New Themes For Each Month
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Hey! Well, I Want To Know What Kind Of Topics U Want For Each Month, Or If We Should Change Month To Every 3 Weeks Or Sumthing Well, I Gotz Sum Ideaz About Sum Themes, But U Tell Me :D

January - New Years Theme
Febuary - Valentines Theme
March - Four Leaf Clover Theme
April - Easter Theme
May - Spring
July - 4th Of July Theme
August - Back To School Theme
September - Fall Theme
October - Halloween Theme
November - Thanksgiving Theme
December - Christmas THeme

Heres Another Copy So U Can Copy And Paste It :D

January -
Febuary -
March -
April -
May -
July -
August -
September -
October -
November -
December -

Thanks For Answering If U Do :DDDD Oh! Put Ur B-Day By The Month U Were Born In!!! xDDD

THanks Guys!!!!
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This is for your group, isn't it? Make sure to double check the section that you are posting in.
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group thread belongs in group =/
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^ Is there a glitch? There were a few who posted their group stuffs in the main forum a few days ago.
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January - winter holiday theme
Febuary -carnevals theme
March -spring break theme
April -spring theme
May -school will end soon theme
June-summer theme
July -what shall i do in my summmer holiday theme
August -oh my gosh school will start soon theme
September -schoolstarting theme
October -nice to see all my classmates again theme
November -hoping it will snow soon theme
December -x-mas gifts theme
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Group thread I'm guessing

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