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Post Reply °APPS° Desinger Appliciation
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
Username: Sweet_Candy15
Name/Nickname: Aya-chan
What program/s you use: Photoscape and Photofiltre Studio X
How often can you help:
What area/s are you good at: Avatars, Banners, ID Cards, and Icons
Post 3 pictures (examples of your work). please put picture/s in spoiler
If you like to see my examples just Click >

Here's the Test:

Important Questions!
Why do you think you deserve to be a "Maker" ?
Are you a moderator for any other Graphic making group? (please be honest): Yes and im also a Creator here's the list. Or Just click the Spoiler.

Creator: (Click the Spoiler)

Mod: (Click the Spoiler)
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