Post Reply hollow getting weak?
Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/9/07
y r hollow so weak now and they'er not as cool as the king fisher or that hollow with the wings
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Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
idk....maybe its all going down hill for us
Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/12/07
because there is not enough people killed!!kill more people and consume their souls..than there will be more hollows!!more hollows=good for us!!MUAHHAHHAHA
Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/12/07
forgot to add..more hollows means there is a greater chance that a particular hollow could eat more souls thus gaining more power!than its uphill for us!
Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/23/07
Hollows r getn weaker becasue .... well.... Inner hollows lik ichigo's get weaker because they use the body of a weakling...

Hollows r weak, those footsoldiers kind, njot the menos.
Our world doesnt hav a society to help wit fightin..
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Posted 2/3/08 , edited 2/4/08
I think maybe because all the hollows are getting killed by the shinigami. Or the fact that hollows are turning into shinigami (arrencar).
Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/3/08
well.. whats more power full? a hollow... or a arrencar?.... but either way.. hollows should be stonger then what they really are....shinigami train for years... then ichigo comes out of no where and start smoken them all... whats that about?
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