[FanFiction] My Shugo Chara Story
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Heya, im writing my first fanfic but i fink its boring but...
oh and just to let you know, im REALLY bad at writing storys, but i just wanna tell you guys a different way of shugo chara~
Please dont be mean to mee! TT.TT
oh and i like Amuto!! but i couldnt think of when he would show up.


xxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXX My Shugo Chara Story XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxx
Chapter 1:haunting of the past?!

*Seiyo High*
"Minna! Minna-san!Have you heard?" Kito huffed and puffed, informing everyone "there are new exchange students that came in as a family, and ive heard that the girls are really-"

"I think you should stop spreading unnecessary rumours" Nikaidou said with a smile on his face (as usual) "Quieten Down please!Class is starting. We have new exchange students. Takuya Mitsuki and Takuya Atsuki, please enter the room~"

*Door Slides Open*

The first girl had long, straight, brown hair with a fire emblem-clip in her hair, she had fierce yet kind red eyes, wearing a frilly dress, almost like a lolita. The second Girl was holding onto the first girl's dress,she had long, straight, black hair with a sound-clip in her hair, she had calm yet sorrowful red eyes, wearing a black loose dress which stopped half way between the stomach and knee.

"Ohaiyo, Minna-san. Im Takuya Mitsuki and this is Takuya Atsuki, we are twins from the famous Takuya Company, we came to Seiyo High as a family." Mitsuki Cutely greeted with a happy face, while Atsuki was quiet and still holding onto her.

"Does that mean you have three younger sisters that are triplets and three younger brothers that are also triplets?" Some one called from the back of the room

"Hai" a calm, soft voice came out of Atsuki "we all came here together" She said with a bored tone.

"Okay. Takuya Mitsuki, please sit next to Tomiroshi Kaizu, and Takuya Atsuki, please sit next to Himamori Amu." Nikaidou Kindly Instructed.

"Its Hinamori!!" Amu angrily shouted.

xX_____Amu's P.O.V_____Xx

"We have new exchange students huh? I wonder if Tadase-Kun would like another girl besides me.... WHAT AM I SAYING?!?! Tadase-Kun is mine!!" I whispered to Myself.

"WOW. Amu-Chan sure is Possessive!" Rain said sweat-dropping.

"Be Quiet Ran!!"

*Walks In*

"you could see all the guys falling for them." I sweat-dropped "but they do look pretty! their attitude seems so royal!" I whispered.

I looked at Tadase-Kun, and saw his jaw opened and his eyes were wide open, I had a look on my face that read -AArrgghh!!hes actually interested in them!!- and also on fire!!

"Amu-Chan! Look! Charas!" Ran surprisingly Shouted.

"I see four, Desu~" Suu happily sang.

I looked again and examined, 4 charas, no wait, 2 behind Takuya Mitsuki and 2 behind Takuya Atsuki, wait, they chara changed,thats so expected.i had a face something like this: =. =".
I looked back at Tadase-Kun and met a pair of Amethyst eyes, he gave me a nod and this meant we had to invite them into the guardians as 'Towers(I had nothing so i just put towers, from chess)'.

"Takuya Mitsuki, sit beside Tomiroshi Kaizu"

'WHAT?? In front of Tadase-kun?!?' i had a stoned face while saying that.

" And Takuya Atsuki, sit next to Himamori Amu." Nikaidou Said.

'Whats wrong with him?!? is he doing this on purpose?!' I thought.

"ITS HINAMORI!!" i spat out.

xX_____End of P.O.V_____Xx

*Lunch* ( From now on, Takuya Atsuki is the teller, the first person- )

"Mitsuki-Chan, I think we should hurry. We made a promise to the rest of our family thet we'll have lunch together." I calmly informed.

"Hai, hai. Go first, I'll Catch up later."


I took my time walking down towards the soccer oval and saw a chara wearing a head band with a star on it,the chara wore a yellow top, white shorts and had sky blue hair.

"Are you lost?" I asked Calmly.

"hmm? Nope, I'm Waiting for- WwwwWWwW-AAaaAa-HhHhhHh?!!?!" he had a shocked face, like he's seen a ghost. "H-How C-can y-you s-see m-me!??!" He stuttered.

"I have charas of my own" I smiled and checked the time "ahh. im sorry, i have to go now. Im Takuya Atsuki By the way, see you around-"

I ran off towards a large tree with a group of people sitting beside it. Mitsuki came up with a disappointed face.

"Where were you?! You left before me and i got here first?! You're always like this!! Do you think we have all day?!" She screamed like there was no tomorow.

I just gave her a warm smile.

"I really dont get you, everytime someone's angry with you, you just smile" She said confusingly.

"hating and despising are unnecessary emotions and feelings" I said with a bored tone.

