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NEW [FanFic] Title "Pierced with my Fangs" AMUTO
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Amu went away after her reply and left Ikuto with an amused face.

As Amu arrives in her room, she felt a sudden pain in her head and crouched down. She closed her eyes and thought.
'What's happening to me?'

Then, she fell down sidewards on the floor clutching her clothes in the chest area. She panted and tried hard to make the pain go away but she couldn't. She closed her eyes and thought once more.

'Oh God please, if you plan to make me die, at least make it quick and less painful!'

She opens her eyes and instead of the honey-colored ones you can only find crimson orbs glowing. Then, she passed out.
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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
Ikuto had a sudden urge to go visit Amu.

"Ikuto, where are you going nya~?" Yoru asked him.
"Just...on a walk...I'll come find you later..." He replied.
"okay, bye nya~!" Yoru said running off.

When Ikuto got to Amu's place, he found her on the floor, clutching her clothes by her chest. She closed her eyes for a second and opened them again. Instead of seeing her honey-colored orbs. He sees crimson red in their place. Her eyes closed again as she passed out while Ikuto's eyes widened. Because of Amu's habit to not lock her balcony door, he was able to slip in easily.

He stared at her vulnerable figure trying to figure out what had happened to her. He sighed and picked her up from the floor and laying her on her bed while putting the covers over her. He touched her hand finding them extremely cold. A few hours after staying with her, he got up and started walking towards her balcony. With one last look, Amu's eyes fluttered open and Ikuto, once again, saw not her honey eyes but crimson red.

"Ikuto...?" Amu's sweet, innocent voice called out. She sat up in bed and Ikuto walked towards her. "What happened?" She asked. "I don't know, I came to visit and find you on the floor." Ikuto replied bluntly. Amu looked up and her eyes went straight to his neck, giving her an urge to bite him. She let out a quick breath and started panting again."Amu...?" Ikuto asked. "What is happening to me?!" She cried out. Amu's mouth opened revealing sharp fangs. Ikuto's eyes widened again. 'Vampire...? how...?' Ikuto questioned in his mind. She was a newborn from what Ikuto could tell and knew she needed blood. Amu stumbled off the bed and covered her mouth. Ikuto felt that he needed to protect and help her. He pulled her up supporting her weight and put her head to his neck only making Amu's thirst becoming more desperate.

Amu was still panting as she neared Ikuto's neck. She shook her head in protest, not believing of what she had just become. "...Just do it..." He commanded. Amu didn't hesitate any longer and opened her mouth, her fangs slowly sinking into him. He slightly winced at the pain of Amu's fangs but made no protest.

(continue? xD)
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24 / F / Homε ^^
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
after a minute amu stops and her bangs cover her eyes
"Im.sorry.." tears fill her crimson red eyes as they turn back to her normal honey colored eyes. ikuto hugs her. "its ok. and dont worry its going to be ok." she looks u at him still with tears in her eyes. Ikuto wipes the blood from the ends of her mouth and her tears away. amu blushes as he does this."Thank you...ikuto.." amu said quietly."Would you please stay with me?....It will just feel weird when i am alone not knowing whats going on" Ikuto just sat there for a few seconds then replied " Ok. I will stay under ONE condition."he said. "Y-Yes?" amu replied. "I get to sleep on your bed with you"he said in a casual voice. "EHHHHHH!?!?!?!?!?N-No way! Your sleeping on the floor!!!!" she complained. "well i guess i will just sleep in a tree in the park then.BY MYSELF." he replied. "F-Fine!!! y-you can S-s-sleep on the bed...with me....." her face turned Bright red. "i thought so. thank you." he replied. "Dont mention it...really.." she said. The two of them just sat there. staring at eachother.
(CoNtInUeZ PwEeZ!! :3))
Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
hehe, this is really cute~ I didn't think you guys get this creative.... Anyways... I
ll add a bit.
"Where is he, nya!?" Yoru pouted in the tree top, swaying slightly on a branch. The kitty boy's stomach suddenly growled. Rolling his golden eyes, and give a wince, Yoru muttered, " He better be back soon... I'm hungry..."

Despite his hunger, the setting sun in the west made Yoru become drowsy as he tried to find a comfy place on the branch to relax his tense muscles. The fading sun and coming of darkness, caused the boy to slip into a dreamless sleep, waiting subconsciously for the return of his partner.

"He better be... back..." Yoru mumbled once, as shadows danced across his face from the city lights below before he entered into the welcoming darkness.

"Scoot over," Amu growled, as she found herself at the very edge of the bed, with her company coming closer every moment.

"I can't. I'm drawn to your warmth..." Ikuto cooed in the pink heads ear while inching closer again.

"Well... I'm g-going to f-fall off if you d-don't give m-me some r-room... " Amu shuddered, trying to balance on the edge, while her mind swirled from the taunting voice talking sweet sin in her ear. It was starting to get too warm, as Amu's cheeks burned from the growing blush and the pumping of her heart.

"Fine, " Ikuto simple chuckled.

Amu was surprised at his retreat, and thought she could start regaining her composer and find sleep regardless of the restless position, but suddenly she felt hands grip her waist.

The pink head almost let our a squeal, when she was suddenly flipped from her cramped corner through the air, and then plopped down onto a cool body, with arms fastened around her back to keep her from escaping.

"W-what are y-you do-doing!?" Amu gasped, frigging in his tight in brace while trying to pull her face from his tempting, partly exposed, chest.

