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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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so i guess i'll start with mine...
ill just post my 3rd fanfic...

Is It Too Late? [會不會太晚?] (Hui Bu Hui Tai Wan?)



Nothing's wrong with falling in love with your bestfriend, who, at the same time, is your sister's boyfriend, right? It's just that it will bring you so much pain and cause you to shed so many tears. Nothing's also wrong in wishing that someday you'll replace your sister's place in his heart. But what if it all came true? What if your sister betrays him and he ask you for a chance? A chance for him to love you back? Will you accept it? Are you stupid enough to suffer the pains and face the consequences? What will she do? It will really hurt not only your heart but also your mind. From thinking and thinking if you should fight for your love or just give up and let him go. Until she met somebody unexpected. Though she didn't love him but she accepted his proposal just to forget hiim, her love. Do you think she's selfish for using someone who is so innocent? Well, we're not on the right time yet to judge her. But what if her love fell in love with her already? What will she do? Will she divorced with him? We'll know the answers to those questions to the following chapters.
Ella Chen= A long-haired (later on, she will have a short hair) and petite girl who fall in love with her sister's boyfriend who is also her bestfriend. The girl who suffered too much pain and shed buckets and buckets of tears. Will she ever taste the sweet taste of love? Will she ever have a happy ending like what she wished for?

Wu Chun= The boyfriend of Ella's sister. On the other hand,also Ella's bestfriend. He love Ella's sister so much. But later on, he discovered that his loving girlfriend cheated him behind his back. So he asked Ella for a chance to learn to love her back. But then he fail to fulfill his promise and that is to avoid hurting her. That was the biggest failure he ever did in his entire life. When she stepped out out of his life already, he felt so sad and so empty. Later on, he realized that he fell in love with her. But there's a problem, she's already married. Will he steal her away from him or he is already too late?

Now, let the story begin.

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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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Is It Too Late? [會不會太晚?] (Hui Bu Hui Tai Wan?)

Chapter 1: Pains and Tears

2 years ago…
There was this lady that fell in love with her best friend. But the problem is that her best friend is her sister’s boyfriend. That truth really shattered her heart into pieces. The very first day that she knew about their relationship was the day she decided to confess to him. Everyday, she wished that someday, she could replace her sister’s loving place in his heart. That someday, he would learn to love her back. This lady was simply named as Ella Chen, meaning “courage”, the long-haired, petite girl. A lot of guys were wooing her, asking her to be their girl. But she just rejects them. She was really pretty. But in her best friend’s eyes, her sister, Charlene, was the most beautiful lady on Earth. This really ache her heart. There are a lot of girls on Earth. Why? Why is it that her rival is her beloved sister? She doesn’t know. She was now in so much pain. Her heart was now aching as well as her brain, from thinking and thinking. She doesn’t want her sister to be hurt. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up the love she has for Chun. Nobody knows that every night, in her own little room, she was crying silently. What does he possesses that she was deeply in love with him? In times of like this, she only has this one thing that accompanies her, her diary. The diary was given by her mother who died 2 years ago. She writes all her feelings in her diary, her fears, wishes, dreams, sadness, EVERYTHING.

Until one day, Chun figured out that Ella’s sister, Charlene, was cheating behind his back. Seeing him in pain and crying, makes Ella feel the same pain, too.

“Chun, are you sure that it’s my sister? I know she can’t do it.” Ella said, shocked.

“I know it’s her Ella. And I’m sure.” Chun said, crying.

She can’t believe it. Her sister? Cheating?

“Can I hug you, Ella?” Ella was awakened from her thoughts because of Chun’s sudden question.

Understanding his situation, she nodded and he directly hugged her after getting the respond.

“Ella, what should I do? I want to forget her.” Chun asked her again.

Ella let go and said, “I know you can’t Chun. I know that you know, too. You can’t forget about my sister. I know you love her very much.”

Chun just shook his head telling Ella that she was completely wrong. “I know I can do it, Ella. I can forget her. She chooses to hurt and leave me and I choose to forget her.” Chun added, anger was obvious in his tone.

A thought then came across his mind. ‘I know I might hurt her but I guess this is just the only way that I could do to forget her. Ella, I’m sorry.’ Chun thought. He then asked her, “Ella, do you still love me?”

She was shocked with what he asked. She didn’t know how to answer nor to react. “Why Chun?” she asked back.