Mitsuki rolled her eyes and sat back down.
I followed her and greeted my family:
Takuya Dechiko; my sister, eldest of the triplets, green hair and calm, honey-yellow eyes.
Takuya Meriko; my sister, middle of the three, Blue Hair and cheerful honey-yellow eyes.
Takuya Kimiko; youngest female triplet, yellow hair with playful, honey-yellow eyes.
Takuya Lenny; eldest male triplet, Red hair with mature, amethyst eyes.
Takuya Kenny; middle male triplet, Purple hair with Smart, amethyst eyes.
Takuya Benny; Youngest male triplet, brown hair with cute, amethyst eyes.

xX_____Saya's P.O.V_____Xx

'I will NOT let that Hinamori- Amu steal my Kuukai- sama!*exagerates* and my prince Tadase-Sama!! *exagerates* '

"Saya-sama! Saya-sama!"


"there are new exchange students! Twins in the 10th grade, male triplets in the 9th grade and female triplets in the 8th grade!" one of the fan-girls screamed, running out of breath.

"Saya-sama!! What will we do?" anothier said.
"This must be heaven!! they're all so cute~ *exagerates* " I hapily sang~
" 1st target! Lenny-sama! 2nd target! Kenny-Sama! 3rd Target! Benny-sama!!"

-i will NOT lose to anyone else- i evily laughed.

xX_____End of P.O.V____Xx

All three sneezed at the same time

"Damn, those fangirls are at it again!" Lenny said maturely.

"yeah, hopefully its not like our last school!" Benny spoke without thinking.

I clutched my hand and looked away trying not to think about it. The thought of it was gone but i didnt want to feel that pain again, so I slowly walked towards the oval.

"where are you going?" Mitsuki asked while stuffing her mouth with her precious sushi-

"No-where" I looked away, towards the soccer oval again, wondering if i'd see that same chara there.

"Aaah~ Is it a crush?" She started with a nosy tone.

I gave her a cold stare wich made her back down, "You know i wouldn't do something as stupid as that!" still staring angrily at her -not after what happened- (just so you know, what ever i put in -here- are thoughts).
I slowly walked away, closer to the soccer oval and saw that same chara so i sat down next to him.

"Shaddow, Melodie You can come out now" i called out to my two charas.

The little chara was surprised that they were hiding.

"i'll introduce them." I introduced a shady guy character, wearing a black mask which covered half the face, a large black cape which covered his whole body and with white spiky hair. "This is Shaddow, my very first chara." The second one i introduced was a cheerful girl which was wearing a loose purple barret, a purple 2-piece with her pink hair in pig tails. "this is Melodie, my second chara" i Looked down in depression and I felt a tear drop fall to my legs. But the little guy changed the subject to stop me from crying.

"Hey, you still haven't introduced yourself to me."

"Oh yeah, I'm-" he got cut off.

"He's Daichi and im Souma Kuukai" A guy came with a cheerful smile, one eye shut and a thumbs up "Daichi is my one-and-only chara."

I widened my eyes, but all i could think of was that he only had one chara, yet he has a warm, welcoming personality.

"Atsuki-Chan!!" I heard a voice from behind. and a thought flew past me -i want to die!! i want to die! why did she lie to me?!-
-YOU MONSTER!! get away!-
-I wont, I'm sorry! Please!-
those thoughts couldn't get out of my head, I ran and ran as far and fast as i could.

*Running Running*

-i want to die! i want to die! STOP LYING TO ME!- my head, filled with those thoughts. I woke up from those thoughts and sat by a tree and drifted away, sleeping.. sleeping-sleeping-

.YOU MONSTER!! GET AWAY FROM US AND NEVER COME BACK!!- all i could remember 'blood blood, all i see and remember is blood!!'

"Atsuki-Chan! Atsuki-Chan! Atsuki-Chan!! Wake up!" I heard that voice echoeing ,I woke up from that nighmare of my past.
All i could do was give in, and cry.

"You remembered it didnt you?"

I nodded and cried even more.

Shaddow appeared under the tree
"Assassins never show feelings and they dont regret what they've done in the past" He said carelessly "Stop crying" he demanded. "after all, thats what her punnishment is for lying to you. Right now, you are the strongest person to ever live. especially with our chara nari: Dark moon".


End of Chapter-
Sorry for the boring chapter and its so short.. I hope you like it though.

please go easy on me
please rate and preview~
need to know what ppl think of it first.
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its lame eh~?
but im not much of a writer- sorry, and i dont hav much writing experiences.
im dopey for a 13 yr old
literally, i suck!
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Preview Chapter 1:Haunting of the past?!

"He's Daichi and im Souma Kuukai" A guy came with a cheerful smile, one eye shut and a thumbs up "Daichi is my one-and-only chara."
-i want to die!! i want to die! why did she lie to me?!-
-YOU MONSTER!! get away!-
-I wont, I'm sorry! Please!-
YOU MONSTER!! GET AWAY FROM US AND NEVER COME BACK!!- all i could remember 'blood blood, all i see and remember is blood!!'
Right now, you are the strongest person to ever live. especially with our chara nari: Dark moon".


xxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXX My Shugo Chara Story XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxx
Chapter 2: Revealing the past-

* Home *
"aah!! We're finally home!!" Mitsuki screamed from the Kitchen to my room.

"Aye-nee! Aye-nee ( meaning: Atsuki- onee-san )!" you could hear Kimiko running up to my room. "Aye-nee! I need Help for my homework!"

