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Naomi the Angel

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*oh dear! This is really hard to contiune but i'll try!*

Tsubasa, still carrying Naomi, hurriedly distants himself from the hospital and lay her on the grass nearby. He was in a panick mode but was surprisingly, able to think.

"Wake up. come on! wake up. ..."

That's when Tsubasa realised he didn't know this beautiful girl's name and this set him thinking, why does he find himself so concern for her. As a matter of fact, they sort of just met. Even if he was a total stranger to her, there would at least be basic worry for injured people but this was different. This felt as though he was somehow connected to this girl and he had some kind of responsibility.

Tsubasa looked around but there was no one. He forced himself to think of what to do and the idea stuck him. He couldn't be sure if it would work but he had to try! He left Naomi and ran into the hospital, towards the admistration counter.

"Excuse me. There is a lady who's leg is injured outside. I was wondering if your doctors could give her the treatment outside because she's fainted due to the" Tsubasa ended akwardly.

Now that he said it out loud, he found how rediculars he sounded but he didn't care. The young lady's laying in the grass still needs a treatment.

"I'll get the doctors immediately." the lady at the counter said and dive straight for the phone.

Hurry,hurry! Tsubasa thought to himself. He was worried about Naomi especially since he left her alone. If any bad guys come and take her away, it would be bad news.

"We have a doctor. He'll coming soon. Ah! Doctor!" The lady said, and noticed the doctor walking out of a room.

It must be him! Tsubasa thought and went to the doctor immediately.

"Where is she?" The doctor asked.

"Outside. Please follow me." Tusbasa said and hurriedly lead the way.

Outside, Tsubasa was standing one side as the Doctor checked Naomi's pulse and her eyes by flashing a torch's light into her eyes and after which, he checked Naomi's injured leg.

"She's fine but she'll blind and she'll need a bit of medication. We'll have to bring her into the hospital."

"But she can't! She fainted because of the smell of the hospital!." Tsubasa denial while trying to find the right words to use as his mind was filled with shock of knowing Naomi's 'problem'.

"Phobia of hospitals? She'll be fine." The Doctor simply said and signal to two other nurse carrying a stretcher.

They transfer Naomi into the stretcher and brought her to the hospital. The nurses immediately placed an oxygen mask over her face.

Tsubasa watched, helpless and rather troubled. He just hoped that Naomi would be fine.

When Naomi woke up, she couldn't see where she was just she noticed that she was breathing in a high level of oxygen that has a little of the sickening smell but it was not enough to make her feel sick but it was enough to make herself wonder where was she. As she tried to remember what happened, she felt someone holding her hand.

Who is it? Naomi immediately took her hand back waking the person up. Tsubasa blinked his eyes as woke up and noticed Naomi moving on the hospital bed.

"You're awake!" Tsubasa exclaimed in relieved.

"Tsubasa?" Naomi asked, trying to comfirm if it's him.

"Do you feel better?" Tsubasa asked, filled with total concerned.

Naomi nodded her head in replied.

"What's your name?" Tsubasa asked.

"Naomi." Naomi replied back, still wondering where she was.

"Naomi. That's a nice name." Tsubasa said.

He finally knew the young lady's name.

"Where am i?" Naomi demanded.

"You' the ... hospital..." Tsubasa said, feeling a little guilty since he couldn't prevent the doctor in bring Naomi into the hospital.

"But you're be able to get out soon!" Tsubasa added quickly.

*Sorry if this isn't what you expected. cause i didn't know how to contiune. hehe..i tried my best.*
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Naomi wanted to feel angry at Tsubasa but was unable to. Instead, she felt like laughing at his silliness. It doesn't really matter if she was in the hospital anymore as long as she has this weird thing on her face to block out the smell.

"Erm...I have to pass a message to you." Tsubasa said, "Can you take your wings out? Halloween is over and the nurse have no idea how to take them off. She said that it look and feel real."

