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White Male in America
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/28/08

Neukuhn wrote:

sos_dragonmoop wrote:

Kagai_Tenma wrote:

sos_dragonmoop wrote:

Kagai_Tenma wrote:

sos_dragonmoop wrote:

Kagai_Tenma wrote:

Addressing the slave situation
Name one black person in America that has ever been a slave
You can't can you?
You know why?
Cause slavery was abolished!
And by who?
White people!

So what now?
Do we need some one of color to come and give everyone the freedom of speech without judgement?
Grow some nuts and fight for your rights yourself!
Fucking pussies
This is not a slavery thread
Get over the subject
If you don't like the word nigger put an air horn to your ears and press the button
If you're such a bitch that you can't even read it then stab yourself in the eyes
Or forgo both and kill yourself
No loss

umm...white people started the started the slavery =__="

Actually the muslims started slavery
The Spanish and the Portuguese made in into an enterprise

sorry bad phrasing, I meant that white people kept the black people under oppression for a long, LONG time and basically discarded the whole idea after the civil war which was like 100-200 years later after they started capturing them from Africa, and technically the Spanish and Portuguese people were actually white people to my perspective. Plus the muslims were pushed out of Europe into Africa in...well I forgot but it was like in the 500-1000's so basically the muslims are basically African Americans in my opinion.

: D

Yes black people were under oppression for a long time, but that's a long time that they could have done something
Spanish and Portugese people are white and I wasn't trying to say they weren't, I phrased it wrong
I was just pointing out that they didn't START it.
And EVERY race has been made a slave, no exception

1. The black people COULDN'T do anything, remember the white people would beat them, whip them, burn them even if they're not doing anything bad. It's like going against someone who has a gun and it's legal to shoot

2. Yes that is true every race have made slaves but we're talking about white people

3. I'm really going off topic so I'm going to stop replying back, if you want to continue go to pm's

rofl!!!! you should check the forum, everyone hates him, im fighting with him now about me being a mexican and him being a racist about it, anyone else reading this dont add him hes with the KKK i think for real, theres a post him saying "WHITE POWER" so sad

well he's banned now so meh =3=
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Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/28/08
Three letters... wtf.

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