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[FanFic] And you were here..
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StarlIight wrote:

Wow, Amu trapped inside a cave...
Funny =P, Awwww, you HAD to put the cliffie-like-ending =(...
Ahh well..

coz im updating it soon lol xP
it'll b 2dae so dont worry xP

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and here's the chapter 3 i promised

Amu went for a summer break history homework date at the park near a building construction zone with Tadase.
Just as ikuto came to interrupt them, the embryo shows up.
The three of them raced each other to get embryo as it ran away into a big tunnel in the construction zone.
Amu went into the tunnel then caught the embryo when suddenly there was a huge earthquake which made her trapped inside caused by the falling boulders covering her only exit.


CHAPTER 3 - The Embryo, The Cat, The Stairs

drip, drip

I could feel a cold droplets falling unto my eyes.

"Amu-chii, wake up!"

"Amu-chan, don't die here!"

"Amu-chan desuu~ please wake up! desuu~"

I slowly opened my eyes to see my Shugo Charas were waiting for me to woke up.

"Amu-chan you're alive!" Miki hugged me tightly, showing her happiness

"Amu-chii!!" Ran then followed Miki hugging my left arm

"Amu-chan desuuu~" Suu, with her teary eyes, hugged my neck and choked me

"C-cut it out you guys! You too Suu! You want me to die?" I went hysterical and made them all run away with laughter. Is it so fun to tease me?

"Amu-chan, I'm glad you're alive desuu~" Suu sat next to me as she wiped her tears, "I thought we will never see you again."

"Amu is a strong girl!" Ran backed me up as she flew next to my left, "You can see from her cool n' spicy character."

"You guys---!" I frowned but then i started to giggle too. "More importantly, where are we?" I realized this place was quite dark and sticky. More importantly, muddy .

"Didn't you remember?" Miki suddenly appear from my ear, "We were chasing after the embryo and then..."

The embryo!! Where did it go?!

I stood up but found my knees hurt.

"Amu-chan, don't force yourself now, desuu~" Suu pushed down my shoulder to make me in the sitting position again, "Right now you're injured, dessu~ Take a rest first while Suu fix this, desuu~" Suu tried to bandage my injuries from her cloth inside her pocket.

"Thanks, Suu," I smiled as my honey coloured eyes followed her fast movements, bandaging my knees neatly.


Surprised by the sudden deep voice of coughing, I quickly stood up, letting Suu fall from my lap. "Sorry Suu," I apologized jokingly as Suu was rubbing her head slowly.


The coughing was there again.

"Who's there!?" I called, making an echo through out the tunnel.

No reply.

"Who's there!?" again I called, hoping for a reply.

There was a dreadful silence before the coughing voice came again. "Cough!Cough!"

"Let's just go and see it ourselves Amu-chii," Ran offered her idea. I nod as I made my move towards the voice.


"Turn left Amu-chan," Miki ordered me.


"No! Turn right Amu-chii!" Ran pulled my hand to the right


"No! I said turn left!" Miki then pulled my other hand to the left

"Right!" Ran pulled me stronger

"Left!" Miki pulled my hand even stronger.






"Amu-chan I'm scared desuu~" Suu pulled my hair and made me fell down backward.

"Amu-chan!" The three of them screamed and made the tunnel full of terrible high-pitched echoes.

"Enough!!" I shouted in anger and annoyed tone. "I'm not a rope for tug-o-war you know! And you two!!" I pointed to Ran and Miki that made them jump, scared with my roaring voice, "Stop fooling around and just do a paper-scissor-stone!! And you Suu!! Don't pull my hair ever AGAIN."

I took a deep breath before clearing my mind. Miki, Ran, and Suu were hiding behind a rock, trembling, which made me feel a little guilty.

"Just do it" I ordered them while turning my body around with the waiting pose.

"O-okay. Ran, get ready," Miki made a fist out of her right hand.

"Y-yes," Ran then followed Miki's movement.

"Ready---" Suu lifted her hand, "Go!"



"It's a draw! Ready---Go!"



"It's a draw again! Ready---Go!"



"Again it's a draw! Ready---G--"

"Okay! Okay! We'll be going to the left!" I cut their this-will-never-ends-match as I marched to the left. "It's so dark," I mumbled while holding my hands tight.

