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1TYM is a male Korean hip hop and R&B group under the YG Family record label. Started in 1998 by leader Teddy Park (Park Hong Jun) and Danny Im (Im Tae bin), 1TYM was later complete when Song Baekkyoung and Oh Jinhwan joined. Teddy is the main rapper, and leader of the group while Danny is the main soul vocalist (he released his self-titled R&B solo debut in 2005). Oh Jinhwan is known for his coarse style of rapping in addition to soft style of singing while creating unique dance moves, and the always wildly rambunctious Baekkyoung not only adds his amazing rapping and singing vocals to the group, but his funny personality as well. Baekkyoung is also one of the main composers of the group.

1tym has been widely popular in Korea and Asia since the release of their first single and album, “One Time For Your Mind”. The group’s fresh hip-hop beats and R&B versatility (noteably their ease in transitioning from rap to soulful R&B) has won them success and to date they have released five albums: “One Time For Your Mind” (1998), “2nd Round” (2000), “Third Time Fo’ Yo’ Mind” (2001), “Once N 4 All” (2003), and “ONEWAY” (2005). 1TYM has also collaborated with the likes of fellow YG Family members, Jinusean and Lexy, and Big Mama, among others.

Following the release and promotion period of their latest album, “ONEWAY”, 1TYM will be on hiatus for a few years due to Oh Jinhwan’s mandatory military service. Teddy is working on his first solo album and Danny is planning the release of his second. Baekkyoung has now joined the group Moogadang.

Position: Leader/Main Rapper
Full Korean Name: Park Hong Jun (Teddy)
Nickname: None ('cept Teddy, since that's not his korean name)
Sibblings: One younger sister
Birthday: September 9, 1978
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Religion: Atheist
School: Myoung Ji University, English Major, 2nd year
Hobbies: Rapping, listening to hip-hop, playing guitar, collecting hip-hop CDs
Talent: Rapping and playing electric guitar
Sleeping Habit: Sleeps with a pillow between his legs and curled up, screams, and wakes up a lot during the night
Favorite musicians: Method Man, Noreaga Def Squad
Ideal Girl: A girl who is kind, understanding and charming

Position: Lead Vocal
Full Korean Name: Im Tae Bin (Danny)
Nickname: Dduk Bo, Muhk Bo
Sibblings: One older brother
Birthday: May 6, 1980
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Religion: Chistian
School: Diamond Bar High School Graduate
Hobbies: Listening to R&B, watching movies
Talent: Sports (all of them, like me!)
Sleeping Habit: Sleeps with a stuffed animal
Favorite musicians: Usher, Baby Face
Ideal Girl: A nice girl who loves only him

Position: Choreographer/Rap
Full Name: Oh Jin Hwan
Nickname: Oh Ji Ral, Penguin
Sibblings: One older brother
Birthday: July 6, 1978
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Religion: Christian
School: Sun Moon University, Business Management Major, 1st year
Hobbies: Collecting hip-hop things, playing video games
Talent: Playing the drums, dancing
Sleeping Habit: If someone doesn't wake him up, he'll sleep for 2~3 days straight
Favorite musicians: J.D., DMX
Ideal Girl: A girl who is pretty and cute

Position: Songwriter/Vocal
Full Name: Song Baek Kyoung
Nickname: Dog Dish (Because of his sloppy eating), Kko Kko Ri Kko
Sibblings: Only child
Birthday: April 12, 1979
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
School: Graduated Soo Do Technical High
Hobbies: Collecting perfume and CDs
Talent: Playing the piano and saxophone
Sleeping Habit: Sprays perfume on himself before going to sleep
Favorite musicians: Dupri, Teddy Riley
Ideal Girl: An non-intimidating, neat, honest girl who's bigger in size than him.
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1. 1tym
2. To Lift You Up
3. Escape
4. Good Love
5. Falling In Love
6. What's This World For?
7. My Life
8. Heaven
9. Wait For Me


1. Wicked
2. (Interlude)Black & White
3. Ready Or Not Yo!(Korean Version)
4. Quejina Ching Ching
5. Impossible
6. One Love
7. What Is The 21st Century?
8. 1tymillenium
9. Go Foward
10. You And Me Together Forever
11. Ready Or Not Yo!(English Version)

VOL.3: THIRD TIME FOR YO' MIND (Released Dec 2001)

1. Nasty
2. Hello
3. Woooh!?
4. Make It Last
5. Last Night Story
6. Hip-Hop Kids
7. Mother
8. Bus
9. Sucka Busta


1. Intro
2. Uh-Oh
3. Let's Leave
4. Burnin Hot!
5. Without You
6. Cry - Subtitle : I Wanna Cry
7. Danny's Interlude
8. Everyday And Night
9. Kiss Me
10. It's Over
11. Freeflow Interlude
12. OK
13. Put'em Up


1. One Way (Intro)
2. Do Ya Know Me
3. Whatchu Gonna Do?
4. How Many Times
5. The Instruction (Interlude)
6. Dangerous
7. Summer Night feat. Bigmama Young Hyun
8. Can't Let U Go
9. Take It Slow (Danny's Solo)
10. Supa Funk (Baekkyoung's Solo)
11. Get Them Hands Up
12. How It Go
13. Outro (Hippy To Da Hoppa)
14. Whatchu Gonna Do? (YG Remix)
15. Do Ya Know Me (Instrumental)

