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The Kitty King and the Maiden
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Chapter 7

The next few weeks blew by like a heavenly dream. Each day I spent with the King I became more and more attached to him. I was almost to the point where I thought I might just confess to him. He was so kind to me. Everyday he’d greet me with a glowing smile and a, “Good morning Amu. How does my lovely maiden find herself today?” It was a miracle to see him so changed and yet not changed at all. He was so much more mature and yet still had his childish spirit. We’d have lunch together and talk over tea about the news of the court or about our charas. I noticed he had started to smile more and more and each time he did my heart would pound in my chest. He no longer looked down on me or teased me so much. And when he’d have a ceremony, party or feast to attend to he would always being me as his guest of honor. It felt nice to be treated like I actually meant something to him. And it made me feel even better that he too seemed happier. Whenever he had a hard day or needed some comfort, I was there to help him. At first he just acted like nothing was wrong and it didn’t concern me even if there was. But, over time he opened up and was able to tell about pretty much anything. And I was happy. I was happy I was able to help him vent all his worries.

Summer turned to autumn and autumn turned to spring. And one sunny day, very suddenly the Queen Mother was taken ill. The sky’s turned dark and it seemed as if a dark shadow loomed over the whole kingdom. The King spent most of the day at his Mother’s side and had ordered me to stay at his chambers helping the other maids for the day. I was terribly worried about him. I only saw him but once that day and he had looked as though the life had been sucked out of him. The only thing that kept me from rushing to his aid was the thought of him being angry at me for disobeying him. In this state he might do anything. I continued on my way back to his chambers to finish my chores but, as I did I clasped my hands together and mumbled a silent prayer for his mother and for him.

The very next morning the Queen Mother was pronounced dead. That day I thought I might never eye the King again. He did not even return to his room after the funeral but, road off into forest. I worried all day long and long into the night and he had still not returned. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice from out side my room. I jumped out of bed, put on my robe and rushed quietly out to see if he was all right. But, as soon as I opened the door I heard a girl’s voice say,”Shhh. It’s ok Ikuto dear. I know it hurts. But, I’m here. It’s ok. You’re going to be ok.” I closed the door again until it was only open a crack. I saw the King still looking lifeless and pained. But he was being led to his room by a gorgeous blonde. I couldn’t tell who she was since the hall was only lit by the one flickering candle she held in her hand. I was shocked and mortified. The King with another girl?!!!! And she had called him by his first name!!!! No sama, no title, nothing!!!! I thought he cared for me……I…I…I thought he LOVED ME!!!!! My eyes filled with angry, sorrowful tears. I could barely believe what I was hearing.

“Thank you. I knew I could count on you.” The King replied softly.

“Of course you can. Just remember darling, you can’t trust anyone but your family. That young pink haired maid you’ve had your eyes on is not to be trusted. The only one you can trust is me. Now let’s get you to bed. You need your rest. And don’t worry about a thing……………” Her voice trailed off as they opened up the door to King Ikuto’s room and closed it behind them. I realized I had not been breathing and started gasping leaning up against my door. Then the tears started to roll down my cheeks. Once they started they wouldn’t stop and they were flowing freely now and I collapsed on the floor. Crying like a little lost child. I thought he loved ME!!!!! HOW COULD HE DO THIS!!!!! He called me HIS MAIDEN!!!! And talked to me like you would to your girlfriend!!! He brought ME to all those parties as his honored guest! WAS I JUST A PUPETT THE WHOLE TIME??!!!!! I got so worked up my ladies maids woke up and came out to see what was wrong. Ellen ran to my side and kissed me and rocked me back and forth like a child to get me to calm down. Anne ran and got me a drink of water. I sipped it a little then the put it down. I was able to stop crying long enough to tell Ellen what had happened. She hugged me tight and rocked me some more telling me it was going to be all right. This time though I did not know if I could believe her. She put me to bed and I laid there weeping softly all through the night.

