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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11

Teyuyuyu wrote:

Nashayla wrote:

This just explains the girl's limit of liking someone so much .- haha :d

She is filippo and can't speak/understand japanese .- then there is no point in why that makes her special so I don't see the reason how she is able to be in contact with Yamada .- She's just dreaming :o

If she was a famous actress or something like that then it's different story.- but really.- this is just a little girl living in her own world. I don't think any member of this group know that girl so just ignore her.- Also you are all making a big fuss on this topic. Just let her be Geez'* ! .-

I can tell you a real fact, not on HSJ but myself on how hard it is to meet fame people in real life: Japanese is my native language and at the moment I'm at Waseda University, Tokyo for exchanging studies(bio medicine), and before I went to Japan for studies I was always thinking "Perhaps I have a chance for bumping into one of the HSJ members when I will be staying in Japan for so long", that's just crap. Japan is big and I only went to 1 one their concerts last year while being in Japan. Really, there is a huge gap between common and famous people.- Well unless you are lucky and have a gold-mine connection with some dude in the 'fame' branch .-

Also, Yamada is a very busy young boy.- He has a lot of performances, TV related stuffs etc. to make through his daily life so that guy don't has a chance to visit a little filippino girl out of the blue .- That would become the biggest news if that was to happen .-

Filippino's are weird (:

I like your words
very wise ..
still in japan?
good luck for that

oh..i hope i can go to japan too

Ah, thx a lot.. i think :3

Yah, imma still in Japan for sudies right now ... how about you? You should totally go to Japan.. but wait in few years when the nuclear station case has been solved
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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
wow, you still in japan
me? hm..i dont know but

of couse i really want to go there..haha and thx for reminding
i almost forget about the nuclear station case
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Posted 6/5/11 , edited 6/5/11
she just daydreaming. . . like me. . .
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