DECEMBER Poetry Contest
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
This is an official monthly contest. Just use your imagination and creativity and get a chance to win, so try to join and do your best! The rules are simple, just look below.

Poetry Contest Rules:
1. All CR rules apply to this contest
2. Length should not be too short nor too long.
3. The theme is christmas.
4. It should be creative.
5. Do not copy somebody else's work.
6. You can send more than one entry.
7. Deadline would be December 31, 2008.
8. Winners will be chosen by daddyluvboo and the mods. Winner will be announced on the first week of January.
9. The poem that wins will be posted in the group profile for the entire month of January.

Judging/ Rubrics:
originality 35%
creativity 50%
choice of words 5%
flow of the poem 10%

BONUS: Anyone who was able to put and fit the word ice cream in the poem will get an additional one point but those who can put the flavor of the month which is Double Dutch will get additional 5 points in the scoring.

For any other questions, please post in this forum.
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22 / F / Pluto
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/3/08
I hear silver bells ring,
The snow is covering everything,
The Christmas tree is set up,
I pour some hot chocolate in a cup,
The lights sparkle and shine,
Even on vines.

I bake Christmas cookies,
And sing Christmas carols,
Stockings were on the fire place,
Along with red and green lace.

Even if it is so cold,
It is Double Dutch ice cream,which I hold,
I am freezing like ice,
But the ice cream is still nice.


hope you like it!

Ice Cream Lover
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F / LuvLy WoRLd OF Sw...
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/4/08
This one's been deleted..
Ice Cream Lover
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F / LuvLy WoRLd OF Sw...
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/9/08
Jesus Christ our Saviour
Born in the month of December
Brings the best gift of all
It is always he who i always call

The Christmas tree is green
The bells are silver
The snow is white
The moon shines brightly at night
I hold my ice-cream very tight

Vines are green
Santa Claus is red
There's a red Christmas hat on my head
mistletoe are fun
Ice-creams are loved by everyone

Wrappers and Gifts are colorful
Christmas lights sparkle and shine
Ice-creams are cool


ENJOY!!Merry Christmas!!

Ice Cream Lover
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22 / F / Everywhere you wa...
Posted 12/4/08 , edited 12/5/08
December Is Full Of Color
And Never Gets Duller
The Smiles
For Miles and Miles

I Dream Of Santa
With Ice-Cream
Thinking Of Red And Green
For That Is What I Had Seen Drinking Lots Of Caffeine

I Flatten Out The Dough
And Wrap My Cookies With A Bow
Here Is My Gift For You
Double Dutch Ice-Cream!
Ice Cream Lover
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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/17/08
the angels are singing this december,
no more sad tears from november.
people get together and have some fun,
going out to buy some presents they run.

snow falls down it gets so cold,
but this scenery will never get old.
on the ground, it looks like double dutch,
it's as if the snow is covered with chocolate fudge.

the days went by so fast,
it's finally that event from the past.
it's now Christmas time there can't be any reason to frown,
in this day, all kind of people are turned upside down.

people open their presents with a smile,
it's been a year, it's been a while.
after the day, people go to bed,
and that's how this Christmas story was read.
Ice Cream Lover
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24 / F / hmmmp!? place wer...
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
oh it's christmas once again
time to sing christmas carols
make cards to their loved once
,,,and also exchanging gifts.

i felt the cold brezee of december..
slowly white snows fell down
i started to wear my sweater
and hold my teddy bear so tight,,,

i went to our fire place to make myself warmer...
suddenly i fell a sleep
in my dream i saw santa down the chimney...
he put gifts on the christmas tree...

i go their and saw my gift..
when i open it i saw a received gift...
hoping it's an icecream...
yeah i'ts a double dutch icecream..

when i woke up i saw an icecream
on the table and i ate it

oh christmas
wish do came true in christmas


hope you like it...
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29 / F / fantasy land..
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/22/08
In the land of sweets stuff
Ice cream everywhere
Chocolates in the river
Marshmallows and cashew nuts are there
The path cover with powdered milk
And coated with crush chocolates bits

Angels are singing
Children are rejoicing
Christmas eve is coming
Joyful and amazing
Here in double dutch land
The land of my dreams

Merry Christmas Everyone
Ice Cream Lover
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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
In Every Summer We Face
Is Every Ice Cream We Eat
In Every Parties We Join
Is Every Ice Cream We Eat
In Every Christmas We Celebrate
Is Every Double Dutch We Enjoy
Please Enjoy I Just Invent it,,,hehe
Merry Chistmas To all
Enjoy Your Ice Creams At all
Ice Cream Lover
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24 / F
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/29/08
I was not home
On the lonely night of Chirstmas.
All alone,in this strange land,
Not knowing anyone here.
But that's okay cause
Ice cream shall be my friend.

Blueberry and chocolate,
Stawberry and mango,
Double dutch and mint
are the flavors I love.

They will be my best friend
Forever and ever
Till the day I left for heaven...

Ice Cream Lover
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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/29/08
Its Summer here where i live, so yea its kinda summery, i put the word little Bow cuz my Cousin is anmed Bow so gomen im only entering cuz i think i wnat to show what i think about CHristmas!

Summer Is here~
But we still Have christmas,
Presents wrapped, Gifts are Gifted
So here we come with our bells to greet!
3! 2! 1! Its Christmas Lets go!
Icecream yum yum Double Dutch is Best this Christmas~

Lets Go Lets go!
Its not all for a lawn mower!
Cmon lets go Give Presents out!
Gift are Sent! Perents hug!
Decorate our Tree with Bells and Tinsel!

Leave the Cookies here!~
Children dont eat it!
Warm Milk adn Cookies!
So dont get some Mits!
Were Going in the ..... Snow
in the North, Little Bow~

Ice Cream Lover
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23 / F / in ur memories....
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
christmas is here
christmas tree is here
snow is here
cold is here
caroling is here
fun is here
happiness is here
presents are here
december is here

in the 12 days of christmas
christmas tree is wrapped
with ribbons,bells,n shining lights
presents are bought with care and love
snow has filled the hearts with white pureness
kids are playing snowball fights and making snow angels
santa and elves become busy in the northpole
separating everbody into naughty and good lists

christmas is all about food and joy
turkey is baked and stuffed with
chicken and potatoes
log cakes are made with double dutch flavour
sushi is made in combos
ice creams are made in vanilla frost
all are set in the dining table with forks and spoons
done eating the feast,kids run to the tree to get their gifts
and drink hot chocolate in front ofthe fireplace

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Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09
Congrats to our winner, cookielover62! We would like to thank all the participants for joining, don’t worry if you didn’t win since this a monthly contest. Try again for the month of January.
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