Credits: Soompi
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Silly 1TYM Facts
- Teddy consistently votes Danny as the sexiest member in 1TYM. Even over BaekKyoung
- Danny said that Teddy was one the most supportive people in his life.
- Danny = boxers only during recording sessions, according to Teddy.
- Teddy coined the phrase "he has puppy-like eyes" for Danny that EVERYBODY uses in Korealand
- Danny was the only one who knew Teddy was featuring in Hyori's AnyClub. Because "we keep in close contact with each other, even off stage."
- The "dowry" for Danny? A car. But according to Danny's aunt, Teddy hasn't paid up yet.
- Danny spends a long time with Teddy during recording sessions to get his pronunciation juuuussst right.
- Danny is Teddy's alarm clock. He comes every morning to Teddy's apartment (they live in the same building) and wake him up. There's "no other way to do it."
- Jinhwan’s most confusing, most horrible, most shocking moment in his life? After drinking away into the late night, he woke up to find both his front teeth missing!! Nobody to this day knows what happened to his teeth…
- We all know our 1TYM leader is super lazy [when it doesn't involve music]. He once admitted (more like Jinhwan confessed on his behalf) that he'd slide his dirty laundry with the others so he wouldn't have to do anything. For example, he'd put his underwear in Jinhwan's pile of laundry, his socks in Taebin's, and his shirts with BaekKyoung…
- Danny doesn't talk much, but if he does start talking, he won't shut up for at least 2 hours. But this is usually because it takes him forever to put his thoughts into Korean. Danny's less than eloquent handling of the Korean language is sort of a running gag in 1TYM.
- Teddy saves Danny's worn clothes after he discards them after each performance/concert. Teddy says he plans on selling them one day and making big bucks.
- One day, when BaekKyoung was a Third Year Middle School Student, he was on his way to see his friend when he saw a "handsome looking guy with short hair" at some back alley. This handsome kid came over to him and slung his arm around BK's shoulder as if they were good friends and said, "hey kid, come over here. You look pretty cute... How much do you have on you?" BaekKyoung could never forget that kid who stole $3 from him that day, especially his peculiar voice. 2 Years later, he met the perpetrator again. His name was Jinhwan.
- Danny says he dislikes being separated with Teddy because of the ridiculous phone bills he gets every month. (Did I mention that Danny's the stingiest in the group?)
- BK once asked Teddy why he always have something on his head (a hat, a towel..) Teddy replied that the camera liked him that way. He said something more like "I look prettier."
- BK most disappointed with Jinhwan when the older is not there for him when he needs advice or just need to vent. This usually means BK ends up talking to Teddy about his problems... "Wait a minute! You mean all this time, I've been the BETA?!" –Teddy "You never even consider coming to me, do you?" - Danny (extremely hurt)
- According to Danny, Teddy can't remember directions to save his life. And we've all witnessed times when Teddy forgot the lyrics to his own songs… and even the names to those songs.
- BaekKyoung was recently voted as the 8th youngest looking
celebrity in Korea!!!
- Jinhwan and BaekKyoung used to run a small food stall together. But their business ended up failing within a month…
- A long time ago when 1TYM lived together, they all slept in one room. Danny and Teddy shared one bunk-bed, Jinhwan and BaekKyoung shared another. BaekKyoung couldn’t stand living with the three and ended up moving out.
- Jinhwan is the ‘cleanest’ member of the group. In Japan, he snuck out 3 nights in a row to go to a sauna where he chilled with a bunch of old men. BK refused to go because he didn’t want to be seen naked.
- BK was unanimously voted as the biggest suck up in 1TYM. Once after getting extremely drunk, he called YG in the morning and said, "I love you." He also likes to give YG random presents.
- Jinhwan, not BK, was voted the 2nd most mischievous person in YG. Jinu came in 1st. (But this may have changed because of Big Bang...)
- Danny is easily jealous. If Teddy offers someone else a piece of gum, then Danny will start ranting about it and be mad at him for the longest time.
- Teddy is the arm wrestling champion of 1TYM. Danny: "You can't see it, but Teddy has killer muscles."
- BK is the mediator of the group. When they first met, it was BK who got everybody to get along. (Because at first, Danny and Teddy just stuck to themselves. Even during meals they would eat together, and so it made it difficult for people like Jinhwan to approach them.)
- There were originally 12 members in 1TYM. (That's like a gangstaaar Super Junior)
- Teddy got his tattoo done with Danny, but he refuses to reveal where and of what it is.
- The other three worry about BaekKyoung's interesting habit of falling asleep in the bathtub whenever he gets drunk. He often wakes up "when the water turns cold."
- BaekKyoung once had to break into a bathroom when Jinhwan, drunk stupid, accidentally locked himself in and couldn't get out.
- Danny was the first to approach Teddy in high school. Danny's first words to Teddy were, "can I try that (his hat) on?"
- 1TYM had originally planned to stay in the 'desert' for 6 months to work on their 5th album but BK left two months early because of his serious depression. Jinhwan stayed though. Ted and Danny stayed for an additional 2 months.
- According to BK in an interview, if he was a girl, he'd want to date Danny.
- Teddy often gets frustrated / embarrassed when Danny talks to him informally in public.

1TYM's Nicknames
Teddy: 팀장님, 1T, Big T
Baek Kyung: 전하, 송백, ET
Jinhwan: 오지랄~, Penguin
Danny: 떡보

1TYM’s Favorite 1TYM Songs:
Teddy- Hot Ddeu Geuh
Jinhwan - 1TYM
Danny- One Love
BaekKyoung - Nasty
Interestingly enough, when they go to karaoke bars, Teddy likes singing HARDCORE rock songs and Jinhwan likes to go crazy with Nasty, like in their MV.

Credits: AsianFanatics and noran_nabi @
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