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Fiesta Online
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27 / M / pune
Posted 3/9/10 , edited 3/9/10
i kinda like fiesta.... but 4story is more fun...
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25 / F / Behind you
Posted 3/9/10 , edited 3/10/10
Yus though its getting REALLY old. I hate lvling >>
Not to mention that im sick of the ppl who shout their lame convoz in elderine all day long. Every time im on the same ppl are shouting in eldy e.e
I mean, do they have lives? /:
Im on Apoline
Lvl 42 Archer
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Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/10/10
while i initaly liked Fiesta it quickly got boring and repeditive. while i liked the kingdom quest system that was really all the game had going for it... the classes where unballanced with high lvl clerics basicaly being immortal. singal armour choises to the point where you could tell what lvl someone was by what they where wearing. the quests felt likeit was just giving you something to do. the "story" (if there was one) lacked any drive or direction and felt like regular quests. gold was imposable to earn in decent quantitys and the armour was way to expencive compaired to the earing rate.

if you like grinding play fiesta.

if you want more out of a game... play something else... like mabinogi
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