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Guns and Roses - Chinese Democracy
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Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/10/09

rafi_dmg wrote:

Teresa_Yuuki wrote:

why did they name it chinese democracy?
are they not creative enough to come up with something better?

If u think about it , its a VERy creative name...
Cuz CHina and Democracy are like..well, lets say one is from Mars, the other from Venus !

explain in detail?? wtheck??
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
I downloaded it of of limwire !!!! I like the album. The only song i dont like is the song itself (chinese democracie)
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Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
They changed the sound thats obvious but its still Axl's original voice and the songs are preety much good, but yea they could have done this better ..... i was really pissed when i listened to it for the first time bt now i really like it...
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Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
its alright but it gets old after a while i got the cd when it just came out (yes, i still buy cd's)
and after like 2 weeks i took it off my ipod, but im gonna give it another shot
but the old shit is the best shit
and for those that didnt like my language lol
the old stuff is the best stuff
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Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/7/09
i have that album and i didn't find it bad. I try to give any of a artist's/band's music a chance. I criticize until i heard it first, but then again i dun like to criticize any songs what so ever. i try to embrace every genre of music which is why my song list is a weird one. hehehe....^_^;
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