[Game] Another Shugo Chara RP
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The only reason people havn't used this is probably the fromat of the rules n stuff hehehe... I didnt c a limit for ages. There isnt one, right?
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Name: Leina Kasugano

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Grade: 8

Appearance: Leina has a average-height, slim figure with an oval facial shape. She has black hair, with red, yellow and blue streaks in it, which reaches down to her waist. The tips of it are dark brown. Her eyes are naturally light blue, though most of the times, she wears pink or purple contacts. Leina also has dimples, and her cheeks have a slight pinky peach tinge to them. She doesn't wear any make up at all.

When she goes to school, her uniform is slightly customized (kinda like Amu's). Her tie is very lose, and her first button isn't done up. She also wears a short-sleeved blazer, and also wears tights underneath her skirt. However, you can see the tights just a bit. Her shoes are the normal leather kind, but she also wear striped black and white stockings. When she feels like it, she also wears a cap, usually backwards but not always.

Personality: She doesn't like a lot of people, and doesn't care much about what they think. Leina likes throwing the first thing her hand touches in her closet on, and she doesn't brush her hair in the morning. She's rather violent, harsh and rude to whoever she doesn't like. She is very athletic, though she usually gets "F"s on her report card. Hardly ever cries.

Guardian Characters:
Sakaya- She has dark grey eyes and dark purple hair. Her hair is neat, and is up to her shoulders. She has a middle fringe, and also has glasses. Sakaya wears a scarf, jumper and generally a lot of winter weather wear. She is intelligent, shy and kind. Her smile is usually very slight, and you will hardly ever see her grinning widely. Sakaya was born from Leina's desire to be smart and get better grades.

Kiki- She has emerald green eyes and bright wavy blonde hair. Her hair is tied up into a side ponytail. She wears a pink and white striped shirt. Her skirt is just white. She also has a jillion braclets on and wears high heels. Her personality is airheaded, bubbly and very sensitive. She always speaks out her mind, even about her weaknesses and how she is feeling. She is much more loud and energetic. Her being born was from Leina wishing that she could tell someone when she feels upset.

Leina hasn't transformed as of yet. However, when she chara changes, her eye colour changes.
When Leina chara changes with Sakaya, her eyes turn dark grey, and when she chara changes with Kiki, her eyes turn emerald green.
(When she finally does transform, I'll edit this.)

Background: As Leina get bad test scores, her mother often rages at her. This is because her mother is very strict and uptight. Her dad had moved to another country. Because of these two reasons, she often gets upset, though she refuses to show it. Leina also has too much on her mind when she is in bed, which is why she is an insomniac.

Crush: No one yet

EDIT: Oh, by the way, when the roleplay begins, can someone please notify me? Thank youu :)
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Ill join and then we can start
(de we put our real names??well i just put in a name i made up)
Name: Myoko Monsou
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Grade: 6th
Apperance: Probably something like this.

Her clothes always change because she has a thing for becoming a model. Her long black hair has streaks of pink but u cant see in the pic, it is usually let long and sometimes in ponytails. Her mom once owned a Katana dojo so Myoko was chosen to take over the dojo.

Personality: Myoko is nice and caring for others and knows when to help people,sometimes.She is not very smart and gets "C"s most of the time.She yells at you when you push her off the edge. She is psycic and can tell the future and she reads minds of the ones who love her.

Mikane- Mikane is the sporty type. She has brown eyes,blue hair with red streaks,her soccer uniform,and a soccer ball pin in her hair. Mikane wears a headband when she runs around to catch her sweat. Also she wears red converse. Mikane is the kind of girl who would show sportsmanship and not be a soreloser at most times. She always brushes her hair and then ties it in a ponytail.Her egg has red and blue stripes and then in the middle there is a circle and a soccer ball in the middle.

Edoko- Edoko is the smart one. Edoko has purple hair with white streaks,purple eyes, glasses, a long purple kimono with flowers on it,and she always has a pen or pencil in her hand or behind her ear. Edoko always wakes up before Myoko or Mikane to study for Guardian exams and to do her hair and other preparations for Myoko's school. She wears purple converse like Mikane does. No matter what Edoko will never give up at anything she starts. Her egg is purple and has pencil shapes around the egg and in the middle is a globe.

Myoko just recently got her Guardians so we will wait for her transformations. But i can list the Charachanges.
Chara change with Mikane: The soccerball pin shows up and ties up the hair in a ponytail and then Myoko can play sports very well. Myoko's eyes turn light blue.
Charachange with Edoko: The globe pin shows up in Myoko's hair and ties it back and then Myoko can be smart. Myoko's eyes turn purple.

Background: Myoko's house is very far away and she gets home around 5pm and still gets yelled at by her Dad. Her mom died in a car accident which was devastating to her. Myoko is always hiding in her room feeling stressed and sad. She also wished her mom was still here.

Crush: None yet.Bring on the boys!

How about we start when more people join? Will that be ok?
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