“Can I ask for a chance to learn to love you back?” he answered her with a question, feeling guilty all over his body.

“I..I don’t know, Chun.” She answered, still thinking what to answer and how to react. If she chooses YES, she might get hurt in the end. But if she chooses NO, then, she was just wasting her opportunity.

Seeing the confusion all over Ella’s face, he assured her, “I promise, I won’t hurt you.” Ella was about to answer when a thought came across her mind.

“But what about Charlene?” she suddenly asked.

“NO! Don’t ever mention that name. I hate the owner of that stupid name.” Chun angrily answered. He then heaved out a sigh and added, “Ella, please.”

Ella had no other choice but to nod and accept it. He then stood up and hugged her tight while uttering a “Thank You”.

After letting go, he reassured her, “I promise I won’t hurt you.” Ella just beam a smile and keep that promise. Save that promise in her heart.

Days passed by and Ella and Chun’s so called ‘relationship’ was doing great. Chun was somehow enjoying Ella’s company. But still he can’t get that lady named Charlene in his stupid little mind. I don’t know why but he can’t seem to know that he was actually talking about Charlene and his relationship right there, facing Ella. That hurts so much, right? He can just realize it when he was done talking. He always apologizes and fortunately for him, she always accepted it. Until that day come. That day was her comeback. Yeah! You read it right. She left Taiwan and Chun for that guy who just broke her heart. She decided to go back and get Chun again. Claim him as hers again. She knew about Chun and Ella’s ‘relationship’. But she knew that Chun doesn’t love her sister and she was sure that Chun still loves her. So that’s why, she was willing to do everything just for him to be hers again. After her comeback, Chun was now treating Ella cold. She just convince herself that he was like that because he was so stress in work. But no, Charlene and Chun are secretly going out. When Ella went to the mall to buy something, she saw two familiar figures, eating happily in a restaurant. Tears flowed down her cheeks when she realize who those two are. She can’t absolutely believe that he failed to fulfill his promise. But because of the love she had for him, she just; again, convince herself that she didn’t see a thing. The next day, she went to the park. She loved that park very much. She remembered all the memories that she shared with her half-Taiwanese, half- Filipina mother. Those memories brought a smile to her lovely face. But that then disappeared. That disappeared when she saw two the same people again. She can’t take it anymore. She run away and took a cab then went home. She cried and cried until she fell asleep. Tomorrow comes but she’s still sleeping.She woke up because of the 3 message alert tone. She smiled when she saw the senders’ names.

Calvin’s SMS: Hey there! Wake up now My Sleepy-head Princess. Time to rise and shine. Hehehe. We missed you already. Can’t wait for the school opening. Take care always, okay? Love you and missed you!!

Jiro’s SMS: Hi! Rise and Shine My Pretty Princess. Time to wake up now. Don’t forget to smile, okay? Hehe. We missed you so much already. We’re very sorry that we didn’t come and visit you. We’re busy with our family. Hope you understand. Take care always. Love you and missed you My Pretty Princess!

Arron’s SMS: Hello! Wake up My Cutie Princess. You don’t want to have a headache, right? Hehe. So come on, wake up now. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, okay? That’s the important meal of the day. Don’t forget to show a sunshine smile like Calvin’s. hehe. We missed you so much already. Can’t wait for the school opening. Love you and missed you My Cutie Princess.

Her 3 other best friends’ messages really brighten up here day.But something was missing.It was Chun’s SMS but she decided to ignore it and without thinking twice, she replied.

Ella’s reply:Okay! Okay! I’m now shining. Hahaha. Wei! There you go again, calling me with those weird nicknames. Hehehe. Aww. Me too. I missed you all already. Can’t wait for the school opening. Love you and miss you,too.

