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Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/10/07

Personal review:

It starts off with an almost boring storyline, a young womn organizing a gathering for her elderly female class teacher who is ailing. Presumably, they have happy memories before, and hence the reason why the ex-students are turning up. But something just doesn't seem right. Those who came back looked at their dear teacher with discomfort, and had their moments of regrets. But regrets for what? Viewers never know, not until later, that is.

Turns out each one of them bore a little grudge against their teacher. Little things right? Harmless.

Things take an interesting spin when the audience also learns of the teacher's disfigured son, kept in the darkest basement where he was not allowed to interact with other children. Turns out he disappeared a few years later. Turns out the dear, kind, old smiling teacher wasn't as nice as she seems. Turns out the students didn't forget as much as they looked. Turns out that things aren't going for the better. 'To Sir with Love' might have been an inappropriate title (Why 'Sir' and not Madame'?) but it leaves no stone unturned as the plot progresses. It may confuse you, but things get solved in the end, which leaves you to wonder what amazing things a human mind can do.

An intriguing and suspense-filled psychotic thriller not to be missed. The only other psychological master piece I can think of that is on-par or better is 'The Tale of Two Sisters'

It wasn't horror, but Horror Fan Fae rates this: 4.5/5

So what do the rest of you think? Have you watched this yet? Give your own personal reviews?
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Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08
I just watched this recently and I was a little... disappointed, as I always am with horror films because it seemed to be another horror= gore sort of movie. But I was really pleased with the movie when it was finished. All in all I thought that I was well done and a good watch.

And a Tale of Two Sisters is probably one of my favorite Korean Horror flicks ever...
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