Naomi was shocked into silence for a moment. She hadn't consider this. If she keep walking around with her wings behind her back, it's going to be so obvious that she's an angel. She could still remember what happened back at the alley and she doesn't want it to happen again. The only reason why those humans have yet to discover she's an angel is thanks to Halloween but for how long can her true identity stay hidden?

"I don't want to! I love my wings and i want to keep them on!" Naomi said, acting like a stubborn kid.

The truth is, she doesn't have to act stubborn because, she is a stubborn kid in nature.

"Er but. This is a hospital and you're not suppose to wear on any other stuff except the clothes the nurse changed for you." Tsubasa replied back, trying to reason with her.

Naomi blushed after hearing Tsubasa not because of him but because of what he said. Naomi clutched the blanket up to her chin, her heart thumping widely.

"What's wrong?" Tsubasa asked worriedly, seing Naomi's sudden weird actions.

"S-Someone...changed me?"Naomi asked, her cheeks cherry red in embrassment.

"Er..well...the nurses did. They'er female so it doesn't really does it?" Tsubasa replied back akwardly.

"Of course it matters! It's my own body you're talking about!" Naomi snapped out loud.

She turned away from Tsubasa, still embrassed and at the same time, angry at herself for shouting at him.

Tsubasa sighed. I can never understand girls... He thought. Why are girls so protective of themselves? Do they have to make so much of a fuse just because a female helps to change another female? Girls are so weird!

Even this one is weird. I've never seen anyone weirder than her. Her and her 'wings'... Tsubasa thought to himself, noticing that he was blushing at the thought of Naomi.
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For a second Tsubasa was glad that Naomi was blinde.
If she could see his red cheeks...he didnt even want to think about it.

''Ne Naomi...eto..ano..''

he saw she was still mad about the fact someone changed on her..

Naomi felt the anger drop as tsubasa tried to say something.

''what?'' she asked and turned her face toward were his voice came from.

''you cant go home until next halloween...''

he didnt know how to say this right...

''wow like I didnt know that already''

she rolled her eyes.

'' you...Naomi..eto....
You can stay with me''

he suddenly blurted out blushing like a tomato, waiting for her answer...

Unknown to both there was someone listening to every word they said,
watching every move they made..

Hidden for the eye and ear,with glowing eyes that stared,
and a sly foxsmile..

pretty angel,
tasty angel,
angel, angel, angel''

*it's a bit short,still I hope you like it!*
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For a moment, Naomi was relieved that she had found a place to stay in and she was very glad. However, she noticed something which was half a good and bad news.

"H-How did you know i can't go back till halloween?" Naomi asked, sounding both scared and scary at the same time.

She was preventing the word 'angel' from coming out in order to hide her identity but she still had no idea how Tsubasa found out.

"The truth're an angel aren't you?" Tsubasa whispered to her seriously.

Naomi tired to swallowed and act normal.

"Don't be silly! Why would you think that way?" Noami asked giving a fake smile.

"That's because no one has yet to accomplish making wings that's almost real plus the nurses said that the wings seem to be pasted on your back instead of your dress." Tsubasa explained, still keeping his voice soft in case someone over-heards.

Naomi bit her bottom lips while thinking. Should she just tell the truth? Tsubasa seem like a nice guy but is he truly trustable?


She was interupted by someone falling door at the room's doorway. The unknown person who was listening to them talk was trying to hear what Tsubasa was talking about and wanted to get close but he slipped over a puddle of water on the floor.

"W-Who?!" Naomi asked, shocked by the sudden intrusion.

Even Tsubasa turned around to looked at who it was.

"H-H-Hi !" The unknown man stammered, acting like a friendly and clumlessy person.
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really good guys!!! You guys are doing brilliantly!!!
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
You know, it's REALLY (VERY) SAD(!) if nobody contiunes the story...


I am, however, not going to continue this story till someone does. thanks...
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I WOuld but i keep confusing characters and places and people and all that. Soz guys, I might try later on, i'll re-read it all at one time and try and get this jist again(No ones fault but Mine, i get confused really really easily)
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Tsubasa glared at the man.
''who are you and what do you want?''

the man ignored him and stared at Naomi.
His eyes were shining and he looked like a child on christmas.