She then got up from her bed and headed to the bathroom. All morning and the whole afternoon, she stayed in their house, chatting with her three other best friends. When evening comes, she decided to go out and proceed to the park again. Except from mother-daughter memories that she can remember here, she also remembered the times she spend her days with her 4 best friends namely Calvin Chen, Arron Yan, Jiro Wang and Wu Chun. They used to hang-out here, play here. Since she was the only girl in the group, everyone was treating and calling her a princess. Calvin was calling her ‘My Sleepy-head Princess; Jiro was calling her ‘My Pretty Princess’; Arron was calling her ‘My Cutie Princess’ and lastly, Chun was calling her ‘My Baby Princess’. Remembering the past brought another smile on her face.She never thought that it will be the night that she’ll cry and cry so hard. As she was walking around, she saw the same two people again. But this time, they’re kissing. She felt her knees weakened. As a result, she leaned against the big old tree. Hot tears flowed down her eyes continuously. Just then, Chun saw Ella. He was shock. Very shock. He couldn’t even manage to utter a single word. She started running away while Chun was running after her, leaving Charlene behind. Just when he reached her, he grabbed her wrist and turn her to face him but he just received a hard slap from her. He wasn’t shock nor angry. He knows he deserves that slap.

“Ella, I’m sorry.” Chun apologized. But instead of accepting it, she shouted all her anger at him.


“I’m sorry.” was all Chun could say.


“I’m so sorry.” Chun again utter it.

“My God Chun, is that the only sentence you knew? Will you stop saying it? I can’t take it anymore. I just wished that you’ll be gone. GONE. FOREVER. I don’t want to see your fucking face again.” With that, Ella run away, leaving Chun crying.

He was so damn hurt about what she said. But he know, he deserves it. She was right. He just USE her. Now, he was feeling guilty all over.

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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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Is It Too Late? [會不會太晚?] (Hui Bu Hui Tai Wan?)

Chapter 2: Going to the Philippines?

She then took a cab and went home after running away from him. When she arrived to their house, her father then approached her. Seeing her eyes so red and swollen and her face so pale, her dad can’t help it but to worry.

“What happen?” was all her father could ask.

Ella just gave her father a weak smile. She doesn’t want to make her father worry. “Nothing dad. Uhm, can I ask for a favor?” she answered while asking her father back.

“Sure my dear, what is it?” he asked his loving daughter.

“I want to continue my studies in the Philippines. The country where mom grew up.” She stated. There were two reasons why she decided to leave Taiwan. One is to see the beauty of the country which take ¼ of her life. Two, is to avoid Chun and Charlene.

“Okay dear. If that’s what you want. I’ll let Mr. Chui to book you a ticket for an early flight for the day after tomorrow okay? I’ll also ask him to look for an apartment for you and Jessica, okay?” her dad asked.

She just nodded and hugged her dad while uttering the words “Thank You”. She then let go and went to her room. Just when she lay down on her bed, she cried again. She cried and cried until she fell asleep. Later that evening, when she was already dreaming, Charlene arrived with Chun.

“Hi Dad!” Charlene greeted her father while trying to hug him. But she was stopped when he talk.

“What did you do to your younger sister?” he asked in an angry tone.

“I..I..” Chun couldn’t manage to speak at that time.

“Nothing dad. She was just hurt that Chun and I got back.” Charlene explained.

“Chun,” he started, obviously ignoring Charlene’s explanation.“Remember this, Never. Never talk to her again. Never touch her again. Never enter her life again. Not until she got recovered from the wounds and pains you caused her. She’s trying to move on, in the Philippines. She’ll leave the day after tomorrow. She’ll stay there for 2 years and she’ll be back here after her graduation.” Mr. Chen’s voice was filled with anger.

“Wha..what? She’s leaving?” Chun thought. He was shock. He then felt something strange for him, sadness.


The next day, she woke up because of the noise in her room. It was Jessica who’s making the noise. She was packing up Ella’s clothes. Just when she notice that Ella woke up already, she then apologized,

“I’m sorry if I wake you up Ms Chen.” while lowering her head. Ella just give her a warm smile.

“Oh! That’s nothing Jessica and please just call me Ella.” she said.

“Oh! Ella” Jessica repeated. “Oh! Ella, your breakfast is already ready.” Jessica added.

“Okay!” was all that Ella replied to Jessica. She then headed to the bathroom and wash her face. After a few minutes, she went descended to the stairs. But before she arrived to the kitchen, she could already see Chun. So she decided to go back to her room. She entered her bedroom and shut the door close. Jessica was shock after hearing the noise.

Seeing her shock, Ella apologized and asked, “I’m sorry. Uhm, can you get my breakfast here, Jessica?” Jessica was confused.

“O..Okay, Ella.” she agreed. She then went downstairs and into the kitchen. Charlene, Mr. Chen and Chun were there but no talking was done.

