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Ghost it worth it?
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
dude i thought you're talking about the real ghosts. coz that'll be an automatic yes from me.

and the ghost can be real friendly too. like casper.

and he can peek for a bank manager's safe lock password and help me steal those motherfuckin money. spook this manager in supermarket i really hate. help me spy on my enemies.

shit having a ghost friend would bring a gigantic benefit to my part that's for sure.

but then we're not really talking abt that are we? yeah i get carried away sometimes.

umm the ghost buddies you're talking about? wat i dunno. who cares. just let them be.
Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
there are alot of reasons
why they are being a ghost buddies.

maybe they are afraid to talk to you
or they found something wrong in your attitude

im actually planning on deleting my ghost buddies
since im having no fun at all.
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