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Post Reply do u think bleach will end soon? :(
Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/19/08
Of course not! Still a long way to go!
当然不是! 还久呢!
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
i think so...long
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Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/13/08
Bleach may have a couple more arcs left, but hopefully it wont turn out as inuyasha..that we only get to read the manga..its cool but, i would rather see the show than read the manga
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08
I think it will last more time, but I'm loosing interest, because I haven't seen my favorite character for a while so, I'm disappointed :(
it's getting too long, and I don't like it very much, I mean a serie that long
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Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
Im not so sure.
Well if you are following the manga it seems like it but I don't think so.
Hopefully it will go as long as Pokemon.
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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/7/09
I think all of you are forgeting about one awesomely important fact, (mabey cuz i didnt rly read all 4 pgs of post)

Isnt a certain some 1 training a certain some one's friends?

right b4 they left to fight the espada and wat not

ichigo's friends were sneaking around n the were noticed by urahara

then he said something (i forgot wat)

that sounded like he was going to train em

Urahara should be training them just like how Yoruichi trained Chad and Orihime in the first arc

: )

then u also got the rest of the past arc that needs to be finished off (im sure this will cover the relationship between ichigo's dad and Ishida's)

then the vizard still need to make it clear y they want ichigo's help and resolve that problem

thats all i can remember for right now, but thats a good 2 or 3 arcs right there : D
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