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Although Elves tend to keep a secret history which has rarely been recorded by man. We are known for being highly powerful, beautiful, wise, long-lived or immortal human-sized beings with high senses and perceptions. We look fairly similar to the human kind except for our beauty and ears which are both prominant.

There are two kinds of Elf, the 'light-elf' also known as the good elf and the 'dark-elf' also known as the evil elf. But they are rarely found as it is not in our blood to be evil. We are born with the inate instinct to look after the earth and help it grow and flourish and help out any creature we can.

We a noble beings who are most trusted by all creatures. We enjoy peaceful places and tend to live surrounded by running water and lush flora. In folk tale we have been said to bare wings; this is true, but it is our own choice if we wish for them to be visible or not.

Although we are naturally light-hearted, when offended of deceived we remember forever and can get fairly nasty but by doing a good deed pleasing to us, we can forgive.

Although we don't tend to enjoy fighting of any sort, but when provoked or requested for help we tend to use bow and arrows as our choice in weapon. These weapons are powerful and are easily crafted by our magic.
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