''Hi..angel'' the man took a step towards Naomi
and Tsubasa hurried to step between them to stop him.

He didnt trust this guy at all.
there was something about him.

''who's there Tsubasa?''
Naomi frowned, she didnt know why but she got the feeling Tsubasa was verry angry..
why would he be angry?

''A man, and i dont like the way he looks at you'' Tsubasa said.

'Dont like the way...'

''Tsubasa what are you talking about?''

'why in the world would that man...'

''Tsubasa what does he look like?''

Naomi asked curious still frowning

''Tsubasa looked at the man. He was not short and not tall,he didnt have any special good or bad looks.. it was just his eyes that made his body and mind scream danger.

''He looks...normal..i guess.. but it's not that it's his eyes'' Tsubasa said trying to make her understand.

Naomi looked even more confused.

''so a man that looks absolutly normal is here and you dont like him because of his eyes....okej...''

Naomi didnt know what to think or do...


she heard his voice again. It sounded sad and lonely.

she didnt see Tsubasas surprised face. this voice didnt fit to his smiling face and glaring eyes..

he didnt like this man at all.

''Who are you?''

the man looked at the angel ..she spoke to him.

''I'm here to eat you '' he said and both Naomi and Tsubasa lost their words..

was he for real?

'I'm here to eat you, well guess there's a first time for everything' Naomi thought.

''Ahh..i..see... ''

'nice one Naomi I see.. clever girl'

Naomi slapped herself mentaly.

Tsubasa looked between the surprised and confused angel in the hospital bed and to the man who looked unsure what to do..

was he really here to eat Naomi?
what idiot would acually confess and say that they'll eat you?

Tsubasa turned to him not knowing if he should laugh or be angry at the man

''You're kidding right?''
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((off story note:


In heaven Naomis brothers(Katsu,Rin,Daiki,Aoi,Yori) was home from the mainhouse again and they were getting more and more hysterical atleast Katsu......

''were can she be?''

''did she get lost?

''what if she's hurt''


after they made clear that the house was empty they went outside.

''Rin hurry to the main house and report Naomi missing,and make sure you speak to the counsil, noone else''

Katsu said and Rin had never seen him look so serious in his whole life.

He nodded and as soon as his brother had answerd the nod he spread his huge wings and dissapeard.

Katsu turned to daiki,Aoi and Yori. They looked at him not sure how to react.

the normally calm,logic and peacefull Katsu were stressed out,growling at them trying to think clear.

''chill Katsu, breath'' Daiki said and took a deep breath.

Katsu did the same.

and as Daiki let out his breath so did katsu.

''thanks Dai, i think i needed that, I was about to lose my mind''

Katsu said after another deep breath.

''no lost it looong ago'' he teased and lifted from the ground with a wing flap.

''were are yu going?''

Katsu asked at once worried.

''Geez take it easy .. now I know why Nao always got pissed off..
I'm going to find...a friend..that might be able to help if it turn out she left heaven''

Daiki said .

Katsu looked at him. The way he used the word friend sounded a bit...strange!!

And the possibility that Naomi left heaven..god forbidd that was the case,

he wouldnt be able to help her at all if she was on earth.

He looked over at Aoi and Yori. They watched him in silence.

''Daiki'' he looked back and noticed that his brother was already gone..

he turned to the twins.

''search all heaven if you have to., find Naomi'' he said and they nodded before they left aswell..

now Katsu were standing there alone.

''All that's left now is to go see her..she's gonna kill me'' he thought and frowned. then he set off in the opposite direction as the one his other brothers left to.


At the same time on earth Naomi and Tsubasa was about to have a verry intresting time
as the man opend his mouth to speak..........

((off side note: I thought that it would be fun to get to see what happend to her brothers in heaven after she dissapeard. as they are so protectve of her I figured they wouldnt just sit and wait for her to come home when that is said...anyone that wants to continue?))
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*woah! hard! But i'll try*

"What if i say no?" The stranger replied back, teasing yet dead serious at the same time.