"Oh! Amu-chii is scared!" Ran laughed while giving me the I-got-you-now-! face as the other two copied her laughter.

"N-no! Who says I'm scared!" I fasten my walk, "I-I'm not scared! See I walk faster than you do!"

"Amu-chan be careful!" Miki warned me when suddenly I felt something terribly cold grabbing my leg

I sharpened my sight to see a figure of a back of the palm and five fingers holding my leg tight. And to think the colour was quite pale. Could it be? No.. I'm not certain. But if it is what I think then...

" NOOOOOOOOOO-----!" I screamed in panic as the Charas came to me in a hurry.

"Amu-chii stay calm!" Ran tried to made me confronted me but her effort turned to failure

" P-Please ghost-sama! I-I-I'm just a little girl. Poor mere little girl who haven't date anybody yet! Although there's someone that I really like right now. B-b-b-b-b-but I haven't confessed to him!! A-a-a-and I have dream to own two kids a-and a small house for four w-with windows on the sides and f-f-fancy decorations for my future!! Please-----!! D-Don't kill me!!" I spat every single words that came across my mind in a speed of light that I don't even understand anymore what am I saying.

"*Cough* So who's this someone you like?" a deep yet weak voice asked.

"I-I-It's Hotori Tadase-kun! I-I-I-I had a crush on him since elementary school! Please don't kill me!" I kept on begging for mercy and half praying to the God to save me.

"*Cough* So you still likes the Kiddy King?"

Eh? This guy responded to what I say? Ghosts don't do that. And 'Kiddy King' is a nickname for Tadase from...

"I-Ikuto?!" I pulled my leg as I was surprised to see his badly injured body lying weakly on the ground. "H-How did you--? Wh-When did you--?"

"It's all your fault nyaa--!!" Yoru flew right infront of my face, "If you didn't fall to this stupid tunnel nyaa-- Ikuto won't have to follow you and injured himself badly like this nyaa--!!"

"Eh?" It was quite hard to digest what Yoru said since he used all the bumpy and cat-like tone in a fast speed like that.

"You...You" I asked to Ikuto after my brain has successfully understands what Yoru's trying to say.

Ikuto pulled himself to the wall of the tunnel with his remaining might, answers nothing.

"It's all your fault Hinamori Amu! Why did you followed that stupid embryo nyaa--!" Yoru wiped his eyes, not letting a drop of tears to come out.

"Hey! It's you fault for following us you know!" Ran talked back at Yoru with her harsh tone, "Nobody asked you to come along!"

"Well, maybe he's concerning us," Miki flew infront of Yoru so she could talk one by one with Ran.

"Who's side are you on Miki? I thought we're Amu's charas!" Ran started to get pissed as she realized that Miki's not supporting her anymore.

"Enough already you guys," I stopped their argument as I observed Ikuto's injuries. It's way heavier than mine. His arms were bleeding badly that his sleeves turned from jet black to bloody red. His right leg had this long and big scar but the blood had stopped flowing out from his body, leaving a wide stain over his torn pants. His neck was wounded, but not as bad as his leg and his arms, but not any better than those two too as it was scratched by a sharp thing. I could see his chest wasn't any better either. There were all the dark blue marks painting his body. Looking at Ikuto just made me feel... sad.

"What're you looking at perverted girl?" Ikuto looked at me with his weak eyes. His eyes were dull, suiting his sad-looking appearance right now.

"N-N-Nothing! And don't call me a perv! I'm no you!" I crossed my hands as I could feel all of my blood stream went up to my head and made my cheek feels hot. Why should I even interested in looking at him? Ugh, this is just plain wrong.

Ikuto giggled weakly and coughed hardly at the same time.


"Ikuto!" I dashed to him as he closed his mouth with his palm and saw the red liquid.


"Ikuto! This is bad nyaa--!!" Yoru flew over Ikuto's hand and licked the blood.

My heart feels hurt to see this boy wounded this badly. "Suu do you have anymore cloth?" I asked Suu as I turned my body around.

"I'm sorry desuu-- That was my last cloth," Suu pointed at my wrapped knees.

"COUGH!COUGH!" Ikuto's coughs are getting worse. What should I do??

"Amu-chii your skirt hitted me just now," Ran complained as she was wriggling herself behind my skirt

The skirt!

I sat down next to Ikuto and started to rip off my grey skirt in a hurry. It was quite hard to tear the thick skirt apart.

