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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
Holy crap
Where do i start.

First of all stunning graphics and idea.
Didnt no wether it was a dream or reality
wich comes to my first point.

Looking past the eye candy though.

Soo many daymn political underlinings
Sorry to all, but i am still on in 10th grade and only see the fairly obvious.

Well, here i go

I love the way its constantly blurring the lines between reality and that essence of dreaming, and in the end merging the two together.
Is he trying to say that in the end we cannot truly bring both ideaoligies into a co-insididing harmony? With reality being those who strive for power, money and are all in all corrupt (eg. government) and those "dreamers" being those who still hold hope for the world, who see unrealistic ideals such as world peace, virtue, a world free of famine, discrimination etc. (i would say....greenies? Hippies? Beauty queens, joshing you, they all lie when they say world peace :P). And that if we do intend to force both ideals into one "big happy ball" will merely end in a corrupt world full of dellusional clones with no form identification taking on the role of society? with those greedy pigs trying to rule over it all, inevitably succumbing to the severe side effects of power. Corruption?

OK, i could go on for a while on that might stop....

ok next point.

Ok, that DAMN parade.

Ok remember the whole buisness men claiming to be 'chosen by god' and wat not trying to climb up the .... mountain like thing to become king of the world?
well yes, rekon thats blatantly critising the government, the system. hey lets go crazy and say THE WORLD! how all everyone wants its that extra 2 dollars on there weekly pay, that promotion that they'll do anythng for, that oh so precious seat in your bosses office. And how we dont care who we crush in the process, all we no is that, we want it, and we want it NOW. Funny how their all in buisness suits ay? first i thought, chyeah government sucks i agree with ya, fat, lazy, identical, corrupt bastards. but then i thought on a wider and broader scale...hey, arent we all? arent we all. And its quite embarassing and shamefull to admit so, but i'd be damned if i didnt admit the world was quite fucked up right now. And self acclamations of being truly chosen by the one the only...GOD. but that sort of slurs onto my next topic. So i will continue that next paragraph.

Still the parade here.

Ok, the part i can most relate to, might not write much about it, coz...well i cant think of all that much to be honest.
Mobile girls n guyz, you all no what i'm talking about ;)

mobile heads = show the heavy realiance...wait, too weak a work. more like ADDICTION to the now oh so convinient, internet. where we can be whoever we want to be, WHAT ever we want to be. Take risks to whatever the fuck we want. in the safety of our room. Hell, i'm doing it right now. Rekon i could say this to my friends? Hell no. Think theyd care? Dont think so. But thats beside the point. Point is, this new generation has been brought up with the forever evolving art called technology, its been 'programmed' into them. Pardon the pun, not sure if there was one. but hey, it sounded cool.
Ok nough bout that.

The religious bit in the parade.

Oh my, dont we all.
Questioning the truly tabboo subject out there frend. religion. what is religion? really? is it not a false image we have created for ourselves to reassure us that there is infact some greater being out there "watching over us". Creating this perfect existence for us to aspire and admire in place of a false idol we can never be, as we could never grasp those concepts of virture and peace? probably because we made the whole dan thing up ..and the whole soul thing is that not merely because we fear death in itself and need some sort of idea that we SHALL be immortal and never leave our precious lives? that our soul will live on forever? highly unlikely..but ay be true, hell, we shall never no, only until the inevitable arrives and we die. I still hold hope for the whole soul thing, coz yeah, i am scared about death, god damn its the scariest thing ever. enough about me.

ok now
i will say short bits buot everything else
the whole paprika at-chan or whatever thing. About the whole 'identity' concept.

a name is a identity but what is identity but opression of our soul and restricting our spirits, what is the perceptual mind but a way to end our existence that they deem worthless. are we nothing but robots to the t.v screen moulded by sound and images that are portrayed to us as meaningful instead of learning and expanding ourselves and finding true enlightenment

now onto the whole
Exploration of so called "time"

its pretty much endless, but on other hand it's a controlling method created by the "philosophers of ancient times" it's just a way to control peoples movements get work 9 finish at 5 get school at 8 finish at 4. our lunch time is designated to 1 hour they giving us free-time yet isnt all time free or are we paying for living. they let that shit slip then didnt they, it's all mind control brainwashing the zombies in this ratrace to make them be in so much of arush noone stops and listens to nature or sees reality, sees past what big brother and time allows us to see

That said, time is restriction in its most extreme form. time is scientific point of view, it's a way to explain what we do and what we see. it isnt really there though. there is no such thing as time no such thing as aging, only our physical form can age but our soul is ageless and timeless

I will stop for now.
Coz my fingers hurt and i am bord of this.
But sorry bout the ast parts.
Sort of lost interest and they might not make sense as i didnt try as hard.
Well i'm off

Would love to hear anyone elses thoughts on the film, or responses to MY ideas.
Which ever you prefer.
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
But is tat all people can say about this...INGENIOUS PIECE OF WORK.
Ok i wont go that far,
But it was pretty daymn good.

I need to watch it again
Only watched it this afternoon, and i was in an analytical mood
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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
*Puts in 'to watch list' while drinking coffee*
I'm going on an all night roll for this.
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