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~The Next Day~

"Tsubasa! Naomi! Wake up!" Yelled his mother.

In an annoyed tone, Tsubasa replied from the living room, "I'm up already!! Geez...."

"Then is Naomi up yet?"

"Nope, she's still sleeping, don't bother her!"

"Naomi? A girl? Who is she? I wanna know!" His older sister teased.

"...She's nobody, just a classmate that was home alone, so I mom and dad if we could keep her for a while."

"Is she some cat or something?"

"No... She's no human either..." Tsubasa whispered.

"What was that? I couldn't hear."
"It was nothing, I'll go get her to prove to you she's real." He said as he walked to his room, in which was the beautiful young lady sleeping soundlessly.

"Tsubasa?" She said while rubbing her eyes in her fanservicey way,"Are you there? I think I can smell you..."

Sneaking up behind Tsubasa was his sister whispering,"What's wrong with her? Is she blind or something?"

Completely ignoring his sister, Tsubasa had lifted up Naomi and got her to sit up back straight and saying,"Hey, stranger who keeps talking to me, go dress that girl up, I obviously can't do it."

~The Bros in the Clouds~

"Nao, Nao, Nao, Nao, NAO!!"Aoi and Yori shouted together.

"Katsu, we need to do something before something goes wrong with Naomi...." Rin complained.

"I agree..." Daiki agreed

"We can't..."Katsu said,"I'm sure she's safe where she is, for now."

"What do you mean?" Daiki and Rin asked.

"She really may have gone to Earth... And you know what's there..." Katsu said in a sorry tone.

"Right..."Rin said.

"There' s nothing we can do..."Daiki added.

"What are you saying!?" Aoi shouted.

"Naomi's strong!" Yori shouted as though their thoughts were the same.

"Yeah! Naomi will defeat him!" Aoi added.

"Because she's special..." Yori said quieter

"Yeah... I'm sure she was called there, to Earth." Aoi said even quieter.

Daiki surprised they could get that quiet said, "If those two could get that quiet off of this, I'm sure that's near the real reason."

"Fine..." Katsu said, "We'll let whatever happens happen and hope for her safety alright?"

"Okay!" Was all of their responses.

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wehhhhhh!! is anyone here?! ><
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29 / F / Dancing on a star
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(I hope I will pass as someone else ^^)

With Naomi and Tsubasa..

After getting dressed and after a rather plain breakfast acording to Naomi,

She and Tsubasa went out.

It was a rather chilly morning for this time of the year

but Naomi didnt mind at was nice to feel and listen to the cold winds

and the warmer breezes whisper with each other.

She laughed and Tsubasa looked at her confused.

"care to share why you're laughing?!"

he asked and she turned her head in his voices direction.

"oh nothing at all,just listening to the wind"

she said and he frowned.

Naomi was a big riddle for him!

And as soon as he thought he had got a bit closer to the answer,

more questions that needed to be answerd popped up in his head.

"what are you thinking so hard about? you'll overheat your brain!"

she teased and Tsubasa looked surprised for a second then he glared at her.

And suddenly he started to laugh as well,

he realised that it didnt matter how hard he glared at her..

Now it was Naomis turn to frown confused.

"this is stupid! Show me more of your world! "

she said and Tsubasa nodded smiling.

"Of course.. this way"

he said and hooked arms with her and started to pull her along with him.

Naomi blushed but didnt say anything,

she ignored the teasing breezes and the cold winds that painted roses on her cheeks...

she had a feeling that this would be more of a good they then a bad day!

And noone was going to change her mind about it!!!

Neither of them noticed the eyes that rested upon them,
and they didnt see the shadows that were getting closer.........

(And's your turn!!
what will happen during the day?
will they find something that might be a clue to how Naomi will get home?
Who is it that keep their eyes on Naomi from the shadows?
I look forward to reading your continued story! )
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21 / F / In the anime worl...
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"Na..." It whispered, "Nao....mi.....Na...o....mi...."

A chill fell down Naomi's back as she heard the frightening calls get closer and closer. Naomi tugged at Tsubasa, "Behind."

