Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes
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So as You All KNow Around December 11 The Awesome Game Tatsunoko vs Capcom Will Be Out On the Wii, For Japan Only. Im So Excited so here is the Official and Probably the Final Roster Of Characters From Both Sides, im on the Edge of My Seat Waiting For it But Like the Title Says Who Would Be Your Two Heros In Action Mines Is a Few But Post what ever Team Duo You Feel Would do awesome in Battle, See Ya December First

From Tatsunoko properties:

Ken the Eagle---Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Casshern1-Neo----Human Casshern

Tekkaman Tekkaman: The Space Knight

Yatterman 12 ----Yatterman

Polymar Hurricane --Polymar

Gold Lightan3---Golden Warrior Gold Lightan



Hakushon Daimaō5----Hakushon Daimaō

Jun the Swan---Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Ippatsuman5 ----Gyakuten! Ippatsuman

The Capcom Side:

Ryu Hoshi---- Street Fighter

Chun-li---- Street Fighter II

Batsu Ichimonji---- Rival Schools: United By Fate

Alex----Street Fighter III

Morrigan Aensland----Darkstalkers

Sōki----Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Rock Volnutt ----Mega Man Legends

PTX-40A2----Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Roll Mega Man----Hiromi Igarashi

Saki Omokane----Quiz Nanairo Dreams

Viewtiful Joe---Viewtiful Joe


Ironnoobx3 List: Start Off Its Obvious that

Ryu and Ken the Eagle are Perfect,

I like alex with Ryu as Well, Chun-li and Soki,

For now thats all And Join the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Club Made By Shinji Himself I think


Thats The Official Trailer (I Think so) In My Opinion Which is Sweet as Hell Check It Out and Like I said Before Its Not Coming to the U.S Although Capcom USA Did their Best to try, And It Seems Like Ps3 may Be Getting it Sometime later But Like I said those are all Ideas Not Facts, But One thing remains for Sure, Wii IS DEFINITELY GETTING SOME ACTION


Another Awesome Vid With a Fight at the End thats a Sweet One Chun-li and Ryu Take On Eagle and Casshern (i think) But its a Great Battle I shall Not tell Who the Winner is

By the Way there are some Rumors Going that those May Not be All of the Characters, on the Game, Maybe there is a Few More, Hopefully Dante Will Make his Entrance then?????
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