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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/30/08
Name: Sakura Takashi

Age/DOB:(so we can have a festival for you!!!): 26/12/93 (15)

Job (shop you work at): waitress at a hotel

Personality: cheerful, shy, calm, kind

Bio(don't go over the top): lives with her mom n dad...but they r poor so Sakura have to work to support her family n never been to school...she doesn't have any fwenz....

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Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08
Name: Mitsuki or Finny =P

Age/DOB:13, 15 july

Job (shop you work at): At CD-splash, where i can listen to music ALL day long. YEAH!! XD

Personality: Crazy, freaky, friendly, random, funny, jolly, sweet, happy go lucky evil XD, unique, Overly energetic, hates BGR (boy to girl relationship, that kind of thing), Loves sweets, hates chocolates. Not the type who cares about popular stuff, can sing but doesn't like to. =P

Bio(don't go over the top): Lives with:1 annoying big bro, 1 sweet big sis, 1 mom, 1 father. Brother working, , sister spends most of the day doing her online "business". Mom spent half of the day working. Dad ain't home most of the time. So, she has a habit of frequently talking to her toys or herself. =P ( i still don't get why almost ALL of the posts in here involve someone dying...does everybody here like tragedy or something????)


Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08
Name: Lelouch

Age/DOB: October 9th

Job: A/N

Personality: Silent and cold, not very Social. Unless your MAJOR good friends with him, you'l see some of his pervert side.

Bio(don't go over the top): ????

Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/23/08
Name:Hikari Masami


Job (shop you work at):Singer and artist(art featured in many galleries)

Personality:Calm,cool,and collected.Along with gracefullness and gifted with IQ of 200.Acts like a smart-alec sometimes but doesn't let it take over.Is serious when it comes art.Many look up to her as role model.Kind to most,but will take action when needed.Keeps most of her feelings inside.Can become anti-social at times.

Bio:Both her mother and father died in a car accident.The only people who is alive in her family is her two older brothers.they are very protective of her.She has a best friend and is surrounded by four others.


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