IkutoXAmu Fanfiction RP
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27 / F / Belmont, Trinidad...
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08

~Only the first 6 membersare allowed to RP (~saves it from becoming confusing when it comes to whose turn it is to roleplay)

~Original Characters (OC's) are allowed! (~if you wanna add your own original characters to spice up the RP then that's okay C8)

~MUST be an Amuto fan (~Duh~ Can't RP an Amuto RP if you're not a fan of the pairing however if you're also a TadaseXAmu shipper and wanna add him to the RP to make it more interesting then go ahead ^^)

~IDEAS for plot of roleplay are welcomed (~if you have your own ideas for the roleplay then feel free to say what it is 8D)
Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08
i anit a great writer but here goes

Ran: Amu-chan Wake up!! Ur gonna be late
Amu: Wat r u talking bout?? *looks at clock* Argh!!! im already soo late!!!
Hurries and gets changed and leaves the house as quickly as she can
Amu: *thinking* I'll take a shortcut through the park
She enters the park and bumps into IKUTO!!
Amu: Oh sorry *hasnt realised that it's ikuto*
Amu:*looks up* Ikuto.....wat...... *lost for words*

my ideas hmmm...... cant think yet...something with a lot of drama....i mean u could put some tadase action in and utau...i dont know...

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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08

Amu: Ikuto? why are you... I mean what?... I mean...what do I mean?
Ikuto: You're happy to see me?
Amu: Ye- no. I suppose so. Hi. I'm going to be late, I have to go now. Bye. (starts to run past Ikuto)
Ikuto: Where do you think you're going?

Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
Amu: School...Where do u think? Speaking of school where do u think ur going....u have to go to school as well

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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08
Ikuto: I'm skipping.
Amu: Why?
Ikuto: Why don't you skip with me?
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21 / F
Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
Amu:No way just go your making me later for school
Ran:Come on amu schools this way
Yoru:Your a bunch of nerds
Ran:No were not
Yoru argue with Ran
Amu:why are you here anyway?
Ikuto:Like i said I'm skipping
Amu:Well I'm going to school now
Ikuto:Who cares about school let's talk about us
Ikuto puts his arms around amu (amu blushes and is speechless)
Amu:w-w-what are you doing?
Ikuto gets even closer to amu like almost to kiss
Yoru:Ikuto we have to hurry or you know what will happen
amu backs away from ikuto
Amu:What's you-know-what
Ikuto:Do you really want to know?
amu trys to act cool and spicy
Amu:No of course I don't I don't care about you anyway
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22 / F / England
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
Ikuto:You dont? Well that's too bad i was gonna get some Tayaki and gonna ask if you want some....oh well never mind*smirks*
Amu:Tayaki!!!!*Sparkly eyes*I mean why would i want Tayaki with you!*cool n spicy mood on*
Ikuto:Because you love me Amu*Still smirking*
Ikuto:Hehehe you fun to tease come on....
Ikuto:We're skipping remember?*smirks....again!*
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118 / F / At a wonderland w...
Posted 11/25/09 , edited 11/26/09
Ikuto:well, we're going, Bye
Amu:W-Well fine!!!
(Ikuto Turns around & gets close 2 amu as if 2 kiss!)
Ikuto:*kisses Amu 4 a looooooong time*
Amu:Eh-EHH?! *blushes* I missed school!!!!!
Ikuto:i LOVE you......(smirking)
Amu:I-I love you t-too?*bushes* *Kisses and leaves* ( cool and spicy )
Ikuto:see ya..around,my love(smirking)
Amu*freaks out and thinks about wat he said*
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21 / F / My house
Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/5/10
amu:my parents are going to freak when they see i have no homework
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