When Jessica reached the kitchen, Mr. Chen asked her, “Jessica, Is Ella coming down for breakfast?” Jessica shook her head.

“No Mr. Chen. She just ask me to bring her breakfast to her room. I guess she will just eat in her room.” Jessica explained.

When Chun heard this, he directly look at Jessica who was talking. He knows that she was really ignoring him. Again, he felt the same feelings, sadness and guilt. As soon as Jessica left, he then excused his self and stood up to use the comfort room. He locked himself in there for a while.

“Why am I so sad? I know I’m guilty but why do I feel so sad about her avoiding me?” he said to himself. Confusion was written all over his face. He then went out after hearing Charlene calling his name.

Ella, on the other hand, was peacefully eating her breakfast. Jessica was done with packing up Ella’s clothes. She was about to leave when Ella asked her to stay. So she stayed and took the advantage to ask her something.

“Uhm, Ella, can I ask you a question?” she started.

“Sure. What is it?” Ella answered.

“What happened to you and Mr. Wu?” she asked the most terrible question. Well, for Ella that is. Ella stopped eating and buried her face in her own cute hands and cried. Jessica was feeling guilty after seeing Ella cry.

‘I shouldn’t have asked that. Stupid Me.’ Jessica scolded herself in her mind. She then comforted her by patting her in the back.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Ella, if I ask you. I’m so stupid to ask you that. Please forgive me.” She apologized while lowering her head.

"Oh! It’s okay. I know your just concern.” Ella said while tears flowed down her pinkish-white cheeks. With that, she started telling her everything. Jessica was so sad to hear all of that.

“Oh! Ella. I’m so sorry to hear that. Well, don’t be angry but you know, Mr. Wu totally is an idiot and stupid you know. I guess he’s the only guy in the world who has no heart.” Jessica said. Ella laughed at her opinion and that make Jessica feel comfortable. Jessica asked Ella if she could go already so that she could prepare her luggage. Ella said that she will help hr. Jessica said No but she insisted. So Jessica just agreed. When they went down, it seems that Charlene and Chun went out. She let out a sigh of relief. Then, they proceed to Jessica’s room and she help her while thinking. Tomorrow, she’ll leave her loving best friends. Tomorrow, she’ll leave her beloved father and sister. Tomorrow, she’ll leave her one and only love.

Tomorrow comes; everybody was busy for Ella’s departure. After getting everything, they then leave and went to the airport. She then dialed her 3 other best friends’ number and called them, telling them that she’s leaving. After hearing it, the 3 then rushed to the airport. They exactly arrived an hour before Ella and Jessica’s flight. Jiro, Calvin, and Arron arrived 10 minutes after they, Ella and her family, arrive. So they still have time to say goodbye to Ella.

“My Sleepy-head Princess, take care there okay? Remember to call us when there’s a problem. We’ll miss you very much for sure.” Calvin said as he hugged Ella who had teary eyes already. Then she moved to hug Jiro.

“We’ll surely miss you My Pretty Princess. Take care of yourself there okay? Don’t be too stubborn. Be good always, okay? Study hard. It’s so bad that we won’t graduate together here in Taiwan. But we’ll try hard to attend your graduation. Be happy always, okay?” Jiro said with teary eyes and now, Ella was crying. Then she moved again and hugged Arron.

“Oh! My Cutie Princess! Take good care of yourself there Ella jie okay? Like what Jiro ge said, we’ll try to go there and attend your graduation. Like what I always say, don’t forget to show a sunshine smile like Calvin ge’s, okay?” Arron said while tears flowed down his cheeks. Ella let out a small laugh after hearing the last part and nodded. Then she hugged her father.

“My dear daughter, take good care of yourself there okay? I’ll miss you very much. Don’t forget to call us if you need something or if there was a problem, okay?” her dad told her.

“I will dad.” she answered him with a smile on her face. She then went to hug her sister.

“Oh, Ella, take good care of yourself there, okay? Be good. Be strong.” Charlene advised. Ella just nodded. She then get her luggage and was on their way to the entrance when Jiro, Arron, and Calvin called her.

“Don’t forget to call us and tell us about your sudden decision, okay?” Jiro whispered. She nodded and continued.

She waved her hand at them while shouting, “Goodbye dad. Goodbye Jie. Goodbye my Princes.”