Here's Chapter 7! Hope you all like it! Enjoy!
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Chapter 8

I was finally out of tears when I awoke the next morning. But I still felt awful. I had just figured out how
I felt about King Ikuto and then he goes off with some hot blonde. I was played. They are probably
laughing at me. Says how naïve I was and how childish to think he would love me. Well I don’t care
anymore. I’ll never fall for his tricks again……..but, it still hurts….. I ...I want him to love me. Because I
love him…..I LOVE HIM!!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! I just sat there in my bed, clinging to my heart.
The tears would not come but, my heart still ached. I felt hollow and empty. Suddenly I wanted
nothing more than to see his smiling face again but, reason then told me that he probably wouldn’t
want to see me. And even though I was mad at him, I didn’t want to sacrifice his happiness for the sake
of mine. If he was happy I should be content. That made me feel a little better and I was able to get up
out of bed. Ellen then rushed in saying,”Oh, thank goodness you’re up my lady. The King is expecting
you any minute. He says he’s got a special announcement.” I froze. The King had an announcement!
That he wanted me there for?!!! What could it be?!! I don’t know if I can face him just yet. What if I
just beast into tears in front of him. That would be so humiliating. And what about his special
announcement?!!! What could it b………Oh, No!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IF IT”S THAT HE IS GOING TO MARRY
THAT BLONDE!!!!!!!!!! They seemed really close!!!! AAHHHH! What AM I GOING TO DO??!!!! I think I’ll
die if that happens. Yes, I want him to be happy but….but….I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! I broke into tears
once again.

“My lady? My lady calm down. It’s ok. It’s going to be ok darling. Shhh.” She stood over me as I cried
and hugged me tight and gently rubbing me back. I buried my face in chest and cried and cried. After a
while I calmed down and I couldn’t cry anymore. Ellen hugged me one more time, kissed my forehead
and said, “There there, it’s all right now. Feel better?” I nodded my head slowly while wiping away the
last of my tears. “Good,” she whispered softly and patted my head. “Now lets get you dressed and
over to the banqueting hall. Just because the King may not love you doesn’t mean you two can’t be
good friends’ right?” She consoled as she and Anne started to dress me in my dark purple gown. But,
not even my favorite gown could cheer me up now. I did make me feel a little more comfortable
though and I felt more at home in it. I had to get over this. I can’t let anyone know about his side of
me. I have to try to make it through King Ikuto’s announcement. So I mumbled I would try and Anne
and Ellen finished dressing me, they waved goodbye and good luck and I was off.

I walked slowly down the corridor and with each step it go harder for me to keep from crying as I
thought more and more about what I had heard the night before. My charas trailed behind me. Feeling
a little a=under the weather themselves. Most likely because I was and they were born from my heart
right? So it would affect them somehow. We were all dead silent when suddenly it was broken by
Miki,”Hey guys snap out of it! You all look like zombies!!! Get some backbone. If he thinks he’s to
good for Amu that’s his lose. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

I perked up a little at that. “Your right. Thanks Miki.” I replied softly, just barely managing the tiniest
smile. Next was Ran. “Ahh. I see that smile. I’ve been missing your smiles. Don’t worry Amu-Chan, its
going to be ok. Just like Ellen-Chan said. And we’ll be here for you every step of the way. Isn’t that
right Suu?”

“Hmmm. I guess so but, it’s still very sad,” Suu just sighed and looked down. She was obviously not out
of her funk yet.

“Suu!!!! You’re not helping at all!!!! How is that suppose to make Amu-Chan feel better?!!!” My other
two charas yelled.

Suu finally snapped out of it and started freaking out and telling me how sorry she was that she had
made me feel worse by saying that. And she truly believed it would be ok as long as I thought it would
be ok. The other charas agreed. I realized that this was a good point so I tried to think positively as
I continued down the hall. Unfortunately, I was failing miserably. The charas cheered me on the rest
of the way down the hall where I found the door opening on to the banqueting hall. I heard people
laughing, cheering and eating. I heard that lovely voice call out, “Has anyone seen the Lady Hinamori-
Amu?!” Oh, no. He was already looking for me. Now I had to go in. I took a deep breath and pulled on
the handle. Here it goes. I opened the door and stepped into the gathering. I curtsied at once trying to
avoid eye contact. “Ahhh. There you are my dare and not a moment to soon. Rise, rise. You needn’t
be so formal. It doesn’t suit you. Come, come I have something I need to show you.”

