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This is a branch part of the Russian Mafia.

iiiiii...ffghuuuuu!! (smoking) my name is Balalaika, some of you may know me or have heard of me as "Fried face".
Welcome to hotel Moscow, as it is state before, it is a part of the russian mafia, although i prefer referring it as "army".
From now on you "may" (as in must) address to me as Captain.

We the Hotel Moscow, are known for our precise, organized and efficient "work". We are bound by LOYALTY, and by any means, you must NOT DISOBEY AN ORDER FROM YOUR SUPERIOR. Respect.

Hotel Moscow members:

Balalaika: anmigradi aka Michi
Before joining the mafia, she was a VDV paratrooper and officer in the Soviet Army during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. She wears her uniform dress coat as a jacket and is always smoking a cigar, in contrast with the other characters who smoke cigarettes. She frequently employs Dutch and the Lagoon Company, apparently because they share a mutual respect. Although she has shown herself to be rather cynical on occasion, she is also a pragmatic and professional businesswoman. She is named after the balalaika, a Russian stringed instrument.

Boris: Gunguru aka Sil or Silent
Balalaika's second-in-command. He can be easily identified by the large scar running from his right forehead to his left cheek. Like Balalaika, he had served in the former Soviet army in the Afghan Civil War. She still refers to him as "Sergeant" rather than by his name, suggesting that he was her former platoon sergeant. He is very protective of Balalaika and often worries for her when she decides to fight in the field.

Sakharov: ?
Menshov: ?

Soviet Soldier Sniper: apache2 aka Katie

New Members, introduce yourself.
Any outsiders must be authorized or previously invited. If you so not have an invitation or authorization, must identified yourself clearly.

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Well, just stopping by Captain to see what has been going on.
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Captain, this is your new Soviet Soldier Bomber just introducing myself. You can call me Drake. <SALUTE!!!>
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