I stared, carelessly drifting off into my own thought of what happened earlier during the day.

"Aye-nee?daijoubu( are you okay? )?"

I came back to the thought that Kimiko was in my room.

"hmm? Ah, gomen ne." i tried to cover up my problems with a simple smile.

"Aye-nee, help me in this!!" She went on with her face all scrunched up.

"Na ni?! Did you even try?! 10x = 140, what does x equal?"

"I'm just in 8th grade!! "

"You should have learnt this in 7th grade or so!!" I had a face that read : =. =" " 10/140 work it out. "

"Haii!! thanks Aye-nee!!" she said running out of the room, down to the study-room.

I leant back onto my bed, and drifted off, in to my dreams. No into the horrible memories of the past, where I created Shaddow. Those horrific memories, still haunting, haunting.

xX_____Flash Back_____Xx
It was then where i created Shaddow. Back, 1 and a half years ago, when 'she' lied, making time and space drift apart from me.

"I want to die! I want to die!!" I kept repeating to myself. "I want to die, I want to die!! I dont deserve to live! Why did she kill him?!" I couldnt understand back then and even now, when my father spoilt me with everything i wanted and needed. "Why did she have to kill him?! My FATHER!! WHY?!" I kept cutting myself, cutting until blood, cutting until i couldnt suffer anymore.

"your life is too precious to give up, why not give up HER life? Its much more easier " I saw an egg floating, infront of me. "i know you want to live. But why must YOU suffer when she lied and said she didnt kill your father? So why not kill her for killing him? It makes much more sense doesnt it?" So many questions and answers. all questions i thought. with all the right answers.

"i dont know, i dont want to suffer... I dont really want to die..... What do I do?"

"Believe in me, set me free from this cage, and your life would change in an instant"

"I'll believe in you forever, Please just change my life."

"heh, good choice." a little, shady character hatched from the knife patterned egg. "I'm Shaddow, your shugo chara im here to serve you, and protect you; your would be self, more suited." the little guy said with an emotionless face. "we should end this now shouldn't we? Let the pain drift away... atashi no kokoro, unlock- "

-Dark moon!-

"what is this?" I stuttered. Wearing a Black ninja type dress, with sleeves and leg warmers ( looks kinda like amulet dia but has 'x' patters on it )

"let me take the lead, you should just rest. believe in me."

I couldn't control my body, it felt as if i were possessed by a spirit of some sort. It looked like I was heading towards her house. what am i doing? why am i going to HER house?! I couldnt even talk, or even make a sound.The next thing i knew, she was on the floor, screaming, 'DONT KILL ME!! I DONT WANT TO DIE!!' -

silence filled the room. Silence. Blood. Empty, soulless bodies. Useless-

-chara nari wears off-

"YOU MONSTER! GET AWAY FROM US AND NEVER COME BACK!" Her mother cries in anger, yet in depression ant the same time.

I stood there, like an idiot, the only words i could make out were:
"I'm sorry, I wont"
but... i wont what?

"you wont what?!" she asked with anger. "THERES NOTHING YOU COULD TAKE BACK NOW! WHAT DO YOU MEAN -YOU WONT-?!"

xX_____End Of Flash Back_____Xx

"No!! no!! that didnt happen, that never happened, there wasnt blood! There wasnt Empty, soulless bodies, they were alive, just...." I stopped and stared, "They were just... quiet..." I cried and cried, harder than ever, that my eyes were all red and puffy, all swollen. I tried to fall asleep but couldn't. I looked at the clock and read : 3:28 A.M. I couldnt get it out of my head, blood, soulless bodies.

"Your not a monster. You just cant say it, You wont admit that you need revenge. Live with the truth ." I heard Shaddow talking thoughtlessly to me.

"How did you know I was thinking that I was a monster?"

"Im your would-be-self, made for revenge and also I was created from those feelings."

I looked at him with a shocked face and wondered, -does that mean I would want to Dance and sing with all my soul, since i have Melodie-

"Hai-Kyo!" Melodie started. "I was created with what you used to love to do-kyo! When you were small, you used to love to sing and dance, until that day... So i decided to bring out what you loved to do from the beginning-kyo." she said blushing with an extremely warm smile.

"oh.Then.. does that mean... My other would-be-selves come out when i shine, when they feel im ready?"

"Hai-Kyo!!But sometimes, if you dont believe in yourself, bad things would happen, almost like what happened to Benny-Kun, where he didnt believe in himself and his chara: Ice, dissappeared back into his egg. But our Chara nari saved him-Kyo!! Hip-Hop Mania!." she said cheering joyfully ( almost like ran/suu )

" Benny-Kun.... didnt believe anyone cared for him in the begginning which made his egg into an punnishment egg. "

Those were the current thoughts, flowing through my mind. I fell asleep, at the time :3: 53 A.M.

* Sleeping, sleeping *


End of Chapter

Short chapter, very boring.

still, read&&preview.
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love it!!!!!!!
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lols XDD ty,
but i write them in less than 30mins xDD
so its stuffed.
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