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Another little story!

Sasuke watched up in a tree as Naruto tryed to flirt with Sakura, only to fail misrebly. What Sasuke didn't get, was why Sakura wouldn't take Naruto's offer, because he sure as hell would. Naruto is a great guy, and Sasuke has always wanted him for his own, but the chances were slim of him feeling the same. Sasuke didn't want to take the chance.
He had tryed to tell Naruto that he loved him, but it always came out wrong. He just calls him names, and walks away. And thats when Naruto get angry with him, although, Naruto looked damn fine when he was angry:
"Hey, Naruto..."
"What Sasuke?" This is the point were Sasuke would get nervous, and would mess up.
"Your a loser." And walks away, leaving Naruto mad and confused.
All Sasuke really wanted was love, but his older brother changed that. He wanted the love of a parent, the love of a brother, love of a friend, and love of a lover. He had gotten some along time ago, but times have changed.
(I'm don't know that much about Sasuke's parents, so I can only imagine what they are like. So I'm makeing a little up. Sorry!)
This is were his life shattered.
His parents were great. Father was strict, and Mother was as sweet as could be. His Mom would spoil him, just a little bit, but he thought his Father only liked his big brother, Itachi.
That's when we get to the subject of brotherly love, in which Sasuke thought he had. Itachi was, I guess a typical older brother. Watching out for him, babysitting, bringing him places. Then Itachi said he was only playing the role of an older brother, and Sasuke belived him. Itachi killed his own clan, then left Sasuke to get stonger, in which he did.
Next in line, the love of a friend. Team 7 was his friends, which consisted of Hatake Kakashi, his lazy perverted sensei, Haruno Sakura, the only girl on the squad, and was over-obssesive of Sasuke, and lastly, Uzumaki Naruto. His secret love. He got annoying at times, but he didn't mind.
Hmmm..... I guess you could say the love of a lover Sasuke had was all the girls always chaseing after him, like Sakura. Or Maybe his crush, Naruto. Or he never received this kind of love. He dosen't know.
As Sasuke was refecting on his past, Naruto walked over to the tree he was sitting in.
"Hey Sasuke!" A voice said from below.
Sasuke looked down, to see the face of his secret love, Naruto.
"What do you want, loser?" How can I be so stupid..? Sasuke thought. Naruto looked down in sorrow, but looked back up with a face full of courage and determination. Naruto jumped up to the branch Sasuke was sitting on, and looked him straight in the eye.
"Sasuke..... I know... That you think I'm a loser but.... I don't think your a loser..... What I mean is.... I think... I.... That... I love you.."
Sasuke..... Was shocked. A second ago he was flirting with Sakura, and saying how he didn't have a chance with Naruto, and now Naruto's saying he loves him?
"But, I thought you...-" Sasuke tryed to ask, but Naruto budded in
"I was asking Sakura how to tell someone you like them, and she said 'just tell her'.... So i told him." Naruto scratched the back of his neck and grinned. Sasuke's bangs covered his eyes, shadowing his face. That made Naruto got a little nervous.
"uhmm...... S-sasuke....?"
"Naruto... You don't know how long... How long I've wanted you.... To tell me.. Those words..." Naruto eyes brightened and he grinned his signature fox grin, and stated
"Eheh... Now what...?" They both sweatdroped.
"Kiss me." Sasuke said.
Naruto gave him a peck on the lips, but it didn't satisfy Sasuke.
" Do you even know how to kiss?" Sasuke questioned.
Naruto smiled and sweatdroped again.
"Not really.."
Sasuke sighed got got ready for the lesson he's going to teach.
"You go.... Like this.." Sasuke's arms snaked around Naruto's waste, and smirked.
"Put your arms around my neck." Ordered Sasuke. Naruto did as he was told, and his arms snaked around his neck, waiting for what to do next.
"Close your eyes..." Naruto closed his eyes like Sasuke said and leaned foward slighly.
"And enjoy your kiss." Sasuke pressed his lips on Naruto's, And Naruto kissed back.

soooo what do you think?

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love it!!!
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22 / karasuno
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/1/09

puppyloveiscool wrote:

love it!!!

glad you like it
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Haha! Sasuke gonna teach Naruto to kiss!
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Aww such a cute story!!
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09
sooo cute~!
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