"Amu.. What are you doing..?" Ikuto asked with his getting weaker tone as he leaned his head onto the wall, making his blackish-blue hair all messy.

I didn't answer back as I was too busy dividing the grey cloth to three. "Hold still," I commanded him.

"Ouch!" Ikuto groaned a bit, trying to hold the pain of me tying the cloths to his injuries.

"There," I said while wiping my sweat, "All set."

"You're not talented in bandaging people Amu," Ikuto complained while pulling out his head to observe the bandages.

"At least thank me you nekomimi," I complained back, unsatisfied with Ikuto's comment. Well, it was my first time. What do you expect?

For a few minutes, Ikuto didn't move his head and as his sapphire eyes were roving around the bandages I made for him. Then, he suddenly raised his head and made our eyes staring at each other.

I never realize how that beautiful oceanic eyes were as brilliant as any gems. The shine inside his eyes were sparkling like diamonds and had besotted me for awhile.

"You know," he suddenly raised his voice.

"W-What?" I asked half shocked and half icy. Why do he kept on surprising me?

He smiled a bit. The sweetest smile that a guy could ever give. Without my notice I blushed in confusion. Why is he smiling for?

"I like girls wearing pink panties better," his husky voice burst with laughter as the words what-are-you-talking-about were written on my face.

"Huh?" I gasped and looked down on my below part of my body. The skirt was no longer than 20 cm above my leg.

"Oh, it's white with red polka dots! nyaa~" Yoru peeped on my skirt

"Such a classic art of fashion," Miki replied as she also peeped on my skirt.

I could feel smokes came out from my ears and quickly pushed my skirt downwards in order to make it a little bit longer.

"You perverted cat!! Can't you just say thank you instead of looking at my panties??" Ikuto didn't stop his laughter. Instead, he even hit his hands on the ground of several times and holding his stomach due to too much laughing. Oh thanks alot Ikuto.

"Ouch!" Ikuto cried as he was holding his right arm.

"Ikuto are you okay?" I hurriedly ran towards him. Did the bandage didn't work?


Suddenly, his right arm pulled my head nearer to his as his head was striking to mine at the same time. And on that very moment, I felt something soft and comfy stuck on my lips lightly. There were this nice feeling overflowing me when I felt that. That was my first time after all this 14 years...


It was my first time.

And there's something on my lips.

And it felt nice.

Could it be...

I pulled my head from Ikuto's and jumped backwards as I closed my mouth with both of my hands, blushing heavily.

"#^#%$#@&^%%$%^#^%&*^???? I-I-I-I-Ikuto what did----????"

"You had never kissed before?" he smirked

"A kiss desuu~?" Suu jumped in excitement

"Amu u kissed??" Ran shouted in surprise

"A-A-A kiss??" Miki mumbled while covering her blushed face with her drawing book while secretly peeping at Yoru.

"Ikuto you kissed that brat?!" Yoru screamed as if he actually wanted to say 'you-kissed-that-ugly-horrible-looking-monster-girl?'.

"Ikuto are you crazy?? That was my first!!" I putted my hands on my tomato-like cheek. I could feel it's burning. "And I was saving it for my husband!!"

"Who wants to be your husband anyway?" Ikuto laughed and this time he really made me pissed off.

"And who wants to be your wife anyway!? I'm not like you who had been kissing on girls before! This time you're out of the limit!" I shouted at him in anger as I turned my back and walked a meter a way from him.

"Amu-chii! wait!" the Charas were chasing after me.

"Ikuto I think you should say sorry nyaa--" Yoru whispered to Ikuto's ear.

"Why should I?" Ikuto rejected Yoru's advice. "It was also my first," he mumbled softly.


" I can't believe he did that!" I pouted. This time Ikuto is really off the limit. I can't believe he's that mean!

"Amu-chii, don't get angry. I bet he was just joking."

"Yes, Amu-chan. You should forgive him."

"Anyway he's the only one with us in this place right now desuu~"

"It's not that simple!" I shouted to them and made them frightened again. "I was saving it for--!"


I lowered my head while twirling my pink hair shyly,"F-For Tadase-kun..."

"EH?? Ta-ta-ta-tada---!!" Suu blushes as she closed her mouth.

"Amu is a perverted girl~ Amu is a perverted girl~" Miki started to sing as she is teasing me.