"You were going to fall off, so I brought you back onto the bed," Ikuto said in a matter-of-fact tone, while giving a hinting smirk at her reddening cheeks. They seemed to glow in the darkness because of the lushes blood flowing through them.

"Yes...B-but...Not on y-you," Amu shuddered, squeezing her eyes shut to keep from drowning in the others
midnight ones.

"Just relax, " Ikuto almost joked, as he suddenly turned over with Amu onto his side and pulled the petite girl to his chest, and giving a satisfying sigh.

Amu couldn't, as she found out. Her body seemed to become more ridged in the close contact. A wave of goosebumps ran over her as she felt Ikuto's fingers slide down her back causing it to straighten and fully press to the others body.

"Stop getting all flustered... It's tempting me more than a physical body does..." whispered into Amu's neck, taking her sweet scent in.

Word were lost... Amu found a small moan replace her racing thoughts for words. The heat didn't seize, and she could feel her whole face grow warmer at his lustful comment.

She knew what he was... She knew what she had become... Even though it was hard to fathom now... For she felt so human... She felt like prey... But in these arms she couldn't care for some reason. This beast who stole her mortal life was the one in who she trusted for some crazy reason.

"Then be tempted..." Amu dared to say boldly, stretching her neck to the side.

The arms around her suddenly loosened from surprise, but then tighten again.A hand came up and gripped her hair to pull her head back.

"Is this an invitation I can except...? " Ikuto groaned, into her throat, his version blurring red from his crimson eyes.

Amu didn't answer in words, but placed a hand to his chest and grip his shirt tenderly.

"I'm such a weak being... What power do you have over me...?" Ikuto uttered his last for the moment, and let his mouth draw open, and expose his waiting fangs.

"I should be asking you that..." Amu closed her eyes and waited for the dull pain to come and the pleasure of the lips of a killer to slide over her tender skin.
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23 / F / Hong Kong
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
Ikuto slowly dug his fangs into Amu as Amu winced slightly. She flexed her neck giving him more access. Ikuto pulled away slowly licking her neck and giving it a tender kiss as Amu opened her eyes. "hmm...good thing about being a vampire...we heal quickly..." she whispered. Ikuto chuckled bitterly. "Nothing is good about being the most dangerous thing on this earth." Ikuto replied.

Amu put up a sad smile. She still didn't believe that she had become a vampire, but she had to accept the fact that she was always a vampire...but her vampire self was locked she could live a normal human life...but that's all changed now. They went back to their original positions and this time Amu faced Ikuto and tangled her fingers in his shiny cobalt blue locks. Ikuto brought Amu's head to his chest to prove that vampires don't have a beating heart. He buried his face in Amu's now long silky pink hair, closed his eyes and sighed, Amu didn't say anything.

Ikuto's eyes suddenly snapped open which didn't go unnoticed by Amu. "...Ikuto? what's wrong?" She asked quietly. "Yoru...oh's late and I need to go find him...I'll be right back." Amu's eyes widened as she didn't want to be left alone. "I-i'll go w-with you..." She stuttered. Ikuto took Amu into his arms and jumped out of the balcony landing gracefully on the ground and put down Amu as they both began to run. Ikuto found Yoru sleeping on a branch of a tree and picked up Yoru, Amu followed closely behind. They both headed back to Amu's place and put Yoru down on Amu's couch for him to rest. Amu went to get some food for Yoru when he wakes up, Ikuto telling her that Yoru liked chocolate Taiyaki.

Amu came back with a bag of Taiyaki and placed it next to Yoru. Ikuto and Amu just decided to go back to bed.

(suckish ending I put there but I hope its okay, someone continue please~!)
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24 / F / Belgium
Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/4/09
owkeey .. i'm really gonna suck so don't bother rewriting it okay ^-^

after a few minutes they were sound asleep.Though an hour later amu woke up, feeling pain in the back of her throat(probebly writen wrong). as she pushed herself to sit up,she finds herself staring at ikuto's neck. Even though she knows she would hurt him..
amu reaches closer and closer but then notices that she's not getting closer to the neck but, as weird as it was, she was only a few inches away from ikuto's lips. amu blushed as she quikly lays down again facing the other way, thinking why she almost did that...
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21 / F / Why do you wanna...
Posted 12/9/11 , edited 12/9/11
I'm not good at writing but oh well XD

Amu took a glance at her alarm clock
"CRAP! I'm gonna be late for school..."
Amu tried to get out of be but two slender arms were wrapped protectively around her waist
Ikuto raised his head slowly so Amu didn't notice his movement, he decided to embarrass Amu and so he whispered into her ear,
"Where are you going my little Ichigo"
Amu froze as soon as she felt his warm breath against her skin, then she started to blush at her new nickname,
"I-I have to go to s-school"
Ikuto thought she looked really cute blushing... *thinking* Wait what! What am I thinking.
Ikuto reluctantly let go of Amu, Amu then got her uniform from her closet and walked to her ensuite ( a bathroom connected to your bedroom, if you didn't know) Ikuto looked at her weirdly wondering why she was going to the bathroom to change.
Amu turned around and saw his expression, " I'm not going to change in front of you" then she quietly mumbled to herself "Pervert" But Ikuto heard what she said and scowled at her closed door, then he noticed Yoru starting to rouse...


not too cheesy for you? XD hope someone continues
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