Arkansas anime fans
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Posted 5/3/07 , edited 5/3/07
I know there are a lot of these I love anime things goin on and I hope this one doesn't get deleted but anyways on to topic
You don't have to be from arkansas to post here but the main purpose is that I've never really met anyone online ever that likes anime and is from arkansas.
I'd like to know anyone from Arkansas that likes anime. You don't have to post your city if you don't want to but basically this is is a forum for arkansans to talk about anime as if that wasn't obvious.
Your city if you like, Some favorite animes, scenes episodes, just whatever.

As for me, I'm Billy Cross, I've lived in Waldron, Morrilton, Dardanelle, spent a lot of time in Russelville and am moving there in a week or so. Favorite anime ever is Naruto. I knowthats a really common anime to have as your favorite but I love ninjas and I'm probably the only person on the planet that actually likes the filler.
Other favorites would be Chrono Crusade, Last Exile, Trigun. If anyone has a black cat that will follow me ever and stay with me under heavy gunfire, I will pay money for it.
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Posted 5/3/07 , edited 5/3/07
holy crap dude, i feel sorry for you... i did some google searching to find a con for you and got nothing. i have a lot of family in arkansas and have spent far more than my fair share of time there, so i really sympathize with your situation.

this is the most i can find:

it's not a con, just some fans in the state trying to get together and network. mainly seems to be a forum and a link to some online anime stores.

here is a con that got canceled due to a poultry growers convention taking up all the hotel space... may want to get on their mailing list, but the site looks kinda dead

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