Chun still managed to whisper a “Goodbye… My Baby Princess.” They waited outside until they saw the airplane flew. Chun was feeling sad and empty knowing his Baby Princess is now away. Away from them. Away from him.

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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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Is It Too Late? [會不會太晚?] (Hui Bu Hui Tai Wan?)

Chapter 3: Life...

A year has passed since Ella left Taiwan. Each date that Charlene and Chun would have, his mind would always focus to Ella only. How is she? Is she fine? Is she now happy? Does she still hate me? These questions filled his mind as well as his heart. Did she find someone she loves? The last question shock him even I, myself, as the author of this so called fan fiction, was shock about the last question. Why would he ask? Does it concern him? Maybe he is starting to like her? Or maybe its this silly word we all know that has a very deep meaning, LOVE? Well, we’ll know that a bit later, I guess. Now let’s go back, shall we?
Ella, on the other hand, seems to forget the pains she felt in the past but she can’t still forget the love she has for him. Honestly, without Chun in her life, she was free from pains. She also meet new friends. Taiwanese, like her. They were Hebe Tian, Selina Ren, Mike He, Genie Zhou and Danson Tang. This Danson guy got this ‘more-than-of-a-friend’ feeling for her. Ins hort, he likes her. Or maybe; again, it’s the silly word love. He was actually asking her out. They were dating to be exact. Until that certain date that they had, Danson decided to confess to her.

“Ella, I..I’m in love with you.” He confessed.

Ella look at him with a blank expression on her beautiful face. Finally, she decided to talk.

“Danson, I can’t answer you with a YES because I.. I’m not feeling the same. But I don’t want to answer you with a NO, too. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m afraid that I can’t give you my whole heart. I’m afraid that—“ she was cut off when Danson stopped her and spoke.

“Ella, just give me a chance. I’m not asking for your whole heart. A small piece will do. Ella, please.” Danson begged.

Ella thought for it. She was sure that Danson is a good guy and she was sure that he could fulfill his promise. So with that, she nodded and beam a smile. Danson then hugged her and she hugged him back. After spending the rest of the night together, he finally decided to send her home since it was getting late and they still have to wake up early tomorrow. Well, they were studying on this famous University in the Philippines named University of Santo Tomas or also known as UST. It is the oldest University in the whole Philippines. Well, back to the story. So, when Ella entered the house, she was shocked when she saw her 3 girl best friends and Jessica staring at her with those full-of-questions looks.

“Ei! What’s with those looks?” Ella asked them, raising her right eyebrow.

“Are the two of you a couple already?” Selina was first to ask.

“Did he confess to you already?” Hebe followed.

“Did you answer him with a YES?” Genie added.

“Why Ella?” Jessica was the last one to ask a question.

“Whoa! Four consecutive questions, well, for Selina’s question, yes we are. To Hebe’s, yes he did. To Genie’s, yeah! I did. To Jessica,” she stopped and sighed. “he asked me for a chance and in order to forget him ,too.” She continued
“You still didn’t forget him, don’t you?” Jessica suddenly added a question.

Ella just nodded and tears starts to flow down her cheeks. The four then comforted her and hugged her.

“It’s okay Ella. We’re here for you. No need to worry, okay? I know someday you could forget him. I’m sure that you’ll be happy with Danson. But it’s not right to use him, right? But nothing’s wrong when you try to learn to forget him and love somebody else who loves you with all his heart.” Selina said dramatically.

“I know Selina. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I don’t want to remember him. He just brought pains in my life. He caused me to shed so many tears. He just made my life miserable. I,” Ella paused and sighed, “it’s better if I go up and rest now. Night girls.” Ella continued while she was on her way to her room. Just as soon as she reached her bedroom, she locked the door and leaned against it and cried, “ I want to forget him. But somehow, my mind and my heart keeps on reminding me that until now, I still love him.” She lied down on her bed and fell asleep.

The next day, Ella woke up and headed to the bathroom. When she look at the mirror, she saw that her eyes were so read and swollen. It was because of last night. She look away, letting the tears flow down on her cheeks. She look at it again. Suddenly, she saw Chun’s reflection on the mirror. She cry even harded. How can she really forget him when she knew, she was still deeply in love with him?


