Mysterious Cities of Gold 2 - Bad or Good?
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Posted 5/2/07 , edited 5/2/07
I was browsing around the net for information on anime from the past and came upon something that interested me. Mysterious Cities of Gold 2... The continuation of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

I was hoping that I would relive memories of the original, until I saw the TRAILERS of the film and heard the music... Tell me what you guys think.

Information Found Here:

In my opinion it is a blasphemy towards the original anime. I mean what the hell happen to the story and the artwork. It's like people just said, lets do it for the hell of it and bastardized the anime... Sort of like How the FRENCH redrew their own verion of the Maple Town Intro and scarred me for life.

I mean, I do like the show... but don't let it end up like the garbage that LOONATICS and TMNT FAST FOWARD is... Now, I'll never be able to think of Mysterious Cities of Gold ever again.
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Posted 6/8/07 , edited 6/8/07
what the hell is cities of gold
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Posted 7/8/07 , edited 7/9/07
Sorry, dead thread. Locked.
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