"I'm not!" I declined. Isn't it normal for girls wanted to do things with their crush?

"Humm Amu's hitting her puberty after all," Ran talked as if she's the mature one here.

"Oi" The husky voice called. "I.. can I talk to you for a moment?"

"No. Go away," I shooed Ikuto away, pissed.

Ikuto sighted and sat beside me without thinking about me.

"Hey! I told you to go away! Sit anywhere except there!" I pointed out to where Ikuto sat.

"Why should I? This is where I wan to sit anyway," and then he started to lean onto me. Well, he got a point there.

"Hmph! Suit yourself!" I replied angrily.

There was an unwanted silence between us. None of us talks, we were just looking straight to the rocky wall infront of us emptily as the echo of water droplets dripping on to the ground filled the place.

"So--" I decided to start a conversation, "What's with you just now?"

"Not much," he said while keeping his eyes focused to the wall.

Not much? Is he kidding me?

"Well, you shouldn't do that you know," I started to lecture him despite of being angry again. I'm too tired for it, "Anyway, how do we get out from this place?"

"I thought you should have been made at me," he reminded me as his eyes rolled.

What's up with this guy?? He's pissing me off!!

"Hmph! I don't care about you anymore," I said, back to my angry mode tone.

"There," Ikuto suddenly pointed his hands to the west.

"What?" I asked half angry, half curious.

"Embryo nya--!"

I gasped as the shiny egg were roving around on the corner happily.

"That egg!" I shouted as I chara change with Ran. "Come back here you!" I dashed towards it.


"C'mon Yoru"

"Wait you annoying egg!" I chased after it as it runs away, panic.

It swifted and flying across the place uncontrollably. This egg is super fast!

"Amu-chii watch out!" Ran screamed as my feet met a stone. I was about to trip when suddenly a huge and warm arm hold my body.

"Careful you klutz," Ikuto helped me gains my balance back.

"Ikuto!" I cried,"You shouldn't move much!"

"That's okay. How about you?" He asked in concern while grabbing his leg, holding his pain.

"I'm.. fine," I replied while looking at his leg. It should've been hurt alot right there...

"Amu-chan! The embryo's gone again!"

I turned my head to look for the embryo. MIki's right. It has made its escape again.

"Darn it! It was all because of me," I blame myself as my eyes are now holding tears," And because of me too you guys.. have to be in this situation too..."

The Charas were just looking at each other with a concerned face, not knowing what to do with me.

"Well, I came here on my own will," Ikuto explained while wiping my tears away, "So.. don't blame yourself anymore.." He said while putting his hands inside his pocket while turning his head away.

I looked at him, surprised. I never thought he could be this nice.

"And anyway, look at that" He suddenly pointed his index finger to a direction.

I turned my head to the chosen direction by him to see something that brought up all my hopes back. Something that made us have the chance to live again. Something...

"A stair!" Ran squealed. "It's a stair to go up!! Whoppeee!" She started to dance.

"A stair nya--! We're safe!" Yoru laughed happily.

Ikuto pulled out his hand and shove it towards me with a smile of relief, "Coming?"

I nod and gave my other hand to him as we stepped on the stairs, holding hands, building our hopes back to the outside world.

Just as a stare of a pair of eyes, staring at us solemnly behind as it vanished to the thin air..



i'm sorry to hav 2 put the cliffies again >_<" but i'll b updating the chappies soon sooo dont go crazy yet >_<"

and minna-san don't forget to comment kay? arigatouuu~

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F / Singapore
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Hey I love your fanfic!(: Do continue with the great writing!(:
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sher24meen wrote:

Hey I love your fanfic!(: Do continue with the great writing!(:

really? Thanks alot!! it means alot to me T^T *touched*

i'll b writing the next chappie 2moro xP

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trumpace wrote:

sher24meen wrote:

Hey I love your fanfic!(: Do continue with the great writing!(:

really? Thanks alot!! it means alot to me T^T *touched*

i'll b writing the next chappie 2moro xP

That's great!!!(((: No prob! I'm looking forward, but yes, no pressure okays???(((: Aww I am super excited about Amuto's development! The anime just has toooo little romance injected!!>< xD
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sher24meen wrote:

trumpace wrote:

sher24meen wrote:

