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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 2/21/09
If link is broken send me a message so i can find a new link.

Apparently, CR removed all anime videos, such as Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~. So here are the links below to watch this anime. If there is a site where you can watch it, please reply this forum :)


Episode 1 Subbed "The Goodbye at the End of Summer"

With a baseball match, between Akio's shopping district and a rival shopping district, coming up, Tomoya is forced to recruit people to play. After getting Sunohara and the others to play, Tomoya manages to convince Yuusuke and Misae to play as well. The day of the game, Tomoya and the others manage to get an early lead, but when Akio is hit with a baseball bat, the team finds themselves loosing.

Episode 2 Subbed "Search for Fake Love"

Mei refuses to return home because she is worried about her brother. When Sunohara finds out, he decides to get a girlfriend, after being advised by Tomoya to do so. Nagisa, Tomoya, and Sunohara ask Ryou to do so, but they end up causing her to cry thus bringing Kyou's wrath. With Kyou and Ryou out, they decide to approach Tomoyo, but Sunohara ends up getting kicked around like usual.

Episode 3 Subbed "Disagreeing Hearts"

Episode 4 Subbed "With the Same Smile as That Day"

Episode 5 Subbed "The Season You Were In"

Episode 6 Subbed "Always By Your Side"

Episode 7 Subbed "Her Whereabouts"

Episode 8 Subbed "A Fight With Courage"

Episode 9 Subbed "On the Sloped Road"

Episode 10 Subbed "Season of Beginnings"

Episode 11 Subbed "The Promised Founder's Festival"

Episode 12 Subbed "Unexpected Incident"

Episode 13 Subbed "Graduation"

Episode 14 Subbed "In the Remnants of Summer"

Episode 15 Subbed "Memento of Summer"

Episode 16 Subbed "White Darkness"

Episode 17 Subbed "Summertime"

Episode 18 Subbed "The Ends of The Earth"

Episode 19 Subbed "The Road Home"

Episode 20 Subbed "Playful Tidal Breeze"
Coming Soon!

Episode 21 Subbed "The End of the World"
Coming Soon!
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