seven people formation??!!
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 11/29/08
ei u guyzz do linghu ,is the only one who killed dong fang bu bai,,,?? wats the use of seven people formation???
they all supposed to defeat dong fang bu bai?? all together??

wat do u think?
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Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08
i think the dong fang bu bai is like voldermort.

so need lots of ppl to accumulate a great amt of power to defeat him.
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Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/4/08
yeh i thought it was unnecessary for the 7 ppl formation thing cos in the end they didnt even learn it..and wang zi wasnt even part of the 7 formation in the end..would have been better to see wang zi regain his power, then for the 7 people formation to go ahead and learn the new moves..DFBB was defeated way too easily..
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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/8/08
I agree with yy07. Dong Fang Bu Bai was defeated too easily. I was expecting an outrageous battle but it lasted like 1 minute. It seemed like such a waste of time for them to learn the 7 people formation but then again it did help them improve on their skills individually.

I still liked the ending though.
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