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A girl named Kristine met her dream guy in her dream and she decided she wants to meet this guy. How real is this dream? How dreamy is the reality? This is Kristine's story. Watch her made her dream to reality and made reality like her dream.


Kristine - the main character of this story. An easy going and simple-minded girl who is very determined in meeting the guy in her dream.
"Him" - an unnamed character because he is the dream guy of the main character. (he could be your dream guy if u want to relate to the story so i did not specify a name for him.)
Chaya - Kristine's closest friend who encourages her during her down moments. A sister-type of character.
Rei, Rizi and Mike - extra characters which attend the same school as Kristine and Chaya. i didn't give them much scenes because this story is not for them.. (they are originally from The Link--one of my own as well.. and they're the main casts in that story.)

Origin of Story

this story was written year 2002.. the plot and characters are based upon... *tuuut* but yeah, written so long time ago that i now think of it as a childish story.. no offense to myself.. XD maybe i should've made the characters younger... but that would defy the original plan from 5 years ago.. so the characters have not been revised or what so ever.


Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, etc... it's mixed from those 3 but it actuall has a little bit of slice of life, school stuff and drama, which are highlighted in the deleted scenes/pages. (deleted scenes are not included in my uploads.)

Deleted Scenes

there are lots! its not actually that "important" in telling the story's plot.. i consider those deleted scenes (or rather skipped scenes) as fillers and will just make the story longer which will take more of my time.. i was still in my teens when i was doing this.. as a teen, of course, i wouldnt want to spend time at home and draw in my room.. i have a life too actually.. but anyway.. that explains the "rushness" of this manga.

.:*:. reirei's note .:*:.

if i become a professional mangaka i will redo this manga and make it my first project as a professional.. XD for now... enjoy reading. comments are appreciated. if u have questions, please direct it to me.

This is copyrighted. if u want to use any characters in this story, please inform me.

Fanarts of this manga are acknowledged. i have received some fanarts from deviantart and it makes me happy to see others wants to draw what i've drawn.. if u have a fanart for this manga, please submit it/inform me as well. reirei wants to see (@[email protected] )

that's all for the introduction.. i hope u didnt get bored just yet.. XD

read the pages from left to right * ---> *

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Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/2/08

reirei18 wrote:

the picture of the school wasn't in the video, was it?
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corneliahale wrote:

the picture of the school wasn't in the video, was it?

nope.. it wasnt.. i didnt really draw that school.. its just an edited version so i didnt put it my video.. XD

thats not the only change from the pages to the video clip.. there are lots actually... whatever is better, its up to the readers..


see now..? so many changes from the pages to the video clips.. i've added some things.. omitted some things.. almost changed the script too.. XD

the last page is the last chapter for the video clip.. i hope i can make it long.. as in long enough to make it as a clip.. XD so there might be some changes too.. but i'll leave the last page til i finish working on the video clip.. i hope i can finish it before the year ends.. XD

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nyaa~ i saw this on theOtaku but you didn't put the title pages like the thing that says,

One Day You'll Meet Him
Chapter 1 : The Dreamer (pages 1-3)

i think that is nice to have something to separate the chapters.

nyaa~ i can't wait for the last remaining video/chapter/page.

i've read the last page in theO too but i can't be sure that it's gonna be the same lines/script.

ganbatte~ fight-o nyaa~
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