Mangaka of kuroshitsuji has 2 names..!!!
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Here's a little inside information for everyone......
(not many people realized it yet, nor knows about this too...)


BUT..!! if you surf through the pile of NON-YAOI mangas that are out in the internet, the artist has no records or what-so-ever of having a Shounen-ai or Yaoi book published in japan...

the reason??
it is because the artist itself is using TWO NAMES ....!!!

Yanao Rock = used when publishing boyXboy related books.
Toboso Yana = used when publishing NON-YAOI books.

in other words.. YANAO Rock and TOBOSO Yana are only ONE PERSON..!!

---the mangaka really DOES have a shotacon complex... and is also quite fond of EYEPATCHES.


a good example to prove that this mangaka really IS a yaoi artist in the first place is to show everyone the character resemblance from the yaoi manga(GL) to the non-yaoi manga(KS).

The one with the most resemblance is from the famous one-shot book of YANAO ROCK, (GLAMOROUS LIP). the yaoi manga, based from the title itself, is FULL of costume designed characters(since this manga rotates around the FASHION theme). the drawing details is identical with kuroshitsuji (the outfits),

Even the characters inside the yaoi one-shot book (made by yanao rock) was taken out and added to to kuroshitsuji.


the best proof is FINNI (kuroshitsuji) & Kuronosuke (glamorous lip)

------ look at the hairpin.. =____=" ------

next is BARD (KS) & TAKAHIRO (GL)

------ hair, eye & face shape resembles.. ------
------ shaving off some of bard's face hair will do the trick ------

the anatomy of the drawing is also similar to the petite size of ciel pantomhive's body..
(this is from GL)

------ skinny arms and legs proves it.. =__=" ------

and next...!! the fetish of the mangaka for EYEPATCHES is proven TRUE!

------ both characters have this UKE aura around them. ------

the facial expressions of characters.. and cleanliness of the work

------ the strokes for the hair line, eyes and clothes are the same ------

The masterXslave Theme..!!!!!

------ The sofa and the lanterns that are at the back *sigh* so obvious ------


The year GL(glamorous lip) book was published was around 2005-2006 while KS(kuroshitsuji) book was released around the year 2006-2007 (i don't know the exact year). the anime was just recently made but as far as i know, the manga was published a long time ago.. So some drawings might have been a bit different (esp. the shading and some of the hair strokes).

so basically, glamorous lip was published FIRST than kuroshitsuji which makes the mangaka ORIGINALLY a YAOI ARTIST far before making KS.


for the yaoi/shounen-ai fans out there...
i guarantee you that some shounen-ai tidbits will be included in this anime AS FANSERVICE..
While am suggesting for those who HATE the fact that this anime really HAS that kind of thing should prepare yourselves for the upcoming episodes as the story goes on.
Who knows? sebastian might end up raping ciel.

------ here are some more sample pictures from GL ------

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yup.. almost the same..but i dont care cause i love this anime..
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well i do see the similarities...and it does fit...
but even if i was proven to "HATE" Yaoi...
i wont hate kuroshitsuji...or toboso yana...or yanao you say...

the story is too perfect...i need to confirm glamorous lip first.,.
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ima go read glamorous lip now ^_^


OMG SOOOO KAWAII THE Manga... 2 bad it dosent go on T_T i wanna see more hina and yuu-kun and more of the last chapter killing me T_T
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AHAHA YES Glamorous Lip was seriously very good! I think I would read anything she does this days, she's really become my idol!
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i have the manga of GL and i like it... its okay if its yaoi or if the mangaka is a yaoi artist from the start... even YUU WATASE writes and draw YAOI now (Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi No Ceres) - entitled SAKURA GARI... so really, the story wont affect nor the fans... i like KUROSHITSUJI no matter and yeah fanservice is good (example is Prince of Tennis, EijiXOsihi, TezukaXFuji, KaidohXInui) the animators like that to include that inspires YAOI Dojinshi... hehehhe...

anyway, thanks so much for posting this one... ^^
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XDD;;; I've saying that for ages... found out about it when i first took a look at Kuroshitsuji on bakaupdates. It does list Yanao Rock and Toboso Yana as one person. Aside from Kuroshitsuji there's another non-yaoi manga RustBlaster.

That's why I'm not exactly surprised at the BL fanservice KS has (they are darn funny too).

I have to say KS has FAR superior storyline than any other works Yana-sensei has ever done. Even RustBlaster which is OK is quite weak when it comes to story (but then it is just one shot volume). I've read GL and it's a decent yaoi manga, thou not my favourite, again it's weak when it comes to story but mostly storyline isn't the priority in a yaoi manga.

Overall, I like how Yana-sensei have improved and I think it'll be nice just once in a while for her to return to Yanao Rock.
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My suspicion is confirmed .. I always thought that there was a very strong hint of boy X boy kind off relationship in Kuroshitsuji and especially after when Greil confessed his love to Sebastian. And especially the way the mangaka drew Ciel - like a girl (resembles his mom) , dressed him in a dress in one of the chapters and the kind of dialogue Sebastian had with Ciel.. its sooo soo so suggestive.

Its good that the mangaka did not enhance Boy X Boy in Kuroshitsuji, so that I can still enjoy them.

The mangaka has really nice artwork and all the details added in was really gorgeous.. Love it so much.. <3

There is another title called Rust Blaster by Tobaso Yano .. however, it seems to have stopped, anyone knows why?
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Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/5/09
it wasn't stopped.. it just ended as a one-shot story book.
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curiosity rly kills. tnx 2 my curiousness, i read GL(i ignored da warning cos i'm rly curious) n almost nose bleed. my 1st yaoi manga read. but putting tat aside, i rly lik kuroshitsuji & rust blaster...^^
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I know that
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haha...all you would have had to say was "Toboso writes yaoi under the penname Yanao Roku" and left out the lengthy "proof" and whatnot. I do not think anyone honestly does not believe you...I mean, anyone who has ACTUALLY READ Kuroshitsuji Really, is it not obvious that she is a Yaoi fan??
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Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/26/11
welp that is really cool but it's not that surprising to me :3 i mean, it's already obvious
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