I was in no mood for his kind act. I rose as I was bid but added, “I trust your grace is in better spirits
today? I heard of a special announcement? Could that be the news that turned your mind so rapidly
from your dead mother?” I offered up coldly. He only laughed and said,”Ohhh. You can be so mean.
But, I will admit what you say is true. Although I think Mother would rather me happy about this
new news than losing myself in her death.” He smiled. Not the smirk I had expected to return. It was
the smile I had first fallen in love with. Why?! Why this torture?!! To make me remember how much I
loved him….and much I still love him. I didn’t know how much longer I could take this. But I had gotten
to see his smile again. And that made it all worth it. And what he had said made sense, a mother
wouldn’t want her child tearing himself apart over her. Especially, when that child has a kingdom to
rule. So I decided I would try to be nicer to him.

He rose from his seat at the high table and began to walk towards me. He took my hand and for a
moment I thought he might kiss it. But he suddenly dropped to the floor one knee and the whole court
went silent. You could have heard a pen drop. Then he began to speak the words that I had not even
dared to dream hearing from him, flowing freely from his lips with such emotion that I was almost
overtaken. “Hinamori-Amu, you are my light in the dark. I can be not only my true self with you but,
also evolve it and share it with you. You are the rose of my garden. I want to share that garden with
you. I want you to be the light for my children as well. I love you Amu. Please. Amu, my love. Please.
Will you marry me?” He had pulled out a beautiful diamond ring and held it out to me. Was I
dreaming?!!!!! Was this another trick?!!!! I don’t even know what to think now. But, he only smiled
and stared lovingly up into my eyes. My heart was pounding once again and my first thought was to
jump into his arms crying for joy telling him yes. But then I remembered the blonde. Where was she?!
I thought he said he would count on HER?! Why isn’t he asking her to marry him? Oh. No. What
if….if…….he just wants me for appearances sake only and then he can leave me and spend his nights
with that whoring blonde!!!!!!! THAT’S IT!!!! THAT’S THE FINAL STREAW!!! I WILL NEVER LET HIM DO

I had pulled my hand away and slapped him straight across his left cheek. He looked up at me shocked
and seemingly pained. But I wouldn’t believe it. It was a lie. I was in such a rage that you could feel an
aura over the whole room. Everyone else was also in deep shock that I had dared to slap the KING!
But, none of them moved to grab me for their fear of me over road their own feelings. “WHAT IS IT
Now I started to cry. I couldn’t take it. He had broken my heart and was now jumping up and down on
the crushed pieces. So as to be sure nothing remained of it. It was the worst kind of torture, to play
with the heart. I fell on my knees in front of him pounding on the floor. I was hysterical.

He tried to comfort me but I pulled away and stood up. I was trembling all over and walked slowly
backwards towards the door with my hands in fists at my sides, as I tried to hold back my tears. I could
no longer stand to look at him and I turned around and fled the room. I ran and ran. I had no idea
where but anywhere was better than here. I could hear the confused and bewildered court in disarray
behind me. Then I heard that treacherous voice calling out to me. Then I heard footsteps. He was
chasing me!!! I automatically started to run faster. Trying to get away from him, “JUST GO AWAY AND
LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!” I screamed back at him. My tears becoming greater now, I felt hopeless. Now
he would even allow me to suffer in peace. But the footsteps continued so I turned a tight corner to
try to lose him. I stood there leaning against the corner wall gasping for air with silent tears rolling
down my face. I listened for a minute and rubbed my tears away. I seemed quite enough so I looked
around the corner. He was gone.

“There you are my love. I was worried about you,” He purred as he rapped his arms around me and
tried to kiss me. I screamed and told him to let me go. I told him the whole story and what I knew he
was doing and why I hated him. He suddenly let go of me and just stood there and stared at me for a
second. Then he burst out laughing.

“Oh, no. I’m sorry Amu. That’s not it at all. I was laughing because the blonde you saw me with was
Utau, my younger sister.