Hey I love your fanfic!(: Do continue with the great writing!(:

really? Thanks alot!! it means alot to me T^T *touched*

i'll b writing the next chappie 2moro xP

That's great!!!(((: No prob! I'm looking forward, but yes, no pressure okays???(((: Aww I am super excited about Amuto's development! The anime just has toooo little romance injected!!>< xD

lol ur right xP~ the next chap has more amuto i promise

but im 2 tired now 2 continue it. the 3rd chappie took me 2 hours to do it

anyways thx again xD~
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next chapter please and this is now my faviorite fanfic
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Haha prettie good =]
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mariah10 wrote:

next chapter please and this is now my faviorite fanfic

thx alot >_<~

glad u lyk this fanfic xD~

chappie 4 on going >_<~
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Muppie wrote:

Haha prettie good =]

thx xD~
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24 / F / Japan.. *i wish.....
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its really nice!! continue writing!
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i love ur fanfic!!!kyaaaa amuto foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls make the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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F / under a sea of st...
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love it!
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hey guys! sorry i havnt uploaded it for quite some time +_+"
so many things 2 study...
im in examination week T^T
here's chappie 4~ hope u lyk it >_<~

btw there'll b my 1st OC in this chappie XD~

Amu finally woke up from her faint and find herself in a tunnel
with her charas, they decided to explore the tunnel when they heard coughing voices
later on,Amu and her comrades found the owner of the disturbing voice: Ikuto
Amu treated Ikuto's injuries and was kissed by Ikuto after that
They had a little fight since Amu was not pleased when suddenly the Embryo showed up again
Both of them then raced to catch the Embryo with the result of another escape of it but to find a stairs leading them to nowhere
As they went up the stairs, a pair of unknown eyes were observing them all along..



CHAPTER 4 - Girl In White

"Whoaa" Ran floats to the air as her eyes sparkles in excitement

"So cool!" Miki brought up her sketching pad to illustrate the view that captivated her heart

"It's so nice desuu~" Suu putted both of her palms on her reddish cheek

"What is this place?" I asked myself as to what I see is really unbelievable.

The whole place was full of the golden colour of morning glories and sunflowers, blooming as the illuminating dusts of their soft petals were dancing through the mid air as soft yet refreshing breeze joined the ball. The smell of honey dew mixed with the flowery scent made the whole crowd a little sleepy. The up and high rocky ceiling with a huge hole took place on the middle let the moon to shine bright and slightly dim at the same time.

"It's beautiful Amu-chan! I'll make this place for my next masterpiece's model," Miki complimented the scenery while letting busy hand sketching here and there.

"Yeah but still..." I looked up to the big hole upon our heads, "I think this place is a little..."

"Amu-chii! Look! Look!" Ran called me while waving her arm savagely as she flew to the left, "A shelter!"

I immediately ran to the place where Ran was pointing at. It wasn't really the shelter that I expected: all simple and cheap wood-made. Instead, it was like a gigantic royal doll house taken freshly from the Noble's daughter from European era.

There was the half stained white curtain on the side with those platinum laces sewed nicely on it's edge. And the wall was made of strong chalky bricks glued to each other perfectly. Milky coloured wooden tiles which looked so expensive and precious to be walked on were calmly found. Bed with girly designs of swirls and butterflies covered by the pearly white bed sheet lies peacefully on the right corner . A medium sized white wardrobe made from the finest wood of mahogany placed near the princess-like bed, accompanying her nicely.

"Look Amu-chan! It's so cute desuu~" Suu dragged me into the place where she showed me a mountain of Teddy Bears from the her size until my size on the other corner of the room. More collection of the plushies were to be found up ahead me. They were placed neatly on the white wooden shelves from the smaller size to the biggest one.

"Amu-chan! What's this?" suddenly Ran brought up a photo frame with a torn photo inside it, showing only the neck until the upper body part of a girl.

I observed it carefully. Strange, something is definitely not right here. The way it was torn was very neat and clean, as if it was carefully ripped off using a sharp thing.

"Where did you got this Ran?" I asked while holding the fragile photo frame carefully.

"There," she pointed out a quite dusty place where there lies the pink coloured dressing table.

It was the only unclean place and was designed in a simple manner. Then, a small light blinded me for awhile as I found a small circular Venetian window on its right, glued to the wall. The afternoon sunlight's dusts were still there on the side.

