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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/29/08
I've started a reader insert fanfiction based around Keito - any ideas on what you want to happen? [I had no idea where I was going with this the second I started typing =_=''] Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated ~ ^^


“- that’s what I thought, too!” Your exuberant voice echoed loudly throughout the sparsely crowded station, repeating the dying English words for all [three passerbys] to hear. Nodding decisively both at the life-sized billboard you stood before and your amused Japanese friend, you related your judgement once again to Reiko.

“Keito is amazing sexy in that recent live. Even if he kinda looked like he was having a nosebleed.” So caught up in your mental replays of Hey!Say!7’s “Wonderland Train” live and your slight wonder at all the blinding white-ness of their donned suits, you had failed to noticed your host-sister’s wide eyed stare directed straight behind you.

And when you did, it was far too late.

“ – but you know, this whole ‘white suit’ thing is making me hungry. Not hungry for them though, that’s really freaky. I’d say marshmallows, but marshmallows suck! Hm … Oh, oh, I’ve got it, Reiko-chi! White chocolate crackles. How freakin’ awesome is that!? I can just picture myself rocking up to them going, ‘I’m a fan of yours – and you know whyyy? ‘Cause your suits make me wanna eat you –‘ Woah, wait, back up! I meant the chocolate crackles. Seriously. Don’t look at me like that. … Hey. Oi. Reiko-nya?”

Up until this point, you had simply ignored her glassy gaze, putting it down to sheer boredom in order to continue your foreign ramblings. But this … this was getting a bit too much.

You rolled your eyes – “Geez Reiko-chan, how many times must you be distracted by hot guys?” – and turned around, fully expecting to be able to see a bishounen lounging around the corner in some lonely prince pose.

You were half-right, actually.

Instead of seeing eye-to-eye however, you were faced with a slight dilemma of being eye-to-chest. Scowling, you whipped your gaze up to meet the stranger and reprimand them for ‘making Reiko look stoned’, when your words immediately died in your throat. And just as well…

“…Hey!Say!7 look-a-likes? Well, now I kind of get where you’re coming from, Rei. They are –ish hot. Hahaha, I’m really glad they can’t understand us – Maa, Reiko-sama, what the heck is up with you?!”

Reiko’s voice seemed to have disappeared however, judging from her slightly panicked shakings of the head and the way her mouth flapped open and close quite pathetically.

You rolled your eyes again – “Sumimasen ~” and bowed to the bemused, jeans clad boys apologetically.

“Let’s go Reiko-chi; I know you’re going to whack me later if I don’t get you out of this embarrassing shiz.” Grabbing hold of her pale arm, you brushed your hair out of your eyes and headed off in the other direction. Where to? You’re not quite sure. Although you’d never know where you would’ve gone if you had not been stopped by a deeper, ‘Engrish’ voice.

“Did I really look like I was having a nosebleed?”


Slow rotating around.



Ahnd, that's it so far ! Yeah, you're basically on an overseas trip to Japan for your Japanese class, and you're just out at the train station with your host sister. =3 She can speak conversation English, but isn't all that good and still has an accent. If you're not sure what 'Sumimasen' is, it's kinda like an 'Excuse me'.

Okay, I know 'Wonderland Train' isn't all that recent ... But I just discovered it - does that count? ^^; ~
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
what you've done is really great~

it's well written~
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
nice~ u should write more
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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
i like it >< please continue ne~
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