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Posted 5/2/07 , edited 5/2/07
I didn't see a topic concerning new and informative news on the ever-popular Hello!Project, so i decided to make one. If you want the up-and-coming and news updates on anything H!P, keep checking back here. I'll try and update as much as I can. =)

According to hello-online.com (amongst other sources I follow), there is some good news about Tsuji Nozomi's future. Since the news that W would not be recording again due to the loss of Kago Ai in H!P all together, people have been wondering what will become of Tsuji. Well, during a press conference on April 28th, it was announced that Tsuji would be joining a new three-member team called Gyaruru. The members will consist of Tsuji Nozomi (a.k.a. Tsujiji), Tokito Ami (a.k.a. Amimi), and Gyaru Sone (a.k.a. Sonene). They will be recording under Tsunku's TNX label and he will produce theirt first single entitled "BOOM BOOM Meccha Maccho". I've heard it and I really like the mixture of voices. Didn't care too much for the song, but I liked the singing. =)

Also, Maki's new single, is out as of April 25th. It's interesting to hear her go solo, but she's got a beautiful voice and I think she'll do very well.

And, the biggest of the big, Morning Musume's new DVD "Morning Musume Single M Clips 4" is out as of Today. YAY! A full track listing can be found at www.hello-online.org or just by going out and buying the DVD. =D

I'll have more news as I find it important enough to include. =)
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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/16/08
goto maki leaves
so sad
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