A confused look on his face responded until he had heard the whisper, also. It was a woman's voice. Tsubasa yelled, looking back, "Who ar——" He had realized it was his sister.

A loud laugh filled the air. Naomi also realizing that it was indeed his sister.

"You two are so lovey dovey. I'm so jealous!!"

"W-w-n-- We are not!"

Analyzing Tsubasa's arm, his sister teased,"Whats with the arm thing, then?"

"U-um... Tsubasa was just keeping me warm, right?"

"Y-yeah! I was keeping her warm!"

"Then don't mind if I keep her warm by myself!" She went and squeezed Naomi.

The sweet moment for Naomi and Tsubasa was interrupted by the curious and playful sister. But you do know that curiosity killed the cat.

(Yeah, this is a shortness deluxe sundae. It's extra short for your entertainment and my boredom)
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~For Jasmint~
"Hey, Tsubasa, I'm going to take her out now, okay! Go home!" The mighty sister said as she headed toward the opposite direction of home with a young angel in her arms.

Confused as a chipmunk used in a game of RL Pokemon, Tsubasa asked,"Wait, what? Why?"
But his sister walked and ignored him. Confused as what to do, Tsubasa walked the long way home thinking about his feelings. On the other hand, Naomi is about to learn something incredible.

As the beauty and the beast, as Tsubasa would call it, walked into an underground room, Tsubasa's sister, or shall we call her Tsuki, grabbed a chair for Naomi and told her to sit and began serious,"Naomi, I know you are an angel. I also know why you were called here. You can really think of me as your guide, for that was what I was born to become." She smiled and made her beautiful face almost angelic."Ask me anything, alright?"

Surprised as shocked, Naomi froze then spoke,'Why was I called here?"

"You were called here because you are one of the two that can save both of our worlds."

"H-how am I supposed to save the world?"

"You have to go to the underworld and defeat the evil wizard, Taiki Kudou."

"Why do I have to do this of all beings? A bear could have easily done this job..."

"Naomi, you are blind, correct?" Her voice started to raise from a whisper.


"You are also an angel, correct?" It started to raise higher.

"Well, of course...."

"Then you are the only one who can do this job... Along with Tsubasa..."

Naomi couldn't choose whether to be happy or angry that he was going to accompany her on her journey, so she let out a whisper, "I'm done asking questions."

"Do you want to return to my house now?"

Naomi nodded and Tsuki grabbed her hand and led her home while Tsubasa finally arrived home alone

"...I'm home...." He lifelessly moaned and turned around to see a beauty sitting on the chair.

"Welcome back!" The beauty smiled brightly.

Shocked, Tsubasa was speechless for a minute and finally broke out, "You're back...?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Tsubasa quickly opened the door and ran for his life. He ran so fast that he used up all of his energy and fainted *conveniently* in front of his school's champion chess club, that was surprisingly filled with gangsters and very very sexy women.

I'm no good with stories, but whatever. XD it's not like anyone is going to see this soon anyway.
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Are you serious? I have to break the ice again because no one's active. Ughh... Happy New Year everyone!! :D

"'Ay yo', kid! Wha chu doin' here?" A man asked, after gently waking him up.
In a daze, Tsubasa said, "...What? Where am I?"
And then a woman had come to the room, dressed in a sexy outfit, and said, "You're at school."
"...I wanted to say that..." The man said to himself.
"Wait, so what am I doing here?... I remember runn— Oh... Sorry for intruding. Goodbye." And Tsubasa walked out of the room, yet before he left, he asked, "...I forgot to ask for your names."
"I'm Bemai, but people call me Angel." She had said, "And that's Taiki, Taiki Kudou."
He smiled and said, "Got it. I'm Tsubasa." And left.

-Meanwhile, Naomi and Tsuki were doing this...-

"We're here." Tsuki said.
"Welcome back!" The mysterious beauty said, "Tsubasa was here earlier, but he ran out for some reason... I don't know why..."
Naomi was still silent, not understanding the situation. As things were tensed up, Tsuki grabbed her hand and walked out the door.

That's such a terrible part I wrote >.>
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