Here it is, Chapter 8! Almost done. Pheww. W'ee I hope you all enjoy it!
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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/15/08
LOL! poor Amu misunderstood! please update soon! xD
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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Amu thought that the blonde girl was Ikuto's gf or something is it? But it was Utau wasn't it?
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
wow please continue very good fanfic
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Chapter 9

“WWHHAATTTTTT????!!!!!!” I screamed, “Siblings??!!! What kind of sister acts like she owns you?!
And what kind of brother would put up with that?!! Especially when she’s insulting the person you ……
No. I doesn’t matter. You don’t really love me. You were only teasing me. And like the fool that I am I
fell for it. So just go! Go and commit insest for all I care! It will only prove you are whom I’ve always
known you to be. A perverted stuck up jerk. And I’m sure you’ll be happy but, I’m not going to put up
with this anymore! I don’t want any part in it. Tonight I shall leave for the country and you can’t stop
me!” I now had my fists clenched staring at him with wild eyes, breathing hard and snarling at him
threw my teeth. I was a little surprised at how rapidly I had gone from pure shock to disgust then rage.
I had to admit that he must have felt the same way and it was probably a little unfair of me to explode
at him like that. But, I couldn’t help it! I needed to know, did he love me or not?!

To my amazement he only looked down and whispered,”Then go. I only want you to be happy.” I saw
the tiniest spec of a tear escaped him and dropped to the ground . Then he looked up with an almost
pleading look on his face. “But…you must know I don’t love my sister in that way. I love her as a sister
and that I why I have to put up with her. She knows I don’t love her and also knows I love you. That’s
why she was so devious that night. But, after she helped me calm down about mother’s death, I told
her that I would not permit her talking like that about you anymore. I explained to her that if she truly
loved me then she would be happy that I found my maiden, my love. Reluctantly she said she’d try.
And for her that a great start.” He looked down again and giggled a little. But, it seemed half hearted.
Did it mean he really does love me???? Plus I don’t think I’ve ever seen this broken down. And he’s
trying to hide it for my sake; so I’ll be happy. And….if what he says is true about Princess Utau
then……….then it was really just a big misunderstanding. And I’m really the one at fault, I was
eavesdropping on them. Not exactly a how to show someone you love them, if you can’t even trust
them. This made me feel bad. I was always saying how he was not to be trusted and look what I’ve
done to him. And yet…… he’s still here. Not even asking for my love in return but only my happiness.
How could I have been so cruel? I saw the tiniest spec of a tear escape him and drop to the ground. He
was crying?!! For me?!!!

He looked up again and seemly to have regained some of his composer, stoked my hair gently. “If you
will permit me one last goodbye,” before I could answer he held up my chin gently, leaned in and kissed
my cheek. As he did another tear rolled done his face. And in that kiss I knew he truly loved me. He
was putting all his heart into that firm but, gentle passionate kiss. He finally pulled away.

“Amu. I do and always will love you. Goodbye.” He turned around and started to go. I relived I
couldn’t stand it anymore. I loved him, I really did. And he loved me. I didn’t really want to leave him.

“No, wait!” I called after him. He turned to face me. I blushed. “I…I…………I LOVE YOU TO
thought you were teasing me again. I‘m sorry I hurt you.” I started to cry. I buried my face in his chest.
He rapped his arms around me and smiled softly down at me.

“Shhhh. Don’t cry, Amu. It’s ok. It was I who hurt you. I’m sorry.” He kissed my head. His embrace
seemed to give me strength and I was able to stop my tears and look up at him and smile softly. He
smiled back. Suddenly he fell to his knees in front of me and took something out of his pocket, opened
it took my hand and held it up to me. IT WAS A RING!!!!!! A beautiful gold and diamond ring. I almost
leapt for joy. I felt like I was going to explode. My heart race and thumped so loudly I could barley hear
my self think. But it was truly happening.

“Lady Hinamori Amu, will you marry me?” I notice he blushed as he looked up into my eyes, holding a
soft sweet gaze.

I blushed back and shyly said,”Yes.” Gradually all my feelings started to boil up inside
and I had to let them out. “Yes! YES!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!! OF COURSE I”LL MARRY YOU!!!” He stood up
and handed me the ring and I jumped into arms crying, this time for joy. And he hugged me back. I
quickly kissed him on the cheek and jumped back letting him slid the delicate ring on my finger. He
clasped my hand in his and we looked up and each other smiling. We closed our eyes and leaned in to
kiss. I seemed to last an eternity but it was worth every second of it. Just to be here with him, and have
the love between us glowing brightly. I never wanted it to end.

Miki, Ran and Suu all sighed happily,”Awwwww.” Ran even did a special cheer for us.

