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Posted 12/11/07 , edited 2/5/08
Testing will begin soon to see if you are qualified to be one of the ring guardians..the tests will be for the different ring positions and and their there will be different tests for different rings.good luck with everything


1.What is the main character's name?

2.Who is the at home tutor?

3.What is the name of the main character's mom?

4.What does the at home tutor say alot(its a mix between two languages)?

5.What makes the main character run into a truck and confess his feelings in his boxers in front of everyone at school?

Send the answers to me in a message so noone can copy your answers


1.Who does Tsuna save from drowning?

2.Who is Tsuna's first challenger for the position of jyuudaime?

3.How many arcobaleno are there?

4.Who does Tsuna want be with?

5.Who does Tsuna have a boxing match with?

6.What disease does Tsuna get from getting shot with the dying will bullet?

7.How many times does he get shot before he gets that disease?

8.Whose favorite sport is baseball?


1.Mukoro is hiding in what person's body?'

2.Name a few styles Mukoro can use with his eyes.

3.What is Chrome's ability?

4.What connects Chrome and Mukoro together?

5.What is Mukoro's full name?

6.Mukoro has two friends who he helped them escape in Jail. Their names are?

7.Why does Mukoro want to help Tsuna?

8.Mukoro is being used by what?

9.Mukoro always has something in has hand, what is it?

10.Trick Question - What color is Mukoro's hair


1) How does yamamoto becomes friends with Tsuna?

2) What is the name of yamamoto's father?

3) What is his opponent in the fight for his ring?

4) In the part where they go to fight mukuro who injures yamamoto? (really is 2 answers but pick one)

5) What is the resturaunt that his family owns called?

6) What does reborn give him that transforms?

7) What does the shinai his father gave him transforms into?

8) Who teaches Shigure Souen Style to yamamoto?

9) What is the Shigure Souen Style?

10) How many forms of Shigure Souen Style are there?

11) Before the fight for the rings, what did yamamoto think mafia was?


1.Is Bianchi, Hayato Gokudera real sister?

2.What was the storm guardian's hobby when he was younger??

3.What was the reason he stop playing the piano??

4.Each time he sees Bianchi what happens and what can bianchi have next time to stop it?

5. Who does he see as a rival for the 10th right hand man most of the time??

6. What name does he call lambo?

7. Who was the first person to teach him how to use bombs and was this person the person that Hayato looked up to when he was younger??

8. Who does he verse in the battle of the rings?

9.Does Hayato Gokudera have a language of his own?? If so whats it's name

10. Does Hayato ever use the language and when dose he use it??


1. What is the name of the Cloud Guardian?

2. In which committee is he in Naminori Jr. High?

3. What is his favourite catch phrase?

4. What does he use as his main weapon?

5. Who was selected to be his home tutor?

6. When was his first appearance in the anime?

7. Who is his voice actor [seiyuu]?

8. What animal is most attached to him?

9. Who was his first opponent during the Ring Arc?

10. In Reborn! fandom, he is often referred to as..?

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Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/13/07
u can send the answers to any of the mods
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
the third test will be done soon
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Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08
for those who want to take a successor exams...u should send the answers to the guardian
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