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Hello Minna-san!

this is the forum for our annual editing contest,
the rules and instruction are fairly simple,
i do wish you read ALL of the rules before entering,

arigatou for your co-operation;
- sakura-chan

the details-
- this contest is for those whom love to edit,
- this contest takes place once a month,
- the duration is 1 month long,
- every month I will place a new theme at the bottom of this thread;

the instructions-
- there will be 5 posted below under the month's theme, your job is to choose one picture, and edit it the best way you can, according to the theme
- there will be a separate forum for contest submissions- all submissions will be due, 2 weeks after the theme is announced.
-to join the contest you must fill out the form founded below - you do not have to be accepted to this contest it is open to all
- after the contest submissions are done; depending on how many contestants their are, the moderators and I will judge your editings
- there will be one winner,two runner ups, and a few well deserved awards
-Post you entries in this album with appropriate name

the rules-
- no cruel swear words on your editing
- don't cuss at someone else design
- have fun

the awards/others
- the winner will recieve a free avatar from our avatar shop;
a certificate
a members card
there work will be on display in our profile
- the runners up will receive member ship cards
there work will be displayed in the forums
- extra awards will be given to;
best effort
greatest technique

* you can make the pictures into; banners, icons, avatars
* you may use any program to edit these
* you may not steal from another
* moderators whom join will not be aloud to judge


Sign Up to Join
fill this out:
Other: <any other interesting information about yourself>*
*- these are optional questions
Contest 1- December
Theme: "Winter Wonderland"
Photos of choice: <choose one>

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Entry 1 : Avatar :
Entry 2 : Icon :
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T4RYNheartsU wrote:

please fill out the information required

Birthday:8 dec
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Username: Punnii-x
Name: Mao
Age:* -
Birthday: jan.9
Other: I<3 photoshopping and editing, making myspace layouts and cool things with graphics.


1: Avatar

2: Icon
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28 / F / Somewhere below a...
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Username: Belladonadarkraven
Name: Raven
Age: 18
Birthday: August 8

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F / -HomE- ^w^
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Username: faiiiza
Name: faiza
Age: -secret!!-
Birthday: May 15th

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thanks for participating.
you all did a wonderful job, but on one may win-
moderators who join will not be part of the judging.

contestant 1- kimya; avatar&icon- image number 1
contestant 2- Punnii-x; avatar&icon- image number 2
contestant 3- Belladonadarkraven; avatar- image number 2
contestant 4- faiiiza; avatar&icon- image number 4

<please wait for the judging>
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