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Jiraiya sits impaled atop a small island surrounded by a murky lake. Pain's haggard summon-body is collapsed dead on the ground after successfully penetrating Jiraiya's barrier to impale him. The toads ask if Jiraiya is okay. He says yes, but his chakra is disturbed. The father toad pulls out part of the spike and throws it away. The toads discuss the oddity of Pain and Jiraiya considers how Yahiko has the Rinnegan. He then thinks over his talk about growth with a young Nagato. The forehead protector of the Pain before him falls, and Jiraiya notices a large scar on his head. Jiraiya then suddenly remembers fighting this very same Fuuma clan member after receiving the prophecy. Jiraiya considers the Elder Sage Toad's statement that Jiraiya would travel the world. Jiraiya tells the toads to leave, as he's going to leave the barrier and verify something. He states this is the one chance to learn Pain's true nature and he'll do it even if it costs him his life. It was this choice that was prophesized by the toad sage. He tells the toads to take the known information to Tsunade; the father toad says his wife alone should do it. She tells him to be back in time for dinner and the husband promises their return. Jiraiya and father toad emerge from a toad in the water. The father toad summons a giant shuriken which is hurled at one of the Pains. The remaining five then appear and Jiraiya realizes he has indeed met them in the past. Just as he makes the realization as to who Pain is, one grabs his throat to choke him. Jiraiya coughs blood and the father toad screams out. The other Pains then jump in to help finish Jiraiya off...
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