This looked much like Ami’s room… No. Ami’s room is not as feminine as this. But... Does this mean that there was someone who lived here before? I mean, in a place without a clear sunlight like this? Yet the place is so tidy and nice. In fact, it was TOO tidy and nice for an abandoned house, or that’s how you call it.

"Amu-chan desuu~" Suu grabbed my messy skirt as she smiled widely, "may I clean that place?"

"Uhh, sure," I said without thinking any further.

I looked around to find that tall figure, “Where’s Ikuto?"

"I think he went deeper inside from the start," Miki showed me a very small passage way where I didn't notice before.

"Thanks, Miki," I thanked her while moving inside the passage. It's slippery and cold since somehow the rocks for me to hold on were leaking cold water.

"Amu-chan be careful!" Miki warned me from outside the passage which made me surprised.

"WHOAAA!" I screamed as I slipped and fell down. BAM! "Ouchie--!"

I looked behind to find Miki shaking her head as she mumbled "I told you dumb head."

"What's with the bumpy sound nya--?" Yoru came out of the other side with his voice echoed throughout the way.

“Mine,” I answered while rubbing my back. Man, that really hurts.

“Nyahahahahahah! Dumb head!” Yoru’s laughter were so loud as it echoes to every inch near to my ear. Ugh, why do Miki and Yoru should address me the same way.

“What are you laughing about?” the deep and manly voice asked Yoru as the tall figure I’ve been looking for showed up. There stands half naked Ikuto with water dripping from his silky hair. That was also my first time to see a true man’s body: soft muscles yet strong. And below his wide chest were the-what- people–would-call-it as six packs. His slim figure and perfect white skin shines over the moonlight from above. I was besotted.

“Do I really charm you often?” Ikuto grinned teasingly at my blushing face.

“Huh? W-What are you talking about you Hentai Nekomimi! W-Wear some clothes at least!” I talked back as I turn my head around but slightly peeping at him.

Ikuto laughed with his husky voice, as he grabbed his long-sleeved shirt, walking towards me with that cool blue eyes locked on mine.

Wh-Why’s he getting nearer?? Well that’s probably because the only exit is behind me… But what’s with those eyes? Such a deep and refreshing colour eyes… No! Don’t be mesmerized by it Hinamori Amu! Remember Tadase! Yes, Tadase! But..2 meters… 1 meter… 0.5 meter... I-Ikuto’s getting closer to me! What should I do?!

I closed my eyes tightly as Ikuto shoved his wet dark blue hair towards mine. I could feel his breath in front of my eyes softly. What’s he going to do to me with that chest exposed body?!

There was no reaction from Ikuto for several seconds. I decided to give a peek and found Ikuto’s face was nowhere to be found.

“There’s a small pool inside,” a voice right beside my ear tickled me as a warm breath was blown directly into my sensitive ear. I fall back but was managed to be rescued by Ikuto using his hand holding my back, smiling teasingly.

“D-D-D-D-Don’t whisper to me like that! Pervert! Hentai! Ne-Nekomimi!” I pointed my index finger to his face while blushing and panicked at the same time.

Ikuto giggled while helping me to stand up. "Get clean okay? Then we'll talk about this place later," He waved his hand without looking at me as he climbed up the slippery passage followed by Yoru.

Still statued, I putted both of my hands to my cheek. It was hot. I shaked my head while encouraging myself. "You-You're just getting a cold Amu. That's right. A cold. I only like Tadase. My one and only Tadase," I whispered to myself to make me feel better.

drip, drip

I heard the dripping sound on the place where Ikuto showed up. I think Ikuto didn't lie about the pool.

Carefully stepping on the wet ground, I lurked my head in to see the pool mentioned by Ikuto. The place was quite plain unlike the previous one. There's only a small pond and unlimited falling water droplets from above as the source of the clear liquid. The cold breeze from nowhere then strike me, made me shivered for a moment.

"Cool," I said to myself as I wander around the place. I end up being infront of the pool. This is where Ikuto took bath, I said to myself before I slapped my own cheek. Stupid Amu! Don't think it in that way and don't blush! I scolded myself although I could still feel my face went red.

I pulled up my clothes and brought down my skirt as my eyes were fixed to the part of the skirt which I cutted it on purpose to treat Ikuto's injuries before.

