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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
from babyval22 of CEFC taken from AF-CE thread.

This is just a thread to info u gals on what one of the CE fans over at AF CE thread did regarding her quest for finding out more information in regards to Hana Kimi 2.. Below are the replies, replies are in order.. just wanna post here so u gals know what is going on as well for those to dun visit the AF thread often.

Credits: mizuki1121 of AF CE thread

BTW, CE Angels, can I get your attention, please?

Regarding HK(Taiwan)sequel, as I promised you before, I sent mails for inquiries of HK copyrights issues to three sites;Fuji TV company which is the key station produced HK( Japan), also HK (Taiwan) has been aired on their local network, original comic writer's(Nakajo Hisaya) official site and Chinese entertainment mag( in Japan),a couple days ago.
Then, I got mail from the Nakajo Hisaya official site yesterday, as follows;

Thank you for your mail.
Regarding your inquiry about HK2(Taiwan), we, on our writer's level,haven't been offered the project itself so far. Therefore, she has not answered anything about the kind of questions which you had(copyrights issues). If you need the infos, we would recommend that you refer to "Hakusensha Co." which is in charge of TV dramatizing section.
We hope that you continuously support Nakajo Hisaya works.
Thank you, again.
Administrator, Nakajo Hisaya official site.

Although, I haven't gotten two more replies yet, I think I should write up to ( published all her comics) in a few days. So, CE Angels, please fill me in
the course how HK2 project was cancelled since I have little ideas about that..(Sorry, I became a CE fan this early summer,you know, very new!)
Anyway,in order to get things straight ,what I wanna know is...
1. Was Hk2 project officially announced last year?
2. Concerning the cancellation, was it the only reason that Japan wouldn't give copyrights?
3. Have you taken any actions(such as petition..) so that HK2 would be launched on?
Miscellaneous infos are welcomed. Thank you for your cooperation, in advance!

CE Angles, I do know what I'm trying to do is a drop in the ocean..but I'd like to do as much as I could for our dream come true.( like Rui Xi..haha)..even if worthless,at least I wanna let the party recognize that CE fans have been hoping HK sequel for a long long time ..the reason why? That's because we believe HK Taiwan is the one of masterpieces! Hey! Guys! Let's support more CE !!

I think this was after she wrote the email to Hakusensha, this is Hakusensha reply

CE Angels, I finally got mail from the person in charge of Nakajo Hisaya, Hakusensha publishing co.!

Here's the translation;

First of all, we apologize for our late reply. The reason why it took long time is that we coudn't directly grasp the present condition of Taiwan side as there are some companies standing to be gotten through in cases of overseas.
Regarding your inquiry about HK(Taiwan) sequel, we inform you as follows;
it is true that they have offered the HK2 once, but we've never refused,or rather, we answered that we'd consider the project positively. However, the project hasn't been agreed yet,nor been contracted yet so far.
In fact, we have been waiting for the further action from Taiwan side. Also, we've heard that they still have the intention of HK2.
If they produce HK2,we hope that the one would be nice enough for viewers and original comic fans and if they say it'd be possible to make nice one, we think we'll support the project.
Mr. S, editorial department, Hana to Yume,

This is another Good news for HK anniversary! CE Angels! Let's support CE and HK2 more!!

So yeah... just wanted to post this in here to let those who are interested know. :)

more from mizuki1121

BTW, CE Angels, I have to add the part skipped over by me in the letter from the person in charge at my last post.

The part is about the copyrights, he referrerd;
For TV drama production, there is NO case that an original writer his/herself can give his/her copyrights to someone else...hence, the reason of the cancellation of HK2 can't be that the comic writer wouldn't give the copyrights to the TW side. That has never happened.

I'm a layperson about the copyrights though, TW side will pay royalty for using original ideas, after the agreement, I guess.

Concerning the cancellation of HK2 last year, as the letter on the petition referred;
"The reason given to us was that HK2 may receive lower ratings such as other shows' second season."
In my yying, this was the major reason which the producing team gave up the HK sequel.
coz, you know HK popularity is beyond their expectation, at the same time JP side has been hoping HK2 would be as impressive as , or more than HK itself.. that must've been a big pressure on them.
The sequel story may have reached standstill..they may have thought it's impossible to live up to the reputation...even though I don't exactly know what happened to them.

Anyway, CE Angels, what we should do next is ...sorry, I don't spoil the party but ..the thing is the agreement and contract, even further offer is yet to be carried out. I think we should encourage and motivate TW producing team to be confident of the HK2 production.

Hmmm... HK2 with CE banners may be effective,if possible..?! haha....

CE Angels, we have to think on it for avoiding our project being pie in the sky..
Let's stick together,OK?

disclaimer: this is not my words....ok! I got it from the post of babyval22 of CEFC and she is also quoting from mizuki1121so credits is for them........

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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
so what do you think gals????
is there any possiblity for HK2?
Japan is just waiting for Taiwan's offer but I think Taiwan producers are the one's who doesn't want to continue the sequel...
especially now that Chun and Ella are both busy in promoting their respective albums together...
but as long as there is collaboration between the two its quite fine for me!
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
Ayoo!!!What a little confident they have.....
But i agree with joy26, as long as there is collaboration btwn them, its enough for me....
singing, dancing and be in advertisement together besides acting in HK...
but...i'll happy to watch the HK2 or any drama they both will acting together...
i'm so greed,huh...
since, i'm one of the CE fans...
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
wow ! hmm ? i hope it will have ! im so addicted to it . if there is no sequel i will protest and go to taiwan hehe. love2 CE ! go for the sequel of hk . HOPING !
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/6/08 thats interesting!
im not sure how..but if theres anything we can do to help encourage TW im up for it
ive been wanting them to make a HKT2
and they should feel more confident than ever..
their viewers are worldwide now!
i hope they decide soon!

thanks for sharing joy!
Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
i feel guilty for blaming jp for not giving tw rights of making hk2... =.=
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