Chun, who’s in Taiwan, became very quiet since the day Ella left. Calvin, Arron and Jiro were completely ignoring him after knowing the fact, the fact that he was the top one reason why she left. Every night, he would attempt to call her but he always remembered what her dad told him. He can’t possibly call her. He can’t talk to her. No. Not until she was recovered. From what, asked me? Of course, from the pains that he caused her. He, to be honest, misses her. He missed her so badly that if he sees her he would actually hug her very much. He actually misses her company, her childish actions, her sweet kisses, and her warm embraces. Charlene waved a hand in front of his face just when she noticed that he wasn’t really paying much attention to what she was talking about. Or maybe, to her?

“Chun, what are you thinking?” she asked curiously.

“No..nothing” he stammered.

“Nothing? You know what, you’ve been very different; very different. Since Ella left, you’ve been like this. Yes! We’re going out but it seems like I’m all alone. I’m with no one.” Charlene exclaimed angrily.

Chun just remained silent and found the table quite amusing.

“Are you, by any chance, in love with her?” she suddenly ask.

That question made him look up. It actually shocked him. He, himself, even asked his self about it. ‘Am I in love with her?’ he asked his self. Without getting any response from him, she left. Few minutes later, he decided to left, too. He stayed in his room, still thinking about the question he left unanswered. Is he really in love with her? If not, then why is he feeling so empty and misses her very much? Why would he asked his self about Ella having a boyfriend? Again, he attempted to call her but he, again, failed to do so. He possibly can’t call her. Now, he was missing her more.


Ella was not giving so much attention to what the teacher was discussing. Selina, Hebe, and Genie noticed this. So after class, they asked her.

“Hey Ella! What’s wrong?” Selina asked, concern was obvious in her very cute voice.

“Nothing. I just don’t feel like listening to the discussion.” Ella answered, which I think, was not true.

They then went home after having the boring class and the boring last subject discussion, Science. Selina, Hebe and Genie became Ella’s housemates since they became friends when they were still in the plane. Ella was also looking for housemates and she was glad that she had found some housemates and at the same time, friends, which she thought could be the perfect pair for her 3 princes who was left in Taiwan. A smirk appeared on her face thinking about that.

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F / Jailed in Yesung'...
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Is It Too Late? [會不會太晚?] (Hui Bu Hui Tai Wan?)

Chapter 4: To forgive is to forget

Another year has passed since Ella left Taiwan. And today, was their graduation day. They were now preparing. Ella was wearing the black tube dress. All of them look obviously gorgeous. Just then, the doorbell rang. Ella opened it and it reveal Mike and Danson.
“Wow! You look so gorgeous Ella.” Danson complimented with his eyes wide open.

Ella just smiled at him. He was totally right. She was drop dead gorgeous.

“Come on now, hurry!” Mike exclaimed.

They all then went out including Jessica, of course. They all went in Mike’s Mercedes Benz. They then sped off to the place where their grand graduation is going to be held. Everything flow smoothly. Each if them received an award and honors. At the last part, they all throw their hats in the air. They went to their friends and classmates and bid their goodbyes and wish them luck for their future jobs. After that, the 7 of them decided to the girls’ apartment. Just when Jessica opened the door, with a smirk on her face, and turned on the lights, they saw Ella’s family and friends.

“*gasp* DAD! JIE!” Ella shouted with joy.

She then run to them and hugged her dad and sister.

“Oh! I miss you two very much.” Ella said with teary eyes.

“We missed you, too, my dear daughter.” her dad said after letting go.

“Gong Xi Chen Jia Hua!” her sister congratulated her. Her tone was telling Ella that she was not in a good mood or she was angry. Ella just ignored her sudden actions and emotions. Just then her 3 princes came out from the kitchen.

“Wei! My Sleepy-head Princess! Congratz!” Calvin said showing his sunshine smile.

“*gasp* CALVIN!” she exclaimed and hug him. “I missed you” she added.

“I missed you, too, My Princess.” Calvin said while hugging her back.

Just then, Jiro came out.

“My Pretty Princess, how about me? Didn’t you miss me?” Jiro asked while smiling and his arms were widely open, ready to hug her very tight.

“JIRO!” she shouted while letting go of Calvin and hugged Jiro. “I missed you so much” she added.

“*laughs* Me too, My Pretty Princess. Missed you VERY much.” He said, emphasizing the word very.

Just then, Arron jumped out from behind.

