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"CTAE Carbon Manifold"
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08

Shabbernigdo wrote:

lasthope05 wrote:

Shabbernigdo wrote:

OMG u dident know in the sports tuner world as soon as u make any thing out of CF it instantly becomes awsome and 10x the cost of a normal part.

CF engine blocks add like 1000 hp
CF body pannels drop like 100lbs per pannel.
CF rotors will make u stop on a dime.
CF windsheilds are un breakable.

ok end of scarsam. cf is good but not for everything.

You do know that there really are carbon fiber brakes right??? And they do stop pretty good too.

CF brake pads yes cf brake rotors no.

CF Brake pads - YES
CF Brake rotors - YES

Formula 1 cause use them exclusively and so do Airplanes. They are also available for cars also. Full carbon and carbon/ceramic mix.

They are known as carbon/carbon brakes.

Then most people dont know about them since they are purey full on race brakes. And nobody on here really knows anything about real quality race setups.

Anyways.. back on topic. The design of the intake manifold is not so bad as it copies the most standard design. The flaw comes from its inconsistent runner shape and plenum that create horrible airflow turbulence. If sheet metal intake manifold was first made to create a mold I believe it would actually be a great design for a NA application.
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Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/2/08
There have also been Carbon engine blocks tested. They don't look much like what we're used to seeing with "carbon fiber". Problem was, the technology isn't mature enough for the blocks to last long enough to be useful. I believe several teams were testing prototypes for F1, but with the recent rule that motors must last two full races, including qualifying and practice, they couldn't hold up.
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