Kagai_Tenma's parting words
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So I got bannned again
Oh well
I made some new friends and pissed off some people that can't tell the difference between a real bigot and someone who enjoys arguing
BUT there is something that needs to be addressed:
WOW O.o you can write too? then next time dont be talking bad about Hispanics you dumass, doing that makes you sound like a racist, you got that racist, o and me not living in the usa, lol i work in the usa hypocrite, yet i live in mexico, you should do the same thing so you can learn something new, o and nice pic, shows how spoiled you are yet confirming my point how Americas economy makes people like you spoiled brats.

P.S. there are more aids in america then in mexico fag, why dont you read a book once in a while might help you learn something new.

P.S.S. lol its like im stealing your money ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! ( im actually doing that if you think about it, oops sry must be to much for you to process )

I MUST respond to this
First off I hate you
Not because I'm banned or anything but because you're calling me a hypocrite
Here goes:
1)I never said anything racist in your post.
2)I ALREADY admitted to being a racist, but it's not a bad thing. Most people are racist and it doesn't make you a bag person. You are trying to make me out as a bigot, and have even gone into other forums, slandering my name, and affiliating me with the KKK. This is unjust and believe me when I get unbannned you will regret it.
3)About the picture. I am going to show off my car because I love it. But here's something you should know: I got it for free. My dad is a mechanic and someone brought it to him and couldn't pay for repairs so he kept it and fixxxed it and gave it to me for my 16th birthday BUT he didn't just hand it over. I have to have above C's and I have to have a job so I can pay for insurance and gas. Call me spoiled if you will but I don't care.
4)You talk about America having a good economy like it's a bad thing. I think it's wonderful that we can give our kids whatever they want and still put food on the table, have heated water, and electricity. We should not feel guilty for being a successful nation.
5)I know there are more AIDS in America but it doesn't matter because "enjoy your AIDS" is a figure of speech, a fact that has obviously alluded you.
6)You boast about stealing money like it makes you a hero or something. You're not a hero you're a thief and an asshole.
7) You have the nerve to call me a spoiled brat when you live near a beach, in a tourist hot spot and ,I'm assuming, frequently travel from America to Mexico and back for your job which I'm betting pays pretty well.

Don't talk down to me like you're a better person or something, you're not, you're a thieving, ass fucker

So I'll say it again, and this time in a different way and slower so you get the point:
You are a faggot
Kill yourself
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ooooooookay.. O_O
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Is there really a point of posting this, but okay.
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*grabs popcorn* DRAMA!!
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Whine thread

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