Naomi gluped and Tsubasa immediately stood protectively in between naomi and the stranger.

"Go away or we're calling the nurses." Tsubasa snarled at the man.

"Calm down and think. If you do call them, what can you say? Do you think they will believe you if you try to tell them that i want to eat her? Or worse, they find out about the angel's identity?" the man explained as-matter-of-factly.

Tsubasa glared at the man while Naomi worried about a number of things. She's worried about herself, Tsubasa and what's going to happen. Very much to her luck, a nurse happen to come in at thatvery moment.

"How are you feeling Naomi?" The nurse asked Naomi, "oh, and who are you?" She questioned the strange man.

The man however, did not reply. He took a last glance at Naomi and tsubasa and turned to sweep out off the room leaving the confuse nurse there.

"Right. So, how are you feeling Naomi?" The nurse turned back to asked naomi, oblivious of what's going on or the tension in the atmosphere.

"oh, er, fine." Naomi replied back greatfully.

"I'm glad. Are you able to take those wings out? Halloween is over too." The nurse asked Naomi politely.


"She can't take it out." Tsubasa helped Naomi who was surprised by his answer.

" place the wings on her and she doesn't know how to take it off." Tsubasa replied back, sounding confident making the answer sound convicing enough.

"Oh, in that case, could you ask your sister to come down to take-" The nurse was however cut in by Tsubasa.

"Her sister has already left to...singapore and wouldn't be back any sooner. She's currently staying with me. When will she be able to leave?" Tsubasa retorded, gesturing to Naomi while changing the subject at the same time.

The nurse arched an eyebrown at Tsubasa before flipping through the pages on her clip-board, checking.

*sorry if its short. plz contiune!!! Thanks^-^*
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They waited as she looked in the clip-board.

why did it take such a long time?!

"can we leave?" Tsubasa asked and the nurse looked at him suspisious.

he was awfully stressed.. to send a patient home with him ..

*calm down Tsubasa* Naomi thought when she heard how upset he was ..

she could only imagen the look on the nurses face.

"He's just worried, please tell him I can leave and he'll calm down down" Naomi said and the nurse nodded.

"you're free to leave anytime you want to" she said and Naomi let out her breath.

for a second she was afraid they wouldnt let her leave.

Tsubasa smiled and a few minutes later they somehow found themselfs outside of the hospital.

it was a bit cold.

Tsubasa and Naomi started to walk towards the town and tsubasas home.

they met more and more people as they got closer and closer ino town.


At the same time Naomis brothers had their hands full...

Rin stood infront the head of the main house and tried to look friendly and respectfull.

*I'm gonna kill you Katsu, this will never work* he thought and smiled to the angel infront of him.

"so your saying that she probobly was kidnapped? and you want me to do you realise what

would happen if she really is gone from heaven, do you realise what it will mean if the humans were to find

out we are here?" Rin swallowed and nodded trying not to change his face.

"and that makes it even more of a reason for you to help us" he said turned on the charm.

*I hope Daiki and the others have it easier* he thought for a second

before turning back his attention to the head of the mainfamily again.


Tsubasa opend the door and let her in.

he took her hand and pulled her with him blushing.

Naomi just folloerd, what else could she do?

"were are we going Tsu--"

"shhhhhhhhhh" tsubasa put his hand over her mouth.

Naomi didnt say anything and he let go

"I'm just saying that---"

his hand was back over her mouth again

"shhhhh" Tsubasa said again.

they were going to wake up everyone in the house if they were heard.

"do you promise to be quiet until we get to my room?" he asked and she nodded.

"good" he wisperd and let go again.

Naomi found it weird to hide in the house you lived in but didnt say anything.

she heard how he opend a door and then she was pulled inside.

"why is it such a secret that we're home?" she wisperd.

Tsubasa rolled his eyes and smiled.

"never mind that now, just get some sleep" he said and throw a big t'shirt at her.

"dont throw things at me" she said and picked up the shirt.