"And to think this is my favourite skirt," I pouted. Then I remembered that incident. When I was tricked by him to near him and then he...

“Do I really charm you often?”

The question flashbacked into my mind.

Does he?

I shook my head even harder now. Don't think unneeded things. Just don't!

Moving on in taking off all of my clothes, I dipped my toe into the water. Strange, it's warm!

Without hesitation, I jumped into the pool and splashed the water around. This is fun! And to think the water is so clean and clear.

As I about to wash my hair, I realized that it still had the strawberry scent from the shampoo I used before meeting up with Tadase. I played with my hair for awhile and smelled it. Smells nice.

I drowned all of my body into the water, clutching my knees tight inside while thinking. “Did Tadase realize this? Or was it just me being too excited?” I thought to myself which was replied by my own sight.

I let my body float now on the water surface. Has all my effort worth it? “I think it does, a little,” I lied to myself. I gave a long sight while looking up to the wet and rocky ceiling.

“That’s not the whole point right now, Amu,” I pinched myself hard, “The thing we need to know now is how to get out of this place. This weird place,” I talked to myself while closing my eyes trying to concentrate.

Okay, so first, there was the shelter which looks much alike a girl’s room. Second, there were well organized living flowers with no clear explanation how could they still survive. Third, the natural phenomena, including this pond, is just plain too tidy. What does this all mean?

I think and think and think and think until my head hurts. “Maybe I’ll just talk about this later on with Ikuto,” I rubbed my head while giving myself a reasonable advice.

But, just as I open my eyes to finish up my bath, there was that ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ which was a shiny, sparkling yet dull emerald-like gem, looking at me fixed. It was quite hard to see since the whole place was quite dark, but I was very sure to see that pair of emerald eyes of a girl with her straight blonde hair, staring at me sadly.

“Help me,” she whispered as she ran away into the passage with her faded feet.

I was frozen.

Frozen for 7 long minutes.

Before I finally realized.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” I screamed aloud as I jumped out from the pool, running recklessly out to the end of the passage.

“Amu-chan what happ-“Miki’s words was cutted as she saw me.

“Amu-chii wha--“Ran, with her jaw dragged till it reaches the ground was ‘mesmerized’ by the view of me.

“Amu-chan what happen desuu?”Suu came up to me while holding the dirty cloth after cleaning the whole place, “OH MY--!” she screamed.

“Oi, pervy. What’s with the-“ Ikuto’s question was cutted in the middle when he saw me. I could see his eyes were widening a bit before he grabbed his torn shirt and threw it to me.

“What’s this for?” I asked while holding to his shirt confused.

“That’s…” Ikuto didn’t continue his sentence as he turned his body and showing me his back. How rude!

“Ikuto! Tell me or-“

“NYAHAHAHAHA! NO BREAST! FLAT CHEST! NYAHAHAHHAHA!” Yoru rolled on the ground laughing while pointing at me like mad.

I looked myself then to realize that I’m still n-a-k-e-d.


“HOLLY--!!” I screamed while hurriedly wearing Ikuto’s clothes to cover up my body.

“A-Amu-chan, I think it’s okay for some girls to went up to the public naked. I heard… erhh… It’s a way of expressing art in the past!” Miki tried to confront me while closing her eyes.

“Then why are you closing your eyes MIki? Desuu~”

“I think she missed out her own point,” Ran shook her head while sighting jokingly.

“I-Ikuto, y-you didn’t see right?” I asked hesitantly while blushing. Please say no. Please say no.



“…The moon’s nice tonight.”

“SO YOU DID SEE!!” I screamed in terror. Now not just this guy STOLE my FIRST KISS, he also SAW my BODY! I’ll never get married to Tadase now!!

“Well, it wasn’t that bad anyway nyaa~” Yoru’s comment gave me a hit of 1 combo,

“You doesn’t look sexy or whatsoever nyaa~” Another 10 combos

“You don’t even have a BREAST! Nyahahahaha~!” Now that was a strike of 164258352897234 combos…

“Sh-Shut up Yoru! Who asked for your comment anyway!” I frowned while trying to hit Yoru who’s flying way around. Such an annoying cat!

“Amu-chan! I found this and already cleaned it up! Go change first desuu~!” Suu flew over to me while carrying underwear and Lolita dress of white. There was laces and bows glued everywhere on the dress. At least the colour made it not so cheesy. But the bows do. Okay, maybe it’s cheesy.

