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Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/10/07
The first order of business of the BK Cult is as follows.

Do at least one productive, relatively unselfish, deed within 24 hours of reading this and post what you did. Make it worth while!

Your Bummy Leader
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Posted 12/10/07 , edited 12/11/07
crap you got me T_T .........damn u and your tricks *thinks of things to do for tomorrow
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/17/08
Hmmm.... Let's see. I took out the neighbors garbage that was blocking the hallway for two weeks at least! It left the most foulest odor in the atmosphere, which gradually crept through the entire building. In no way, was it an simple chore, rather a necessary one. In conclusion of this smelly event, i took all eight bags of discarded refuse to the dumpster, thus ridding myself, my neighbors , and an entire building of unhappy residents, of a most unpleasant and absolutely disgusting circumstance.

Later on i was gratified but a steaming hot bath (naturally) which i stayed in for two hours, a cup of hot chocolate and, a massage compliments my mother. I returned the favor by giving her a massage as well.
There. ^__^
I hope dear leader that i have satisfied your requests. ^___^ thanks for listening..
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