"well you didnt catch it" he said and she heard him look around again.

"well I'm sorry i didnt SEE it" she said and sniffed at it.

"It smells it smells good" she said when she couldnt put her finger on what it was.

"good ,put it on while I get something to eat"

he said and left the room before she got the chanse to say anything.

"well atleast it dosnt smell like Rin after he practised together with Katsu"

she said to noone at all and begun to change her clothes....


((Off story note: I know even though it looks long it's pretty short..
but I hope it'll be of some help for you to continue on!! ))

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can i try ?
Tsubasa came back to the room with some instant noodle in his hand.

''Hey you awake?''

he asked.

Naomi fell asleep on his bed,there she was sleeping soundly.

Naturally he blushed ,but as Naomi was sleeping, he thought of her.

Her intense eyes,her pale smooth skin, and her long silky hair

''What a shock to know that she's an angel'' Tsubasa thought to himself''

''I wonder...''

Tsubasa crept closer to look at Naomi's face.

He was startled to see it with tears.

''I'm sorry!''

she suddenly muttered.

''Hey are you alright?''

he asked in alarm.


she had just woken up.


Tsubasa said as he left the room

*Off-story notes: Sorry it's so short xD and what do you think of it right now o-o? I couldn't do the brothers cuz
it was too hard!Someone do that please because i got confused*
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Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
Naomi dried her tears and listend.
Tsubasa was not in the room?!
why did he leave?
Her brothers always held her gently comforting her when she cried,
whjy didnt Tsubasa do the same?
wasnt all guys like that?
Even if she was a bit of a tomboy..
okej alot of a tomboy, she was still a girl
and right now a sad one.

Tsubasa listend from the other side of the door.
He had paniced when she started to cry and he felt really bad for leaving her.
But what was he suppost to do,
he wasnt really used to girls,
even less a pretty angel.

'If she's gonna stay we better come up with a good excuse for it,
or my parents will kill me when they find out a have a blinde girl in my bedroom.'

he thought and felt really weird knocking on the door to his own room before he enterd.
Naomi was sitting up on the bed still with tears in her eyes.


he said quiet so he wouldnt scare her.
He noticed that she didnt seem all to happy about him being there right now.


she asked with a small voice trying to sound like usuall.
She failed big time and Tsubasa walked over and sat down beside her.

"do you want me to hug you?"

he asked after a few minutes silent.
naomi rolled her eyes at his unsure voice.
but accapted.
She nodded and he put his arms around her and hold her lightly.
After a few minutes he let go of her and she moissed his warmth at once.

"What now?"

she asked and Tsubasa looked at her surprised.

"what now?"

he said confused.

"what is the next step??"

(I leave it up to you to tell what the next step is ^^)

Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
"Go to sleep, I'll tell my parents the situation, okay?" Tsubasa explained.

"I don't like sleeping with my wings out..."Naomi whined.

"With your wings out?"Tsubasa asked.

"Yeah, I could put my wings in."Naomi explained,"But I had no energy earlier and plus, you made up an excuse..."

"Then why did you sleep with your wings out then?"Tsubasa asked.

"Because I was waiting for you and I got tired... Because you went to get food for me..."

"Oh yeah... Food... Here!" Tsubasa presented her with his delicious instant ramen made in less than 5 minutes!

"It smells good..." Naomi yawned and ate the ramen.

"NAOMI!!!"Katsu yelled out.
"NAO!!!"Yori screamed.
"You two... You guys know there's no point into yelling out her name right?" Daiki asked sarcastically.
"I just miss her!!" Yori whined.
"W-well, you never know if she just got lost..." Katsu said nervously.
"You never know if she went to earth."Rin said.
"Yeah!"Aoi childishly agreed.
"You don't have a clue what RIn is say Aoi!"Yori pinched Aoi's cheeks like a grade schooler.
"I do too!"Aoi argued.
"STOP IT!!"Katsu furiously yelled, gaining leadership and respect.
"Yes sir!"Aoi and Yori saluted.
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