“Did you miss me, My Cutie Princess?” Arron said with a big, big smile. Well, as you can remember, when they were in the airport, among the three, he’s the only one who cried. Jiro got teary eyes only. Well, let’s go back.

“Of course my didi. *giggling*” she said excitedly and hugged him after letting go of Jiro. “I missed you VERY much.” Ella said while she hugged him very tight.

“Guess who’s here?” Arron whispered.

Just then, someone from behind tap her shoulder. When she turned around, her eyes widened. Is she seeing right? Arron’s beloved sister is there, Rainie. (A/N: Well, that makes her Rainie YAN. Without G. hahaha)

“RAINIE!” she shouted happily.

“*laughs* How are you?” Rainie asked.

“I’m doing fine. How about you?” she answered while asking her back.

“*giggling* I’m doing great.” Rainie replied.

Someone unexpected, well for Ella, came out from the kitchen, no other than Chun. Ella looked at him while he was looking at her, too. Just then Ella’s new friends cleared their throat, saving her from the awkward silence which only lasts for 20 seconds. Ella then look at them and smiled sweetly. She walked to Danson and he hold her hand.

“Dad, jie, Rainie, my Princes, they are my new friends.” Ella started while pulling her hand away from Danson’s and start introducing them.

“This is Hebe Tian, Selina Ren, Mike He, Genie Zhou” she introduced while pointing them.

“Good evening” they all said in unison while bowing their heads.

“And this is Danson, my boyfriend.” Ella continued.

After announcing that, two people’s mood then changed.

Charlene’s POV:
*Evil Laugh* This is good, really good. If ever Chun is falling for Ella, he obviously is too late. Ella found someone new. *evil laugh* Chun, you’re only mine.
End of POV

Well, I said two, right? So, yeah! The other one was Chun. After hearing what Ella just said, he just feel like a long, sharp samurai stabbed his heart into million times. He, himself, as the owner of that heart, was confused.
Well, we all don’t know, including him coz he can’t even answer the question that was rolling on his mind. You remember the question, don’t you? Well, if you don’t then I’ll tell you it’s—

Chun’s POV:
Am I in love with her?
End of POV

Well, *small laugh*, it seems like he already personally answer you all. So let’s go back. So, Yeah! She introduced Danson to everyone as her boyfriend. Mr. Chen then smiled and went to Danson.

“So you’re her new boyfriend?” Mr. Chen asked smiling.

“Yes, I am Sir” Danson answered smiling back.

Just then, Jessica called all of them, telling them that food was already ready. Everyone then settled to dinner. Calvin was stealing glances at Genie as well as Genie. Mike and Rainie were exchanging some loving stares. Jiro was staring at Selina while Selina was blushing and staring at him, too. Arron and Hebe were starting to get to know each other. While Chun was getting more and more jealous seeing Ella and Danson, Charlene were smiling. Ella and Danson were talking and laughing while Chun was just keeping quiet. Right after dinner, they all sat down in the sofa. They were a having a, well we (Filipinos) usually uses the term karaoke. They were all singing while the others are clapping and cheering. Selina sang ‘Zen Me Ban’; Hebe sang ‘Ti Wo Ai Ni’; Jiro sang ‘Wo You Wo De Young’; Calvin sang ‘Ai Dao’; Arron sang ‘Ti Amo’; S.H.E sang ‘Ai Ne’ and lastly, Ella sang ‘Superstar’. Her voice really is a lullaby for Chun. Her unusual alto voice really stunned him.Everybody was taking turns in singing. Ella excused herself first with her 3 princes. When they are away from them already, she started asking them.

“Calvin ge, Jiro, Arron, are you ignoring Chun?” she asked them when she realized that the three weren’t really talking to him.

“Well, Ella jie, I tried to convince them to talk to him and stop ignoring him since you said that we should forget the past but still, they keep on ignoring him.” Arron explained.

“Why did you do that? Friends, well Best Friends, to be exact, aren’t like that, right? We should learn to forgive is to forget.” Ella told them, worried about what was happening to their friendship.

“But My Sleepy-head Princess, we can’t totally forgot what he has done to you.” Calvin reasoned.

“And….Yeah!” Jiro agreed, obviously has nothing to reasoned out.

“But you know that best friends aren’t suppose to be like that.” Ella said. “You must talk to him now and tell him that you’re sorry.” Ella added.

