentai is someone whos looking at someone when someone is sleeping " Ikuto confess his love again but Amu wants Ikuto to leave and Ikuto opens the window and Amu sees that Ikuto has a fever and says that Ikuto can stay a couple days and Ikuto says that she is worried about him but Amu takes a excuse and says that she would do that to anyone.
Amu gives him a cookie with chocolate in the cookie and Ikuto says that Amu is good at yelling at people but and that shes remember that he likes chocolate [ see ep 33 ]
Amus mother knocks on Amus door and says that she have a guest and when Amu goes out SHE FINDS TADASE THERE ! and she rush in to her room and drag Ikuto in to her closet and says a excuse to Tadase and Tadase takes his mood and says " Hinamori-san, Is it okay if I fall in love with you? " and Amu doesn't answers. Later ....

Amu sleeping on her bed and Ikuto is sleeping on the floor.
When she closes her eyes and opens again shes sees Ikuto hugging her and
shes freaks out again but more and she said that Ikuto is sleeping on the floor but Ikuto says that kids are warm and a sick child needs love and a warm place.
Amu says that she's gonna be a first year senior and shes not a kid anymore.
Ikuto explains that he's gonna go the last year as a senior.
After a while Amu accepts that Ikutos arms are around hers and Ikuto says " It's good that Tadase has fallen in love with you. " * Amu doesn't answers.
" Nee Ikuto, have you someone you like? "
" Yeah. I do. You * * Amu blushes * but says that is a joke.

In the morning Utau comes by and Amus family is like crazy [ especially Ami ] and
she says that she can feel that Ikuto is near. Utau drags Amu out to a ramen-place and say that she is poor beacuse she doesn't get so mush money like she did with Easter.
Utau explains that Ikuto really really really really likes Amu and then Amu realises that Ikuto was honest. Later on they meet Kukai & Tadase and Kukai and Utau have a challange [ dont remember so mush ] and they run away. Amu and Tadase is walking and Tadase gives Amu flowers and says something romantic [ go and die ! ] Later...

When Amu is home she says to Ikuto that he needs to take a shower and Ikuto does a chara-change with Yoru and sneacks out from Amus room and Amu & Ikuto goes in to the bathroom. Amu says that Ikuto is gonna take off his clother in the shower beacuse Amu doesn't want to see Ikuto naked. Ikuto complains but does what Amu says.
* Ikuto takes a shower* when Ikuto is gonna get out he says to Amu that she isn't allowed to sneak and Amu says " Who want to sneak on you " xD . Ikuto gets out and Amus mother knocks on the door and says that she is gonna go in. Amu tries to hide Ikuto but no, Amus mother finds out Ikuto. Amu explains everything to her mother and her mother offer her help and gives Ikuto a simple hotellroom.
They are standing in the hallway and Tadase comes and Ikuto is saying that Tadase has become cool beacuse he confessed to Amu.
Tadase runs away crying. Amu yells at Ikuto saying that he's a jerk. Later on he disappers.
Amu is hanging on her table and Yoru appers saying that she needs to rescue Ikuto from Easter [ damn you Easter ! ] but she hesitate.

* School day *
The gurdians gathers and Amu tells everyone about Ikuto and suddenly cries and
Yaya says that she is the crybaby and not Amu. ( Tadase has forgiven her )
Then Amu says " Lets rescue my precious person ! "

They ask Nikaidou-sensei to drive they to Easter and Amu calls home and says to her mother that shes coming home late beacuse she has to do something with the guarians and her mother hesitate but Amu says that her sensei is with her and her mother finally accepts.
When guard ask they to leave Amu does a chara-change with Suu and do some cook-thing xD
Another guard comes and Amu does a chara-nari wiuth Miki [ or so was it Ran ] and
disapper with the guardians. Another guard comes and then they hear a voice and its SAEKI NOBOUKO ! and the guard let Amu and the other go by beacuse ofSaeki Nobouko -sensei feel that Amu is gonna rescue somebody very very precious to her and gives her a " Good Luck ". Later on Rima heard that Nagihiko was talking to Saeki-sensei and she says " Wasn't it you who was a girl? ". and Rima says to Nagihiko that she heard him and Nagihiko ask Rima to hold it to a secret.
Later, Nagihiko gets 2 charas and one is Temari and the other was a guy-chara named Rizumu.

Temari does a chara-nari with Nagihiko and becomes " Yamato Mai Hime " and Rizumu also does a chara-nari with Nagihiko and becomes Beat Jumper.

BTW everyone, if you are an AMUTO fan, add me to your friends list! Please? I wanna talk Shugo Chara!/Shugo Chara!! Doki!


I don't know if this info is true, so please correct me (in a polite and friendly manner) if it is wrong~! Arigato.

Luv you all Shugo Chara!/!!Doki fans!! like mad!

Tluu =)

Call me Teri-chan~!


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I don't care if ur a stalker.

I already have soo many pics of ikuto that people think im his stalker.


Amuto 4 life XD
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