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The Mirror Queen
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24 / F / In my studio
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09

chidori_chu716 wrote:

-YukiHana- wrote:

*walks in and sweeps into a graceful bow*
Your highness, I'm here to join and serve you.

ah you must be miss nina correct? i've been expecting you! welcome to the mirror kingdom *hugs* thank you for joining me *bows*

Yes, that is correct. Thank you, and thank you for allowing me to join you, your majesty.
Sun Disciple
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28 / M / ....BraSil
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/20/09
~Done, who does that shack belong too?~
~Hangs drawing on the side of the tower and goes to the mission room~

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