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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/6/08

"My sister who's in Korea says that the 2 girls can't really be considered JJ's fans. They've liked a bunch of Korean stars, & JJ is just one of the recent ones, so they aren't really fans.
After the perf (AN: I'm not sure which one they're talking bout), sth did occur btwn them & JJ & CM. My sister, who went to the perf, said that while DBSK was offstage, JJ & CM went to the bathroom. The bathrooms weren't locked, so the 2 girls followed them in. It was the mens bathroom too. JJ looked angry but didn't do anything, however, CM was very mad. He might have verbally retaliated or scolded them, which is why the girls got angry.
Shortly afterward, the two girls rushed into DBSK's resting room and cursed at them in English. When their manager ran in, they also started screaming at him. Lots of Cassiopeia (AN: Chinese Cassies only) found out about this, but my sister said that she didn't expect the 2 girls to pursue DBSK all the way to the airport & cause a scene there.
Once my sister told me this, I checked on the Korean sites for news but nowhere did it say that DBSK was actually hit. But Korean Cassies who were at the airport did upload pictures of the two girls onto Cyworld. Most Korean Cassies don't know about this yet, only what happened at the airport."


1st, we want to express our gratitude to all that transmitted this situation to SME. We were all worried that the fans might neglect the event but thanks to all of you who takes this into consideration. Maybe some of you are still angry, but we must calm down to discuss the event. In order to not make the situation more bigger & to clarify the misunderstanding, we must deal with things in an effective way. As you all know, we are all worried about CM, who may be disturbed with this & feel sad.

After contacting SME, we understand that SM only THINK CM got hit by accident but we know it wasn't. At the time, the bodyguards didn't solve this problem right away. We hope this can improve. SME doesn't have the right to punish the unusual woman. So we must provide the proposal to handle this. Before Thurs, plz pass ur reactions & suggestions to SME. The next step depends on SM. Besides, THE MOST IMPORTANT THIS IS TO STOP THE EXAGGERATING RUMOR! Perhaps lots of fans are very surprised about this event & maybe saw the exaggeration described by Chinese fans.

WE MUST DECLARE AGAIN, THE UNUSUALLY BEHAVED WOMAN IS NOT PREGNANT & NOT MARRIED! She made that up so she wont be in trouble. But the most provoking thing is that Chinese net pal fabricates everything, saying that CM hit the fan with no reason & fan is pregnant. Those are lies made in order to decrease the chance of TVXQ joining the Red & White Year-End Song Festival. We don't want to see CM's image being influenced by this terrible rumor. All we can do is to stop this rumor & let everyone understand the truth. If you know different languages, plz translate this announcement. So everyone'll know that the posts by the Chinese net pal are lies. We all know that CM never had bad rumors so we don't want to see this stupid lie ruin his reputation. Plz remember one thing, when you want to retort the rumor, be sure to calm down. Don't let others think that we are too extreme because of spoiling our idol.

Its very clear the woman is unusual & if she isnt afraid to face others, why'd she disappear? She also installs a virus on her website, letting all user who login get a virus. This proves she is lying. As we declared before, SHE IS NOT PREGNANT & NOT MARRIED! Above all, although contact with SM is important, the most important thing is to stop the rumors & gossip. Stop this event expanding overseas, and let the overseas fans know the truth. If you are overseas fans and know different languages, esp. Chinese fans, plz help us! If you see the rumor on some website, like Yahoo Japans voting area, fans club, etc. plz post this Announcement of IMAX & let them know the truth. We also need Japanese fans help.
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
OMG! I haven't heard ab0ut this rum0r..but I have trust in Changmin.. and I s0 hate th0se antis!!
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Posted 12/22/08 , edited 12/22/08
whos SME>>>> its meeans the girl who hit cm
anywat the she have alot of anger or she want made ppl or dbsk Attention 2 her in some way
and she use wene he in shwos the member always said he get angery
but he is nice guy even its not noway he gonna is harm ther fans

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