Yoru just rolling his eyes,”Ok. Ok. Enough with all the mushy gushy stuff. Let’s get something good to eat. Like fish!”
Miki with an unimpressed look and said dryly, “You and Ikuto are the only ones here who like fish.”
“Nya. So what?!” he replied.

“So, what about Amu-chan and the rest of us! That’s rude to just plan meals only for yourselves.” Miki
shot back.

“Yay, well so what if it is. As long as Ikuto’s happy, I’m not going to concern my self with anyone else.”
Yoru replied and stuck out his tongue at Miki.

“Why you little…..come back here.” Miki chased after him.

Ran and Suu just giggled,”That’s true love there. It looks like we’ve got two happy couples today.”

Yoru and Miki both stopped in their tracks, turned away from each other crossed their arms and made a
big loud,”Hmmppfff”

We all laughed. The next day was the wedding. We were married in front of the whole kingdom inside
the great hall. We gave our vows and exchanged rings. All the while gazing softly and sweetly into each
others eyes. When we had finished our “I do’s”, there was cheering from the whole crowd and a
beautiful organ and a lovely chorus sprang up in the back ground as we were pronounced husband and
wife and then kissed. A joyful, gentle and heartwarming kiss. Ikuto then lead me up to his father and I
knelt before him. He told me to rise and then kissed my hand and declared,”This couple has my
blessing.” The crowed roared again as we were lead to the great golden thrones. I was a little nervous,
it was a big chair to fill. But then Ikuto grabbed my hand and held it tight and knew it would be alright.
We would do this together. So hand in hand we sat down on the thrones. Then a crown was place on
my head but, I was not afraid or overwhelmed. As I looked into those loving blue eyes I felt safe and I
knew for certain that it would all be alright. Suddenly I felt a rumble. I looked over at Ikuto and
saw…AN EGG!!!! He looked pretty shocked too. Then it cracked and out popped a cute punk dressed
dog. “Hey, my names Yori! I was born from your desirers to be more loving and loyal,” he told Ikuto.
Other charas all crowd around him and say hi, except Yoru who was hiding behind Ikuto’s head. The
girls were already enough for him to deal with but, now a dog too!

Yori started to lick Ikuto, he put up with it for a little bit but then told him to stop cause he was
embarrassed. But Yori didn’t seem to mind. He just floated over and started licking me. I laughed,”
Oh, Ikuto don’t be like that. He’s your true self too you know. And he’s so loving and adorable.” I
giggled again and petted him.

Ikuto blushed and reluctantly said,”Ok….If you him……….if you like me that way then I guess I have to try.”

I kissed his cheek saying,”Thank you my husband.”

He blushed for a second and then smiled softly and replied,”Your welcome my wife.” We kissed again
and the crowd being to far way to hear the conversation; just let out a big,”Awwwwwwwwwwwww.”
They all clapped and cheered. And we sat hand in hand. Together forever more.
Sorry its been so long. I've been busy with school. You know how they always cram everything in right before the holidays. Then I went to my grandma's for Christmas and just got back. It was fun but I'm stil recoering form the 2 day drive each way. Anyway here it the the final chapter. sorty to disapoint you people who wanted it to keep going. I was sad to stop it to but, I felt like if i kept going it would just turn into random bla. The ending did'nt turn out quite as good as I would have hoped but it was ok. I've always been bad at endings. Tips would be nice, if any of you have any. Thanks for reading!
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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/5/09
Awwwwwwwwwwwww so cute^^ yes it was a bit short but still very enjoyable. It's so cool cuz this story is taken not in the present but the past so it's a pretty good idea~
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/26/09
first time iv read amuto fanfiction set like this, but it was brilliant!! every bit of it!!! ikuto was so passionate!!!

you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 8/10/10 , edited 8/11/10
that was the best Amuto story i have ever read!!!! and that is a really big complament coming from the one who has read so many i have lost count and is wrightin in one herself!!

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Nice job!
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Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/11/10
Loved IT!!!
So sweet and awesome.:o
Posted 8/11/10 , edited 8/11/10
This is one of the best amuto fanfics ever!! Most of the amuto fanfics I read are too, well not so good.(No offense) But this one is awesome! I also loved that you added some comedy too it.
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Posted 9/8/10 , edited 9/9/10
Oh nice..
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That was an awesome story!!! I loved it so much!!!
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awww this was so awesome, keep writing stories girl
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