“Bu..but Ella—“ Calvin said but was interrupted by Ella.

“No Buts. Now go and I’ll sit now, okay?” Ella said while flashing them her own version of Calvin’s sunshine smile.

The 3 just smiled at her. They then went back the living room. Calvin, Arron and Jiro called Chun and talk to him.

“Bro, we’re very sorry if we ignored you for the whole 2 years. We just can't really believe of what you’ve done to our only princess. We’re sorry Chun, hope you forgive us.” Calvin apologized.

“No Calvin. I should be the one to ask sorry. I’m the one who did the wrong one. I’m the one who hurt her. But I swear Calvin, I never mean it. I was feeling guilty, very guilty. And I’m so sorry too.” Chun explained.

“Well, Chun ge, I guess you need to ask that sorry not to us but to Ella jie. She really suffered a lot after what you’ve done.” Arron suggested.

“And you better thank her too. If not because she talk to us a while ago, we can’t realize that we’re wrong too.” Jiro said.

“I would if I could.” Chun said.

“Huh? What you mean Chun?” Calvin asked definitely has no idea about what Chun was talking about.

“Well, her dad told me to NEVER talk to her again.” Chun said, sadness was shown all over his handsome face.

“Oh!” was all the 3 could response.

“I can’t even hug her even I do want and I miss it badly.” He mumbled so that the three couldn’t hear but unfortunately for him, they heard it and that cause for a smirk to appear in their faces.

“And besides, she’s already happy. I can’t ruin her happiness now by letting her remember what happened in the past.” Chun added while looking at her.

That cause another smirk to appear on the three’s faces. They can see jealousy and sadness in his eyes when he was looking at her with Danson.

“I smelled something fishy around here.” Arron exclaimed.

“Yeah! Me too.” Calvin agreed.

“Me three.” Jiro followed.

Chun saw their expressions and asked, “What’s with those smirks?” They just let out a small laugh.

“Nothing” the 3 chorused.

They all went back to the living room. They give the microphone to Chun as a sign that they would like to hear him sing. He accepted the microphone and started choosing a song. Well, what he choose was very nice. It’s Tank’s ‘Zhuan Shu Tian Shi’. While he was singing, he would steal some glances at Ella. Honestly, telling her that the song is for her. Or maybe, the ‘Zhuan Shu Tian Shi’ he was talking about was her? Maybe.

Chun’s POV:
Thank you, Ella. If not for you, I could’ve lost my best friends completely. I’m very very very sorry for what I’ve done and caused you. I’m terribly sorry because now, I think I… I… I’m falling for you.
End of POV

After the sond ended, he passed the microphone to Rainie and she started to look for songs while Chun was in deep thoughts.

Chun’s POV:
Yes! I really do think I am falling for her. But it seems that she’s happy now. She already has Danson and I know, Danson will love her with all his heart. He would definitely take good care of her. And we can’t be together , too, coz Charlene is, AGAIN, my girlfriend. *sigh* If only I didn’t hurt her. If only Charlene didn’t came back. If only that guy didn’t break her heart and get me back. If only Ella didn’t find someone. If only… if only all of this is just a terrible nightmare, I would surely force myself to wake up and see her in my loving arms again. But that’s too impossible for now. All I could do this time is just to wish and hope.
End of Chun’s POV

After some turns, the microphone was sent to him again. This time, he sang Tank’s’ Dong Le’. When he reached the chorus, he was, again, in deep thoughts.

“Bu yong zai wen wei shen me
(No need to ask why anymore)
Bu yong zai shou xie shen me
(No need to say anything more)
Liao liao dong le
(We understand)
Wo men dou yi zhi ai zhe
(We are constantly in love)
Bu yong zai dan xin shen me
(No need to worry about anything else)
Bu yong zai hai pa shen me
(No need to be afraid of anything)
Lei le shui le
(Wearily, we fell asleep)
Qian zhe shou yi qi ru meng le
(Holding hands, we entered the dream realm together)

Chun’s POV:
Well, we aren’t constantly in love, I guess. She wouldn’t accept Danson if she didn’t love him, right? *sigh* If only I could turn back the time that I’m still in her sweet arms, I would be very much happy and contented.
End of POV

Now, we all know the answer and that he, Chun, was really now falling in love with Ella.

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