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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08

Keitai denwa - Cell Phone
(ke-i-ta-i de-n-wa)

Keitai - Cell Phone (short ver.)

Ima - Now

Gozen - a.m.

GoGo - p.m.

Moshi moshi - Hello (for telephone or when someone is really out of it, u can use it to ask whether they're still there. LOL)
(mo-shi mo-shi)

Genki - Fine / Good / Well

Nani - What

Nihon - Japan

Demo - But

Itsu - When

Ichi-ji - One O'clock
(i-chi ji)

Ni-ji - Two O'clock

San-ji - Three O'clock
(sa-n ji)

Yo-ji - Four O'clock

Go-ji - Five O'clock

Roku-ji - Six O'clock
(ro-ku ji)

Shichi-ji - Seven O'clock
(shi-chi ji)

Hachi-ji - Eight O'clock
(ha-chi ji)

Ku-ji - Nine O'clock

Juu-ji - Ten O'clock
(ju-u ji)

Juu ichi-ji - Elven O'clock
(ju-u i-chi ji)

Juu ni-ji - Twelve O'clock
(ju-u ni ji)

Into detail..
da, is the informal form of desu. Da is also more maculine, so femal tend to not use this except some younger girls.
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Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
Nee nee~ Atashi mo ii ka naa? Yaritai yo, kore. Tanoshii sou kara. Ii ka naa?
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