“Is there any other clothes to wear?” I asked shyly while taking the clothes from Suu which was replied with her head’s shook. “I’ll be right back,” I said shyly to them as I entered the shelter. Ikuto still gave me his back.

“Should I really use this?” I asked while looking at myself in front of the mirror of the dressing table, wearing them doubtfully. There’s no other choice though.

While sighting, I let myself adjust with the dress. It was quite comfortable, I guess.

“Help me,” the voice of the girl echoed again in my head. The creeps went back.

I rushed out from the place and saw Suu and the other female Charas complimenting my suit.

“So cute, desuu~”

“Like a real life doll!”

“That’s what I call art!”

“Listen, you guys-“I was about to continue my words half frightened when Ikuto suddenly joined the complimenting-Amu’s-dress session.

“Nice. Better than before,” he smirked which made me blushed.

“You’re so annoying!” I pouted at him while crossing my arms. “There won’t be any next time for this kind of accident to happen agai—hey!”

Ikuto suddenly pushed me down and made me fall gently unto the ground. He was sniffing at my neck and my hair like a stray cat looking for his food. I could hear all the Charas were like “whooo” or “whaaaa”.

“Ikuto what are you-!” I blushed while trying to push him back. But he’s much stronger than mine which made my effort turned to waste. His soft hair tickled my neck, made me giggled for awhile but quickly stopped as I realize that this guys is actually harassing me,AGAIN. His warm breath was exhaled to my neck and my hair and made me all flattered for a moment. His soft lips touched my head for several times, gently swayed through my hair.

He then stood up, leaving me with my stunned sitting position as my heart beats fast. He observed me a little as his eyes were roving around my figure before he smirked, “I like strawberry.”


“Ah, Amu did used a strawberry scented shampoo before meeting up with Tadase,” Ran explained while sniffing my hair like Ikuto did.

“Uwaah, what a nice smell desuu~” Suu joined Ran sniffing my hair.

“Nyaa~ I don’t like strawberries. I like fishes,” Yoru commented while floating to the mid air.

Miki doesn’t know what to say between ‘I like strawberry too’ or ‘I don’t like strawberry’ and decided to just keep quiet.

“Stop it you guys!” I waved my hands savagely to shoo them away from my hair. I looked up to Ikuto and blushed soon.

“Did Kiddy King realize?” Ikuto asked while looking up to the sky.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” I answered him while looking on the other side, quite sad.

Ikuto didn’t say a word and finally sit next to me, saying nothing as he just played with his bang.

“Help me…”

I jumped suddenly and made the whole crew surprised. That girl! She was standing in the middle of the flower garden just now!

“What are you doing?” Ikuto pulled the edge of the dress softly, asking me to sit back.

“That girl! Didn’t you see?!” I pointed out the place where the girl stood just now before she vanished.

“What girl?” Ikuto gave me the questioning look.

“That girl! The girl with blonde hair and green eyes and pale skin and wearing a white dress!” I tried to described her as good as I can but it turns out to be a failure since Ikuto still putted that what-are-you-talking-about look on his face.

“GAH! Why don’t you get it?!” I grabbed my head, frustrated.

Ikuto then stood up and patted my head tenderly. “Okay, okay I get it. I get it. Let’s go inside first and get a good night sleep before we continue about this place later on,” he ordered me.


“Or you want me to kiss you again?” he draw my chin up to meet his eyes’ level, smirking teasingly.

I punched his stomach which gave him an ‘Ouch’ as I went in the shelter. “Don’t you dare,” I warned him as I closed down the curtain.

Ikuto, holding his stomach, smiled.

“Ikuto, are you okay?” Yoru asked while touching at Ikuto’s stomach.

“I’m fine,” he replied as his eyes were wandering around the place.

“Ikuto, nyaa. Where are we… exactly?” Yoru curled on Ikuto’s hair like a spoiled cat, questioning.

“I don’t know, Yoru,” he sharpened his eyes to the golden field for a better view and sighted, “I don’t know.”


thanks for reading xD~

i wont be able to update things soon until next week so gomen >_<~

and here's a pic of the girl in white if u cant imagine her >_<~

tell me if u guys cant imagine how the mysterious place is so that i can draw and scan it for u guys >_<~
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